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Happy Holidays everyone and all the best for the New Year!


Ariana got the promotion to Art Book Collator after submitting her research on art references. She was so excited especially since the promotion came with a bonus that was just enough for her to start building her house.


It was small and her living room, bedroom and kitchen were all in one room but at least she had a proper roof over her head. After building up the house, painting and placing the flooring she didn’t have a whole lot of money remaining to decorate but she had the essentials – a  refrigerator, a counter, a bed, a chair, toilet, shower, sink and of course her easel. When she got her next promotion she would be able to extend the house even more so she could have a separate room to sleep in and maybe even a study. Ariana felt pleased that she finally made some progress in not only her career but in her living arrangements.


Another thing that was progressing was her relationship with Don. They’d been together for a while and she was actually content with their relationship. Don always made her feel special even though they rarely got to spend time together due to their busy work schedules. Don quit his bartender job to start his own business as a personal trainer. Ariana tried to be understanding and supportive knowing that kind of job would be time consuming. Whenever they did get to see each other they made the most of it.


Things must be getting serious with Don, Ariana thought, when he asked her to meet his two of his good friends, Brylee and Ray, at the Rattlesnake bar. Don’s parents passed away years ago so his friends were like his family. Once Ariana got there she was quite surprised to learn that his friend Ray was Ray Means, the guy she befriended at the library.


Don was a surprised to learn that she and Ray were already friends. He even seemed a bit nervous about it while they were talking at the table.


Brylee seemed really nice but talkative and she basically carried the conversation for most of the night.


When she left to use the ladies room and Don went to the bar to get another round of drinks for everyone Ray and Ariana finally had a chance to talk one on one.

“So…. Don’s the guy you’ve been seeing huh?” Ray said.


“Yes it’s a small world isn’t it? I had no idea you two even knew each other, far less for being friends from since high school. You guys don’t seem to have anything in common.”

“Well we’re both kinda outgoing. But I think I’m more settled than he is. He still feels he has oats to sew, if you understand what I’m saying.”

“I’m not sure I do.” Ariana said even though she had a pretty good idea of what he was trying to tell her about Don.

“Look, Don and I are cool but so are you and I. I don’t want you to get your hopes up. Don’s not very reliable.”

“I understand that you’re trying to look out for me Ray and I really appreciate it but I’m a big girl. I can take care of myself. I’m not looking for a husband in Don, trust me, but I do like him a lot and I know he likes me too. We’re just enjoying the moment right now.”


“Well alright then. I hope you know what you’re doing.” Ray said as he noticed the way she smiled while looking at Don from by the bar. He really did hope she knew what she was doing.

His words did give Ariana a lot to think about though. It wasn’t the first time someone tried to warn her about Don Lothario. But Ariana was confident she was never going to fall hard for Don. He was just a hot-looking guy she planned on dating for a while and nothing more.

“You were very quiet since we left the bar. Are you alright?” Don asked sensing she was in deep thought.

“I’m fine.”

“You made quite an impression on my friends. Brylee likes you, and she never likes any girl I date. And Ray… he seems smitten with you already…”

Ariana cut him off with a deep kiss. Don didn’t mind it at all and returned her kiss with the same fervour. This is the part where they would always stop and he would say good night. But tonight was different, tonight she wanted more.


“Want to come in?” she purred in his ear.

“Hell yeah,” he groaned in response.

Within minutes of stepping inside her house they shed their clothes and hopped into bed.


Ariana was slightly anxious but certain. She’d been fantasizing for weeks about spending the night with Don so there was no turning back now.


Don proved to be a very skilled and attentive lover leaving Ariana so exhausted that after their love-making session she fell into a deep sleep. She didn’t even hear him when he left before sunrise the following morning.