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It’s sad not having Dad around anymore. He was so playful and child-like. It was like having a big kid running around bringing light and humour into every room he was in. But life goes on as they say and so we all have to just keep on living.

Mum has been channeling her sadness into painting. Since Dad died she’s created quite a few masterpieces worth a lot of money. She asked that we hold onto them and keep them hanging on the walls of what she calls “our legacy home” instead of selling them off when she’s gone. I hate when she says stuff like that but I have to accept that one day she will be gone too. She doesn’t go out much anymore especially after she learned that her best friend Zoe also passed away the same night Dad died. All she has now is us and her art. She spends a lot of time in her studio but we make sure to go check on her every few hours just to make sure she’s alright.


Adrienne’s still trying to work on her marriage so I think I’m gonna just quit giving her advice. I don’t know why she’s still trying so hard when she knows what she’s supposed to do. She keeps trying to get him to agree to see a counselor so he can get help to deal with his issues but it always leads to a loud argument that ends with Carmelo sleeping on the couch.


Christopher is graduating soon so he’s put all his energy into extra credit work so he can get his grades up. Dad would usually help him with homework but now that he’s not around Mum does it. Sometimes I laugh at how she tries to explain things she knows nothing about. That confidence of hers! She’ll talk in circles about nothing and make you think she’s got all the answers. But she’s trying to help him so I won’t try to tell her she’s wrong. Afterwards I make sure to give Chris all the correct answers. If I didn’t he would surely fail!


I’m doing much better myself thanks to Sebastian. He’s been such a rock for me through all of my family drama. I didn’t think I’d become one of those lucky girls who had an amazing boyfriend showering her with love and attention. I honestly thought I would be the one in Adrienne’s situation having a loser boyfriend. Since I don’t have many friends and not so good people skills I figured I’d be the one with bad judgement when it comes to relationships and not her. All of their drama only serves to make me more appreciative of what I have with Sebastian.


I even like the way he tickles me. If anyone else were to try that they’d get a slap in the face but with him I don’t mind it at all.


Because my work hours are from 1 pm to 9 pm and Sebastian would be at work during that time as well we only get to spend quality time together late at night. Sometimes we’d go for a late night swim in the pool but these days the night air is pretty cold so instead we would lie in the back yard stargazing under the moonlight.


I would point out the constellations and tell him stories and legends surrounding them. He’d tell me about his day at the gym and the crazy hi-jinks his coworkers got into. I actually look forward to these nights a lot.

“It’s getting late and I have an early day tomorrow,” I said after looking at my watch and realising the time.

“Don’t you have to go to work in the afternoon?” he asked.


“Yes but I also need to put in some hours of research. I plan on getting up no later than 6 am so I can work on my handiness skill. I need to get it up if I want to be considered for a promotion.”

“Okay well I guess we’ll have to say good night now,” he says disappointingly and I feel bad for a second. “But I have to ask you something before I go.”

“What is it?”

He gets down on one knee and pulls out a diamond ring. For the first time in my life I was speechless!


“Will you marry me?”

The question was direct but it had so much emotion behind it. He knows I’m not one of those sappy romantic girls wanting a grand proposal where they are serenaded and given a long poetic speech in a room full of candles and flowers before the question is finally popped. I think that’s cheesy and overdone. Under the stars and the moon, in our spot in the backyard, straight forward question “Will you marry me” – it was perfect.


He slips the ring on my finger and it’s really beautiful. It’s not a ring I would choose for myself. It’s actually too gaudy for my taste but I appreciate him thinking I deserve a huge rock on my finger. It’s certainly worthy enough to make anyone jealous.


He scoops me up into his arms with excitement. “I’m so glad you sad yes. I was worried you might think it was poor timing you know, with your career and your Dad and Adrienne… I’m so happy Bree. I can’t wait to make you my wife.”


I honestly didn’t consider those things before I said yes to him but they’re all inconsequential. Dad already thought I was wasting time by not marrying Sebastian right after high school because he liked him so much. Mum would be happy to have a wedding to help plan to use as a distraction. Adrienne would not get angry over me getting engaged while she’s on her way to a divorce. In fact her cheerful nature would make her more excited over our nuptials than us.  Plenty of married women maintain good successful careers after they get married – Mum was one of them.  Plus I just love Sebastian so much. If he didn’t propose I would not be thinking about marriage at this stage but now that he has…I also can’t wait to become his wife.