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Ariana and Ray’s relationship became even stronger since Bree’s birth. She and Ray couldn’t keep their hands off of each other often stealing a kiss whenever it was possible.


Adrienne’s grades were average for a long time but she was finally able to get it up to a B-average with some extra effort and extra credit assignments. Adrienne wasn’t fond of school but she did like hanging out with her classmates during lunch and break time. When Ariana asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up she said she wanted to be a boss so she could make other people do her assignments. Ariana just laughed knowing full well that in order to get that far she’d have to do a lot of assignments anyway.


One day while Ariana was still at work there was a knock at the door. Ray was having lunch while helping Adrienne with her homework and Bree was napping. Because Ariana and Ray were always so busy they rarely had time to entertain so he wondered who could be at the door.


But he looked out the window to see who was there he couldn’t believe his eyes. It was Don.


Ray rarely ever got angry and when he did he would usually be able to contain himself but seeing Don standing outside his door after being gone for so long made him furious. But Ray didn’t want to alarm Adrienne who still in the kitchen doing her homework by freaking out and he knew he could not ignore Don’s knocks on the door either so he took a deep breath and went outside to speak with him.

“Hey man,” Don said when he saw Ray, “I heard you shacked up with Ariana. Nice. How have you been?”


“Is that what you came to ask? How have I been?! Not even ask about the daughter you’ve never seen, ever?!”

“Whoa calm down man.”

“You and I aren’t friends Don. We haven’t been for a long time, so don’t call me ‘man’. I’m not your man. I’m Ariana’s husband now and the father of our daughters. Our daughters! Including the one you denied was yours before she was born. So don’t tell me to calm down. I don’t want to hear your small talk so just get to the point. Why are you here? What do you want?”


Don cleared his throat before answering. “I came here to see her. Adrienne.”

“Why? Why do you suddenly want to see her?”

“Look Ray. I know I screwed up but I wanna try to make it up to her. She’s my kid.”

Ray wasn’t sure of what he should do. Don was Adrienne’s biological father after all even though he never acted like it. As much as he wanted to tell him to get lost he knew Ariana should be the one to decide whether he sees Adrienne, not him. However Adrienne showed up by the door curious to find out what the commotion was all about.

“Hello” she said to Don unaware of who he was. “I’m Adrienne! What’s your name?”

“I…I’m Don. I’m your father.”

“Really? That’s great!” she said gleefully. “You finally came back!”

“Came back?” Don asked, confused.

“Yeah Mummy said you went away when she was having me. Now you’re back! Are you gonna stay now?”


“Yeah kiddo, I’m gonna stay.”

Ray didn’t like what he was hearing. He knew Don well so he knew he couldn’t be trusted. But Adrienne was so excited to finally get to meet him that he couldn’t stop her from inviting him inside with her.


Adrienne felt like she had to bring Don up to speed on everything he had missed so she talked and talked about everything from school, to her friends, to her favourite games and TV shows. Ray enjoyed seeing her happy over finally meeting Don but a small part of him wondered if Don’s presence in her life now would diminish his importance in hers.


His fears were put to rest once he realised that Adrienne still came to him whenever she came up with some goofy story or had an idea for a new game to play. He no longer worried about being replaced by Don as he knew Adrienne loved him just as much as he loved her.


His bubbly little girl seemed very excited about the fact that she had two Dads. Ariana wasn’t pleased to learn that Don came over to see Adrienne while she was at work. She was so furious with Don that it took Ray over an hour to get her to calm down and be rational for Adrienne’s sake. Now that a few days have passed, Ariana even agreed to allow Don to spend time alone with Adrienne after school. He would often take her to the park or to his favourite hangout spots. Ariana was concerned that Don may take Adrienne to age-inappropriate places but luckily he never did so.


She still didn’t wish to see him or speak to him. Her feelings of dislike for Don because of his actions in the past could not be forgiven so easily. It would take her some time but in the meantime Ray was the one who would coordinate Don’s visitation.

With all the drama over Don’s reappearance taking place, no one noticed when Bree aged up.