Ariana reported to The Future’s Past Museum promptly at 8 am just as the ad said. However there was a typo on the ad because she soon found out that the work day starts at 9 am for most employees while the museum itself opens its doors to the public from 7.


Ariana didn’t mind as it gave her some to time to prepare herself for any questions they might ask in the interview and it also gave her some time to browse the museum and admire some of the sculptures and paintings on display. One of them in particular brought a smile to Ariana’s face as she recognised it as being one of the earliest works of her favourite artist, Pablo Di Ricci. It was called ‘Gods above Us’. She’d been following his work since she was a young teen even though he wasn’t as famous as she thought he should be. It made her wonder if her work would be displayed on these walls one day.


Soon enough one of the administrative assistants of the museum found her and brought her upstairs for her audition. Ariana was surprised since she thought she was coming for an interview, not an audition. She was not even prepared. She was led to the easel and given a paint brush and palette containing an assortment of colours and told to paint whatever came to her mind. All she could think of was a flower so she went with it.


She knew she didn’t have a whole lot of skill when it came to painting but she was confident that her flower would turn out great. She always had confidence when it came to doing just about anything so as she finished the last set of brush strokes she took a step back to admire her own work. ‘Not bad Ariana’ she thought to herself, pleased with her work.


Not only did she think it was good so did Mortimer Goth, the owner of the museum and her potential new boss who was watching her the whole time without her knowledge. “That’s a good effort for someone with little experience,” he said, “But let’s see you do something a little more realistic this time. I think you have a lot of talent Miss Sloane.”


“Does that mean I’m being considered for the job?” she asked him.

“Miss Sloane it means you got the job,” he responded. Ariana was so excited but somehow managed to contain her glee and get started on the new painting. When she was finished she took a step back and realised that this piece was actually better than her first. Ariana felt even more confident about her ability.

After leaving the museum she decided to go to the gym to workout… and to also take advantage of the hot running water. While jogging on the treadmill she noticed the guy next to her was staring but she pretended to not notice and she pushed her chest up higher trying to look cute. From her peripheral vision she could tell he was hot so she wanted to look cute knowing he was looking at her.


Unfortunately she accidentally pressed the wrong button on the treadmill and increased the speed instead of lowering it causing her to stumble. “You okay babe?” he asked.


“I’m fine,” she responded as she quickly regained her poise and smiled at him. He looked even better now that she could properly see his face and body. “I’m Ariana.”

“Don. You must be new in town. I know for sure I haven’t seen you around before ‘cause I don’t think I could forget that face.”


“I just moved here… and your face isn’t too bad either.” She said flirtatiously and so began a half hour long conversation about likes, dislikes, jobs and flirtatious innuendo until Ariana started to get too fatigued and decided to cool down.


“Anyway I’m going to hit the showers. It was nice meeting you Don,” she said as she turned and walked away. Ariana knew it was better to leave a guy wanting more. If he was interested he would stick around and try to get her number, if he didn’t wait then she would’ve been wasting her time anyway.

The warm water felt heavenly on her skin. Ariana couldn’t remember the last time she had a hot shower. Since she had no plumbing yet she had to resort to late night or early morning dips in the nearby lake where it was so dark no one could see her. The trade-off was that the water would usually be very cold at those times of the day.


After her shower she felt energized and almost wanted to go back on the treadmill but it was getting late and she had to get home and get some sleep since her first day at work was the next morning.

Just as she was about to leave the locker room there was Don. She had no doubt he would be waiting for her.


“Don!” she exclaimed. “What a surprise.”

“Hey,” he said, “I’m glad I caught you. Look I’m gonna be honest, I’ve never met someone quite like you. You’re a woman who knows what she wants and knows what she’s all about and I dig that. I think it’s sexy and I’d love it if you’d give me your number so I can call you sometime and take you out and show you a good time.”


He was putting on the charm heavy and Ariana knew it. This Don Lothario was a smooth talker and a big flirt but she didn’t care. A guy like him was only out to have a good time not anything serious and she needed to have some fun herself. “Sure why not.”

He moved in and hugged her which she didn’t expect. She hugged him back not wanting to create an awkward moment and because the shower gel he just used smelled amazing.


“I’m glad I met you. I’ll be sure to call.”

Don seemed really nice and she was definitely attracted to him but the fact that he was a player was all too obvious and Ariana hoped she wasn’t making a big mistake.