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I’ve exercised a lot in order to maintain my weight so I can fit into my wedding dress. It appears that I gain weight easier than I can lose it. It was just one day of poor eating! One day of pancakes with lots of maple syrup for breakfast, hamburgers and a slice of apple pie for lunch and chocolate cake for dinner made me gain back some of the weight I lost. There’s nothing more frustrating than knowing that I every time I have a slice of something sweet or greasy I must exercise or I’ll see the effects of my indulgence the next day.


Anyway, I managed to fit into my dress and as much as I hate to say something like this – I feel like a princess. Sebastian looks very handsome in a tuxedo. I can’t believe I’m getting married today. It almost feels like a dream. The girl who once dreamed of having a boyfriend is now getting married to the most wonderful man in the world.


I know I complained about the extravagance of Adrienne’s wedding but my inner girly-girl decided she wanted to get married in the back yard in a similar fashion. I seriously hope this spot will have more luck for me than it did for her. The decor is different though. My colours are shades of blue and purple. I like blue if you haven’t noticed, it’s my favourite colour. I wanted to have lots and lots of purple and blue flowers everywhere. We went a little over budget with the centrepieces and bouquets but after the wedding we can easily resell some of the items and get back most of our money so I didn’t see it as a problem. Christopher accused me of turning into a bridezilla but I just know what I want. What’s so wrong with a girl getting her way when it comes to her wedding? I mean, I certainly don’t plan on doing this again. Sebastian and I will be together forever!


Mum did the catering and baked a white cake. I wanted to make sure the dinner was perfect because I’ve been practically starving myself over the last few days to make sure I wouldn’t have to let out any seams on my gown. She made chicken saltimbocca and cioppino. I have no idea what cioppino is but its aroma filled the entire house while she was cooking it so I’m sure it will taste great.

We wasted no time and started the ceremony as soon as everyone was ready. The only guest there aside from the family was Westley. He and Christopher became good friends while in high school so they kept in touch. We’re not close like before but he was my only friend at one point so I feel like he should be here.


As expected Adrienne was beaming at the wedding while as she sat next to Carmelo who appeared like he wanted to be anywhere but here. As long as he didn’t do or say anything to disrupt the ceremony or otherwise ruin my wedding day I didn’t care what kind of face he made. If he didn’t want to attend the ceremony he could have stayed in their bedroom or go out somewhere else. Nobody begged him to come.


Anyway, Sebastian and I began the ceremony under the arch. He took my hands into his and began reciting his vows.


“Bree Sloane, I knew since the first day we met that you were something special. You have no idea how hard it was for me to try to get you to take me seriously. But I’m glad you finally let your walls down and allowed me in. I love your directness, I love that you’re smarter than me and I love that you pay attention to details and encourage me to be better. I’ve never had anyone look after me like you. I don’t have any family. You know that I grew up in foster care, so you are already my family and so is your family. I promise with all my heart to be the best man I can be so that you and our family never have to worry about anything. I love you more than anyone else in this world and with this ring I promise to cherish you, protect you, and care for you in every way until my dying breath.”

He slid the ring on my finger and then it was my turn.

“Sebastian Thomson, I was never an optimist – I’m still not one. When I thought of my future I knew for certain I would be successful and accomplished. I wished for love but I never thought I would get it, especially from a high school boy. I didn’t think we would last. I thought you would get bored and leave but you stayed and reminded me of how much I mean to you everyday. You see something in me that I rarely see in myself and it’s made me gentler, warmer, it’s made me want to be a better woman for you. Sometimes I know I can get in a bad mood but when you’re around it all goes away. You are my anchor. You keep me balanced. You always keep me in check and remind of what life is about. I love your kindness, creativity and your zest for life. With this ring I promise to love you, respect you, care for you, and to try to keep my occasional mean-ness in check until death do we part.”


After we said our vows and exchanged rings we shared our first kiss as husband and wife. I’m married now! I’m Mrs Sloane. Not Mrs Thomson since I have to keep my last name as per Mum and Dad’s wishes for a legacy but Sebastian gets to keep his last name.

We cut the wedding cake and fed it to each other. I’m so glad my new husband knew better than to mash cake all over my face and ruin my makeup. I’ve seen that happen to a few women during weddings and I have no idea why they find that kind of stunt funny and go along with it.


As the party carried on I sat down with plate of the chicken saltimbocca. I really was starving and I couldn’t wait to dig in and as usual Mum’s cooking hit the spot. Adrienne sat next to me with a drink. I could just tell by her expression that she was forcing that smile.


It hurt me to see my big sister in pain but I honestly couldn’t think about her problems today. That day was a day of happiness for Sebastian and me.

“You looked beautiful today babe,” Sebastian said as we went inside.

“Thank you. You look very dashing as well. I rarely get to see you dressed up.”

“Guess what? I have a surprise for you.”


“What is it?”

“We’re going on a honeymoon. It’s just for two days since I know you don’t want to take too much time away from work but you’re going to love it…”

I was excited for a moment until he told where we were going.

“…it’s this cozy cabin up in the mountains in an area called Granite Falls.”

I couldn’t believe he thought taking me to a cabin in the forest was a honeymoon I’d love. I’m not an outdoor kind of girl. If we were going somewhere like Egypt or China where we can visit tombs and participate on adventures then that would be amazing but the mountains? I didn’t want to have to deal with mosquitoes and poison ivy!


As much as I wanted to say absolutely not, Mum gave me a long speech about learning to compromise and that sometimes it’s good to not say everything that’s on your mind if you want to have a happy marriage. I know how much Sebastian loves the outdoors so I knew he would really enjoy this trip which meant I had to suck it up and act like I was excited about my honeymoon in the woods.