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Ariana wondered where the time went. One day baby Christopher was a tiny infant whose father and sisters fought to hold, feed and even change his diapers.


And the next he was a grown boy.


Christopher was quite the rambunctious scamp very similar to how Adrienne was when she was a child. He loved going to the park and would spend hours on the monkey bars and jungle gyms playing with other kids.


He was also very lovable and always wanted to give his Mum hugs and kisses even before he left to go play with his friends. Ariana didn’t mind it at all. At least one of her kids showed her some attention. Adrienne and Bree became so independent that sometimes it was hard for her to keep up with them.

Bree was always focused on school. When she wasn’t doing homework plus extra credit work, she would be at her computer practicing her typing skills.


Even when the other kids would be watching TV her head would be in a good book. She didn’t seem to enjoy watching TV shows as much as Adrienne and Christopher. She preferred to do activities that increased her skill levels instead.


Adrienne was always on the phone talking to her friends. Regardless of the time of day and even at breakfast despite the no cell phone at the dining table rule.


Speaking of cell phones it appeared as if Adrienne couldn’t be separated from hers. She was always talking or texting someone or taking selfies and posting it on Simbook.


She had a lot of confidence, just like her mother, which made it easy for her to make a lot of friends and have a lot of followers… including boys. Ray initially had a problem allowing her to date but Ariana argued that they couldn’t keep her locked up and if they tried to she might rebel against them.

Plus Adrienne was a smart girl. She couldn’t be fooled so easily by some boy with wrong intentions. She proved herself one afternoon when Don paid a visit. She had not seen him since she was a kid.

“Hey kiddo!” Don exclaimed when he saw her. “You look all grown up now. How’ve you been?”

“Uh…I’m okay I guess…” she stammered awkwardly. “Why are you here?”


“What do you mean why am I here? I’m your Dad. Don’t you wanna come give your ol’ pops a hug?”

“Okay, first of all, you might be my father but you are not ‘my Dad’. My Dad is Ray, not you! You came over 3 times when I was a kid, missed my birthday, missed so much and now you want to come around expecting me to just run into your arms! I called you so many times and you never answered, never even returned my calls. You gave no explanation for why you disappeared like that whatsoever.” Adrienne was mad but still in control of her emotions.


“Look I don’t need this right now. I took time off, came all the way here to see you and this is how you act!” Don argued. “You’re just as whiny as your mother.”


That did it! Adrienne couldn’t believe he said that. “How dare you say that?! She raised me, she stuck by me unlike you! You think I’m being whiny? I’m only being honest. You’re a deadbeat Don. You’ve always been a deadbeat! You only act like a father every once in a while on a whim once you remember I exist.  Not anymore. If you know you’re going to flake on me again then its best you stop wasting my time!”


Don paused for a while and Adrienne thought he was actually considering all the things she said but unfortunately he didn’t understand a word. “Obviously, you don’t want me here so I’m gonna go.” He huffed before leaving.


Feeling defeated Adrienne went inside but once she closed the door she saw Ray heading towards it. Immediately she gave him a hug.


“Is everything ok, sweetheart?” he asked but she just replied, “I’m just glad to have you as my Dad.”

Later on, Adrienne told Ariana and Ray about the conversation she had with Don. Ariana was proud of the way she handled Don and it made her even more grateful for Ray. She too pulled him into her arms for a big hug. “Why are you hugging me?” Ray asked.


“Because I love you,” she responded. She knew she didn’t have to tell him how grateful she was to him for accepting Adrienne as his own daughter and thank him for being an amazing father to all their kids.