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Six weeks later and there was no word from Don since their night together. She knew this would happen again and was kicking herself for letting it. She called him five times and left him half a dozen messages and no call backs, no return messages, no visits, nothing…

But Ariana refused to get sad or even angry over him. She thought she had everything under control but it was now clear that she was wrong. The moment she slept with him, he got what he wanted and she was no longer important to him anymore. Even though she wasn’t in love with Don and she knew he wasn’t in love with her, she at least expected him to respect her feelings and at least talk to her and let her know that he wanted to move on instead of completely ignoring her.


Deciding she wouldn’t sit around crying over a man, Ariana kept busy. She improved her painting skills so much that her paintings now carried a higher selling value. The museum was so pleased with her work that she was recommended for another promotion. Unfortunately, Ariana realised that being a homeowner in Oasis Springs was a lot more expensive than she thought. Before, when she didn’t have a proper house she had very little to pay in bills. Now that she had a house complete with electricity and running water, her bills were around 800 simoleons practically wiping out the savings she worked hard to build.

The next time around however she didn’t have enough to pay them and so the Landgraab Power Company turned off her electricity one evening forcing her to eat her dinners in the dark.


Ariana began to wonder if things could get any worse… but the next morning she woke up with a nauseous feeling. She’d been experiencing it for days now but thought the food from her fridge was spoiling because of the lack of electricity. In that moment though she finally realised something…she missed her period.


“No I can’t be…” she said as she tried to reassure herself. But soon that feeling in her stomach got worse, forcing her into the toilet. She heaved over the toilet as the vomit seemed to gush out of her and when she started to clean herself up she just knew….she was pregnant.


The idea of being pregnant wasn’t what worried her. She always wanted to be a mother. Ever since she was young she knew she wanted a big family with as many kids as she could have. But being pregnant for a man like Don was a different story and the fact that she didn’t have any electricity or enough space for a child only made the timing worse. The more she thought about it though the more she realised that even though the timing was off and even though she was under financial straits this child could be her ray of hope. This baby could be her motivation to work even harder to ensure that she got herself in order. She was already in love with this baby and after confirming his existence with a pregnancy test she knew what she had to do next.

As much as she wanted nothing to do with him ever again, Ariana knew she had to tell Don. She knew if she called or texted him he wouldn’t respond, just as he didn’t for the last few weeks, so she decided not to bother. She knew where he lived. She didn’t go to see him before because she didn’t want to come across as some desperate jilted lover by showing up at his house unannounced but now she had no choice as it was the only way she could talk to him face to face.

He didn’t live very far so she walked. Perhaps it wasn’t a good idea after all. She just entered her second trimester by this point. Her back and her feet hurt and now she was about to go confront Don when she would much rather be at home enjoying a bowl of chips and napping.


She walked up the stairs leading to his house and felt her anger building as she climbed each step. Telling herself to keep calm, she knocked on the door. There was no answer so she tried again. And again. She wondered if he saw her coming through the windows and decided to avoid her once more. Ariana wasn’t going to give up and when she noticed the front door was unlocked she turned the knob and walked in.


Don was coming down the stairs when she walked into the foyer. “What are you doing here?” He asked with visible panic in his tone as he grabbed his chest. “I…uh…I mean, hey Ariana. It’s been a while, I was gonna call but…”


“Save it Don. Look I don’t care why you completely ignored me after our night together. I have no interest in being with you anymore, period. I’m only here because I have something important to tell you.”

“What is it?” He asked confused.

She took a deep breath and decided not to beat around the bush. “I’m pregnant.”

Don gasped in shock. “Are you serious? Are you sure?”

“Yes I’m sure. Look at my belly! I’m in my second trimester. You would’ve known earlier if you didn’t bail out on me like you did.”


Don had a look of disbelief on his face but there was no denying her baby bump. He took a seat on a chair in the foyer. Ariana figured he wouldn’t be pleased to hear such news but she didn’t expect him to say what he did after he sat down.

“How do you know for sure it’s mine?”


“What?” She yelled. “How dare you!”

“Look we weren’t exclusive or anything….”

“Never exclusive?! We dated for a month!”

“I never called you my girl Ariana. We had fun, that was it. Maybe you had fun with some other guy too…”

“I can’t believe you… you are such an as…” Ariana stopped and took a deep breath. Getting too excited wasn’t healthy for the baby. “It is your baby whether you like it or not. I wasn’t with anyone else.”


“Listen, I’ve been with a lot of women and none of them have gotten knocked up, especially after just one time. Yeah, yeah I know that’s all it takes but I was careful, I used protection. I’m not a relationship kind of guy, I’m definitely not father material so… I don’t know what you’re expecting from me but if its money, you’re gonna have to prove its mine first and then yeah I’ll pay child support but other than that I can’t give you anything else. I’m not gonna be tied down to no baby.”


A sudden thought hit Ariana when he was finished with his rant. She was such an idiot. He only wanted to get in her pants and she saw it coming all along and let it happen. If she was honest, she wanted the same thing from him but she didn’t think she would get pregnant by him and she certainly thought he had more decency than to doubt her character and then deny their baby to try to absolve himself of the responsibility.

“You know what Don. You have made it clear you want nothing to do with me or this baby so you can take your child support and shove it up where the sun doesn’t shine. I want nothing from you!”


She left right then and didn’t look back. She wanted to be done with Don right then and there but she knew she would never be completely done with him because of the baby. She had no hope that Don would come around and decide to be a part of his child’s life someday and a part of her felt guilty that her poor choice in men ended up affecting her own child. As sad and angry as she was over the situation, Ariana knew she had to be strong.


So she didn’t have any money. So she had no power and would probably have the water turned off tomorrow as well. So she had no father for her baby. Ariana still felt confident that she could raise her baby on her own. She had no other choice anyway.