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Now is the time to vote for who will become the heiress and carry on the Sloane Legacy. Whoever is chosen will become the focus of Generation 2. The other characters won’t be forgotten but their stories will be told from the perspective of the heiress (unless the heiress dies a premature death or something unfortunate like that). I’ve decided to change my writing style from 3rd person narration to 1st person narration starting from Generation 2.

Since I use the random trait generator for Sims born into the household I already know what all their traits will be so that will be helpful in making the decision.

Adrienne Banner

Traits: Cheerful, Self-Assured, Business Savvy (Bonus Trait), Romantic (Young Adult Trait)

Aspiration: Mansion Baron


Adrienne’s perkiness and confidence have always made it easy for her to meet Sims and make friends. She never lets anything get her down except for her unresolved issues involving her biological father. She is certain she will never be anything like him but developing the romantic trait might make her more like him than she wants to be. Will Adrienne be on the search for her true love or will she end up playing the field in the meantime?


Bree Banner

Traits: Perfectionist, Genius, Quick Learner (Bonus Trait), Mean (Young Adult Trait)

Aspiration: Nerd Brain


Bree has always strived for perfection. Perfect grades came easy due to her high IQ and her love for intellectual pursuits. But there are some things in Bree’s life which she does not consider perfect such as her appearance and social life. Frustrated by that Bree has come up with a way to rectify her situation to achieve her goal of being well-rounded. Will Bree’s obsession over perfection help her succeed or will it be her downfall?