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So, after all my hard work I’ve finally reached my goal weight. Many long hours of jogging, treadmill running, swimming, salads and no-carb dieting went into me finally slimming down. I was so excited I invited my boyfriend Sebastian over to ogle at me in my swimsuit. I need to go shopping for some more flattering swimwear, now that I think about it.


He’s proud of me too and happy that I still have some curves. He’s also become a fitness buff since his birthday and he actually wants to become a body builder. I always thought he’d want to become a painter like Mum since he’s so artistic but I like the fact that he’s so well-rounded.

It’s my birthday and Mum baked me a blue confetti cake to celebrate. Christopher was the only one excited about my birthday. Everyone else including myself was just a little sad because we all knew that tomorrow would be Adrienne’s wedding to Carmelo and her last day at this house.


I tried my best to convince her but she wouldn’t listen to me. She loves him, she says. They’re soulmates, she says. Blah, Blah, Blah.

Mum insisted we try to enjoy ourselves instead of getting upset. After I blew out the candles on my cake I aged up, feeling no different than before except I now had this urge to insult Carmelo out for taking away my big sister and to also call Christopher out for making so much noise on his guitar. I mean seriously, he’s bad at it! Give it up already! Aside from all of that I feel great.


After dinner I had something important to ask Sebastian. I was so nervous my palms were sweating. But now that everyone was in bed or otherwise preoccupied I knew I couldn’t let this opportunity slip by. “Sebastian, I love you.”


“I love you too babe.”

I get tingly all over every time he says those three words. “I think it’s time we take our relationship to the next level… would you like to spend the night?”

“Of course…”

We both went upstairs nervous but excited at the same time and then finally made it to my bedroom.

We stood on opposite sides of the bed and I can tell he’s waiting for me to make the next move. I feel so lucky to have him as my boyfriend. He’s such a sweet and patient guy. “I really love you Bree and I want to make this night as perfect as I can for you.” He says.


“I know it will be perfect but I only want you to promise me that we’ll be together forever.”

Without any hesitation he says, “I promise.”

We changed into our pyjamas and got into bed but I knew that once we slipped under those covers we wouldn’t be doing any sleeping at all.


It was magical and he was amazing! It was the best night of my life thus far. Better than that night when I stayed up to catch a glimpse of the Harvey comet on my telescope.


The night was so great it almost made me forget what was going to happen the next day… Adrienne and Carmelo’s wedding. Ugh. What kind of a name is Carmelo Shaham anyway? Why does Adrienne want to be Mrs Shaham? It sounds so lame.


I made sure I had a drink at all times since it would be the only way I can make it through this dreadful day. Mum and Dad went all out for Adrienne’s big day by hiring a bartender, baking a cake and food, and decorating the backyard nicely. I think they’re all warming up to Carmelo in spite of him being a moody grump who’s only going to mooch off of my sister now that she’s been promoted to assistant manager at her office and he has once again been fired from his job. He has an attitude problem from what I’ve heard and that’s why he can’t keep his performance level up at work. Even though I don’t support her decision, I must admit she did look beautiful in her dress.


They exchanged vows promising to love and honour each other for the rest of their lives and then they kissed. It was kind of romantic and I’d expect nothing less from Adrienne. She loves mushy, romantic stuff.


Mum and Dad looked really happy. Dad hasn’t been feeling well these days and he was getting worried thinking he wouldn’t be able to see any of his kids get married. If one good thing comes out of this wedding is that he at least gets to see one of his daughters walk down the aisle.


I don’t think that will be happening anytime soon for me. Not because Sebastian and I are having problems, we’ve never been better, but I want to be more settled in my new career as a technician for SASA (Sims Aeronautics Space Administration)

Aunt Zoe, despite never getting married because she simply didn’t want to, kept pestering me about Sebastian and when we’re going to say our vows. She was getting on my nerves but she’s Mum’s friend and Adrienne’s honorary godmother, so I let it slide.


Later on in the reception is when things started to get interesting. I overheard Mum talking to Chris about Carmelo and how rude he was to her when they were over by the bar. Apparently he gave her attitude when she tried to welcome him to the family. What kind of a moron gets upset with his mother-in-law over something like that?


Then later on that night when the party was winding down I saw Carmelo arguing with Adrienne. “Why did you have to make me look bad? You could’ve told them it was your choice to stay here and not that we can’t afford our new place because I lost my job! Now they all think I’m just a bum thanks to you!”


“Just relax it’s our wedding Car.”


“I can’t stand you right now!” He huffed as he walked away. I had half a mind to go up to him and chew him out for talking to her like that but I didn’t want to make more of a scene than he already did. When she grabbed a plate of dinner and sat next to me I asked her quietly, “Are you alright?”


“Yeah I’m wonderful!” She said with a bright smile I knew she was faking. “It’s my wedding day! I can’t believe I’m married, I’m so happy!”


I knew she was lying. Of course she was lying. I wouldn’t be happy still if my new husband acted like that at our wedding. No wonder he unleashed on Mum when she welcomed him to our family. He probably thought she was saying it sarcastically. Mum’s too good of a person to do that but I’m not. I tell it like it is. I’ve been avoiding him all day for Adrienne’s sake but I can tell you now, my new brother-in-law and I will not be getting along. Period.