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So much has happened in what seems like so little time. I remember when I first moved here to Oasis Springs. I was young and on my own with very little to show for it. I had no family, no friends, no career and very little money to my name. I used every penny I had saved just to buy a large plot of land that seemed like a waste of money but now I can see it was a good investment. Now that empty plot of land has turned into a home. Now that girl with no family or career has a loving husband to grow old with, three wonderful children who adore her and a still thriving career as a painter.


I’m so fortunate for all of my blessings. But most of all I’m thankful for my family. I love how close we all are and how much love we have for each other. We’re always spending time together whether we’re watching a TV show, talking about our day at dinner or hanging out by our recently installed swimming pool. And I must say that home is my favourite place to be. I never thought I would ever say that.


I always wanted to be a part of a big family because of my lack of family while I was growing up. Sometimes I wondered if I’d be a good mother.

When I learned I was pregnant with Adrienne I knew right away that I wanted to have her but I was so scared. I was scared of being a single mother. I was scared of screwing her up. Luckily I didn’t do that. She’s grown up to be such a lovely and smart young woman. She recently celebrated her birthday, becoming a young adult.


We threw a little get together with some of her friends and some of mine. My good friend Zoe who’s been there for me since the beginning came. We kept in touch over the years but I regret never getting closer to her. Life got in the way and other priorities became more important than meeting up for coffees or drinks we kept planning to have together. I’m so glad she was able to come this time. It’s fitting that she’s here for Adrienne’s young adult birthday party since she was the only other one there when she was born.


I’m so glad we finally got to catch up. Aside from Ray she’s the only other person I could count on at that time when I just had Adrienne. I always knew if I was ever in trouble I could call Zoe and she’d be there for me.


It wasn’t a surprise when Adrienne decided to start a career in business. She was very charismatic and a natural-born people person. Even though she wasn’t fond of school she made good grades by the time she graduated and which allowed her to skip past the entry level position and start as an assistant to the manager.


She also started dating. Even though she was popular with the boys at school she never had a boyfriend which was a relief for Ray but now it’s like she’s making up for lost time. She started seeing some guy named Carmelo. They started dating just days after they met and I’m concerned that things might be moving too fast. But she’s grown now and she’s just as self-assured as I am so I know she can handle herself.


I’m concerned about my Bree. I used to love her perfectionism. It made her neat, organised and better at school. Any mother would be happy for that. But now I’m a little worried about how she’s dealing with being bullied at school. Those stupid, insecure little kids make me want to go down there and punch them all in the face for hurting my child! But it would do no good and only land me in jail for assault. I just hope she realises how beautiful and smart she really is and gets off this whole extreme weight-loss goal of hers. I’m worried she might be pushing herself too hard.


She should focus more on her other talents instead of worrying about what other people think. Like, she’s really good at fixing things. She’s the go-to person when the radio, computer or plumbing like the toilet and shower is broken. Plus she’s super smart. Everyone hates playing chess or any other game with her because she always wins!


My youngest Chris has also grown up. I remember when he was a child and how much he loved drawing and playing the violin and how his favourite t-shirt had a heart on it. I thought it was sweet because he does have such a huge heart.


Now he’s a teenager with green hair who wants to trade out his violin for a guitar. He’s already talking about becoming a rock star. It may very well be the only career he can get into if he maintains that hairstyle into adulthood.


I’ve come so far in my career now. I’m not at the top but I’m pretty sure I’ll get there before my time is up. I love what I do. To think, my shadowing techniques and colour mixing skills were poor before I first stepped into this museum for my interview and now I’ve painted a number of masterpiece quality paintings of different genres be it classical, abstract, or surrealism that are here on display.


But it won’t be on these walls for too long since I have quite the following. My paintings sell for a lot of money and soon I’ll be using that money to renovate our house. Adrienne’s an adult now and I don’t want her to feel she has to move out in order to have some space and privacy plus I think a little redecorating is in order. This house hasn’t changed much since before Bree was born.

It’s now my birthday, time for me to join Ray in elder-hood. I didn’t want the fuss of throwing a party so I just baked a cake when I got home from work and blew out the candles.


I must say it’s not so great being old. All of a sudden my back aches and my joints hurt. Seriously I think I might really have to start taking it easy from now on. But this change has made something very clear. I could go any day now.


Good thing Ray and I have already decided which one of our daughters will lead our family when we’re gone.

Speaking of Ray, my loving husband and one true love, I thank the Watcher every day for bringing him into my life and for making me finally see after months of friendship that he was The One.


I have no regrets about the way I’ve lived my life thus far. If I didn’t make certain mistakes then I would not be the person that I am today with all the blessings that I take pride in. That’s the advice I’ll make sure to pass on to my children. Ray and I raised them well so I know they’ll make us proud.


And the new heiress will be…….

















Bree wins

Thanks to everyone who voted. This will be my last post for Generation 1.

Generation 2 will begin with Bree taking the legacy reins soon.