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We left home at the crack of dawn and made it there by 9 am. The cabin was not as bad as I thought it would be. I thought it would be some rundown shack in the middle of nowhere and I’d be forced to use an outhouse and bathe in the river, but there was electricity and running water inside and other rental cabins were within walking distance. I was surprised by how many people were up here at this time of the year but Sebastian said that so long as the weather was nice people come up here. I must say that it is kind of nice here. We were so close to the river so the sound of the water was relaxing.


“So what would you like to do first honey?” Sebastian asked. “Want to go hiking, fishing in the river or…?”

I answered by pulling him into a hot, long kiss.


We spent the entire morning and most of the afternoon in bed together. It was nice being all alone for once with no distractions. It’s hard to get alone time when you live in a house with so many other people which was the reason why our alone time would be so late at night. There was poor cellular reception which resulted in very few interruptions from my family back at home. The television in the living area only had two channels and no cable which meant we only had each other to keep entertained and we certainly entertained each other well that afternoon.


In the evening before it got dark we finally got out of bed so Sebastian could collect some fire wood. We started a camp fire in the backyard overlooking the river. The nights in Granite Falls got very cold after sunset so the warmth of the camp fire against my skin felt like heaven. Plus the fire kept away the mosquitoes that started to buzz around and annoy me.


“I always wanted to go camping. Maybe someday when we have kids and they’re old enough we can bring them back here but instead of renting a cabin we can set up a camp outdoors. It’ll be fun.”

Not really. Sleeping in a tent instead of a bed surrounded by mosquitoes? I don’t think so! “Um… sure honey. Hopefully it’ll be a long time from now.”

“When do you think we should start a family?” He asked.

“A few years from now definitely because right now I’m so close to becoming the next Command Centre Lead… Whoa!” I nearly scream as I saw the marshmallow I was roasting completely on fire. The thing looked like it had gasoline on it based on how high the flame was.


I still ate it anyway since it was my very first roasted marshmallow. It’s overrated though. We went inside not too long after and immediately got cosy on the bed.


Our make out session was getting hot and heavy so I changed into my night gown preparing to seduce my husband with some flirtatious moves I learned from Adrienne but then my stomach started doing flip-flops. I tried to ignore at first but once I felt something coming up my throat I had to run to the bathroom.


It must be the marshmallow. It was too burnt that it upset my stomach. Sebastian was on the other side of the door asking if I was alright. I felt a lot better after getting all of it out of my system but somehow I still didn’t feel right. I couldn’t explain it, it was just a feeling that something about me was off.


The next morning Sebastian put some franks and beans on the grill for breakfast. He said we’d need a sturdy breakfast for all the fun we were going to have. It was our last day and I couldn’t believe I was actually disappointed that it was almost over.


After breakfast we took a walk to the river nearby and went fishing. I never fished before but Sebastian had. With his help I was able to catch my very first trout. That bear in the distance nearly frightened the snot out of me when I first saw him but then I realised it was just a man in a bear costume. Doesn’t he realise he could seriously frighten someone to death with that outfit? Later on I reported him to the ranger but she didn’t take me seriously, she thought it was funny. Only idiots would think walking around looking like a real life bear scaring people was funny.


After fishing we went hiking around the area. I found a bush that had some pretty interesting looking purple berries. Sebastian didn’t know what kind they were but he ate them before so he knew they weren’t poisonous. He dared me to try some. They tasted like spoiled blueberries to me and they got stuck in between my teeth. Never again, I say!


The berries made me feel nauseated so instead of hiking to the Granite Falls National Park like we planned we just lied down on the ground and watched the clouds together. I was a little disappointed too. I wanted to see the park just as much as he did.


“We’ll have to make sure we come back as soon as we can.” Sebastian said. “By then we might have a little critter of our own to tag along.”

It wasn’t the first time he brought up the topic of having children on this trip. I figured he was subtly trying to tell me that he was ready to start a family. Unfortunately I’m not ready for kids yet but his words came at the same time I started contemplating whether or not I needed to get a head start to the bathroom. I couldn’t help but wonder… could I really be pregnant?