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I really love my new job as a technician but it’s hard getting a promotion in spite of my hard work and genius. I have to compete with so many others to get to become a Command Centre Lead. That’s really where the action begins because that’s when I’ll be able to assist on the construction of rocket ships that will fly into space.


Good thing I spent so much time when I was a teenager playing chess and fixing things because the skills I’ve honed are coming in handy with this job. Before you know it I’ll be rocketing off to the deepest parts of space. I try to spend as much time as I can on my telescope doing research. I need to know everything I possibly can about the solar system, galaxies and comets in order to prove my capabilities so I can get promoted.


My dumb brother-in-law still hasn’t changed his ways. In fact he’s only gotten worse. He’s always trying to talk to me about some silly idea of his or complaining about his problems but he just can’t seem to understand that I don’t like him and I don’t want anything to do with his stupid face. If he were genuinely nice to people I’d try a little bit harder to get along with him. But he’s so obnoxious and whiny!


That idiot had the audacity to yell at Mum one afternoon after she got home from work. Apparently he took issue with the way she prepared the pancakes for breakfast. I was at work at the time so Christopher filled me in on what happened.

“Don’t you know I’m lactose intolerant woman?! Still you use heavy cream knowing I can’t eat it!”


So since morning he’s been stewing over the fact that she didn’t make pancakes his way that he felt the need to charge at her as soon as she got home! How dare he even talk to our mother like that?! Luckily Christopher was home and in the living room when her heard him ranting at Mum. Like any good son he didn’t allow that fool to get away with it.

“Don’t you dare talk to my mother like that! I’m a good guy but if you insult my mother, sister or anyone else in this house again I WILL pummel you to the ground!”


Christopher said he got really quiet after that and then just went to his room for the rest of the evening. He even heard him crying in bed. He’s just like a toddler. He throws a tantrum and when someone puts their foot down he runs to his room crying like a big baby. I honestly can’t see what it is about Carmelo that Adrienne found attractive other than his looks I guess. He’s the perfect example of a good exterior with a bad interior.

Mum told dad everything when he got home so he had a chat with Adrienne about Carmelo. “Sweetie we all love you and want you to be happy. Carmelo is my son-in-law and I would like nothing better than to warmly welcome him into our family… but he has some serious issues. I don’t like the way he talks to your mother. I’ve never disrespected your mother ever so I won’t tolerate any other man doing so even if he is your husband.”


“I know he’s wrong Dad. I’ll get him to apologise…”

“That’s the point. This kind of thing happens every day. If he’s not mean to your mother then it’s with you and I can’t tolerate that either. Getting him to apologise won’t get him to change, and he really needs to adjust his personality otherwise you will always be unhappy being with him. I love you Adrienne, I love Bree and Chris too. As a father all I want is what’s best for my children and frankly I don’t think Carmelo is what’s best for you. I had concerns before you married him but you insisted he was the one.”

“…he’s not. The more time passes the more I realise that I rushed into our marriage. I don’t think it’s gonna work Dad. I just need some time to think…”

Adrienne went upstairs. Mum and Dad were very concerned about her, especially Dad. A part of me wonders if that whole dispute weakened him further. Doctors said his time was almost up and that he could go any day but none of us wanted to believe he would soon leave us so we just acted like everything was just fine and he had plenty of time left.


When dad passed away I was still at work. I wish I could have been there but I don’t think I could handle the intense sadness that would come after seeing the Grim Reaper take him away. His remains were still on the spot when I got home. Everyone else was so sad they couldn’t bear to remove him and just retreated to their rooms, crying.


Adrienne came downstairs when she heard me crying. “Chris is with Mum. She’s pretty torn up.” She said.

“I can’t believe he’s gone… I can’t…” I struggle to say as I try to come to term with the fact that our Dad is gone. Adrienne hugs me and I sobbed into her shoulder.


She really is a gem of a person to put aside her own grief to look after me. She really does deserve better than Carmelo and I hope she listens to what Dad said during their final conversation and comes to a decision about her marriage soon.