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Ariana’s second pregnancy progressed smoothly. Unlike the last time she wasn’t tired all day so she was able to finish some high quality paintings for work. She also landed a promotion to a Canvas Creator which meant an increase in salary which came in handy once all the bills from their newly renovated home came in the mail.


Adrienne and Ray got closer now that Ray was living with them. It was as if she had a playmate in him because of his love for toys and games. Even though sometimes when they would play together Ray seemed upset because Adrienne would choose the toy he liked best.


His childishness wasn’t a concern for Ariana since she knew it was harmless. So what if her man loved playing with toys, it only meant he would make a great father to their children. Some mornings the two of them would hang out in the master bedroom while Ariana was still asleep chatting about their favourite cartoon characters until they finally woke her up.


For once Ariana was able to have meals at the table with a family. They only had scrambled eggs and toast but to Ariana it was the best meal she ever had because she got to share it with the two most important people in her life.


That’s why she knew she didn’t want to wait any longer to make their family official. Ray was surprised when Ariana said she wanted to get married before the baby was born as he knew how much she wanted a big wedding with all of her friends and co-workers in attendance and such a wedding would take time to plan – time they didn’t have. But Ariana realised that a small, simple ceremony would be the best thing.

They had already ordered a wedding arch soon after getting engaged and it was just sitting in their backyard the whole time. It was time to put it to good use.


Ariana wore a loose fitting pink gown and Ray wore a matching pink shirt. It was Adrienne’s idea to make it a pink themed wedding since it was her favourite colour.


She was the only guest at their small backyard ceremony and she was beaming with excitement as Ariana and Ray exchanged vows under the arch.

“I Ray Means take you Ariana Sloane to be my wife, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, forsaking all others until death do us part. I love you!” Ray said as he slipped the ring on her finger.

Ariana repeated the same thing as she put his ring on his finger. “I Ariana Sloane take you Ray Means to be my husband, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, forsaking all others until death do us part. I love you!”


After exchanging rings they shared their first kiss as husband and wife with Adrienne cheering them on gleefully.


She looked into Ray’s eyes once the kiss was over and the confetti from the wedding arch fluttered all around and in that moment she knew they made the right decision to have a private, intimate wedding. In that moment, she felt all of the happiness she hoped she would one day get to experience.


Adrienne was overjoyed and so was the baby! He or she had been kicking up a storm during the entire ceremony.

“Mommy I think it’s a girl. That’s why the baby’s kicking! She’s a girl and she’ll be cheerful just like me!” Adrienne beamed as she rubbed her mother’s belly.


“I don’t know. I guess we’ll find out soon, huh. All I know is that your little brother or sister is hungry and would like to have some cake now!” Ariana said with a laugh.

She and Ray then had some of the cake that Ariana hustled to bake that morning. It was her first time baking and she was relieved when it didn’t burn and turned out better than she expected.


It was a simple but emotional and memorable day that Ariana knew she would remember for the rest of her life. And to add to her happiness her little bundle of joy came the next morning. Adrienne was right! It was a little girl in her tummy the whole time. Ray and Ariana decided to name their new baby daughter Bree.


Ray fell in love the moment he saw her. Bree had his colouring but her features resembled Ariana’s. He was always holding her, playing with her. She was hardly ever inside her crib once Ray was home.


Adrienne was also smitten with her. She even insisted on sharing her bedroom with her baby sister Bree after they decided to let her stay in their bedroom until she was old enough to use the spare room.


They were worried Adrienne would get annoyed once Bree started getting up at hours in the night and in the morning but as it turned out Adrienne and Bree had such a bond already that unless she was dirty or hungry Adrienne was the only one who could calm Bree down when she started crying. Sometimes she would sing songs to her and other times she would talk to her about school and cartoons.

Ariana loved that Adrienne was such an involved big sister who always offered to help out with the baby. It came in handy when she needed to take a nap. Working full time and having two kids to take care of was exhausting. But it was worth it.


A/N: Hey guys. I was actually going to plan an event for Ariana and Ray’s wedding after they had the baby but they both had a whim to get married at the same time. They didn’t have enough money at the time to plan a wedding so I had to make them elope but I wanted to still make it special so I baked the cake and everything.

Can you believe you need 1000 simoleons to plan a wedding…and then there’s the additional expenses of hiring a caterer, bartender and entertainer! And you have to make your own cake! I guess they tried to make weddings in Sims 4 seem more like real life weddings.

Sorry I took so long to post this chapter. I’ll try not to make you guys wait too long for the next one.