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Ariana and Ray got Bree an activity table for her birthday and she would spend almost the entire day on it drawing everything from cars to animals. Ariana was glad that one of her daughters took up her interest in art since Bree seemed to love spending hours in her room at the table but as it turned out she was just a perfectionist who wanted to take the extra time to ensure her drawings turned out the way she wanted them to.


Even when it was dinner time Ray had to work hard to get Bree to separate herself from the activity table. He even had to bribe her with extra dessert sometimes. The only person who could easily get Bree to take a break from it was Adrienne. Their relationship became closer now that they were both kids.


Ariana admired how they had no problem sharing their toys. Both she and Ray were only children and they both heard so many stories about sibling rivalry and were concerned that their daughters would not get along. But Adrienne and Bree always got along and never fought over anything.

Soon enough it was Ariana’s birthday. She was now going to enter the next stage of her life as an adult so she baked herself a chocolate cake, her favourite, and topped it with candles. Ray and the girls gathered around and watched as she made a wish and blew out the candles.


Afterwards, everyone took a slice and sat down around the dining table. The girls and Ray complimented Ariana’s baking skills as they all loved the taste. “Mum,” Bree began, “You should make more cakes like this! I just love it!”


“Yeah Mummy it’s really good!” Adrienne agreed. Ray was too busy stuffing his face but Ariana took that to mean that he also enjoyed it.


Ariana felt a burst of pride in that moment. Not because they all enjoyed her cooking but because as she looked around at her family – her wonderful husband and beautiful daughters – she realised that she finally had everything she ever wanted. And it was only going to get better from then on because within a few days Ariana had an announcement.


She was expecting another baby!

Everyone was excited. Bree wasn’t at first when she realised she would have to give up her bedroom but soon warmed to the idea when she felt the baby kick.


Adrienne, being the cheerful little girl she was, was happy that she was becoming a big sister again. She needed no convincing and couldn’t wait to hold her little brother or sister.

Her third pregnancy was rougher than the first two. She tried to take it easy as much as she could but still she seemed to always be in discomfort. She had to pee every few minutes and was always hungry. Unlike her last two pregnancies Ariana had to take time off from work instead of working straight until she gave birth. She assumed it was because of her age. She was a young adult when she had Adrienne and Bree and that was probably why the pregnancies went smoother. Then one morning she woke up with terrible cramps.


The pain was horrible, worse than the contractions she had while she was in labour with Adrienne and Bree. She realised she was going into labour but unfortunately no one else was at home. Ray already left for work and the girls were at school. She headed towards her dresser to find clothes to throw on so she could go to the hospital but it was too late for that, the baby was coming! As she threw on a nightgown she headed over to the bassinet in the corner of the room just in time for labour to begin.

Within a few minutes her son was born.


She named him Christopher. She and Ray both loved the name when they first heard it and decided to name the baby Christopher if it was a boy. Christopher had her complexion but he seemed to have some of Ray’s features as well. Just like Bree, he was a combination of the two of them.


Ariana was so happy to finally hold her son in her arms… she was even happier when Christopher fell straight to sleep after his first feeding. Now for the first time in a long time she could actually sleep comfortably.


In a few days, it was Adrienne’s birthday. Ariana baked a strawberry cake for her since Adrienne loved all things pink and red. Naturally she was excited to finally become a teenager. Bree was concerned about Adrienne aging up as she was worried it meant that they would no longer be close now that they would be in different schools and have different friends. But Adrienne assured her that they would always be BFFs.


Everyone celebrated and sang happy birthday as Adrienne blew out the candles on her birthday cake.