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Ethan Sloane was born only a few feet away from where his big sister was born. The last time I gave birth it was in the living room, this time in the hallway. Perhaps next time it will be in the kitchen! I was certain there would be a next time. I’ve resigned myself from planning when I’ll have children since I seem to get pregnant at randomly inconvenient times. I somehow think Sebastian might be knocking me up on purpose without me realizing it. Anyway, I can’t deny that we both make beautiful babies together and I also hope to have another girl the next time I get pregnant.


My little Ethan, who would have been my little Emilie had he been a girl, is just as adorable as Danielle was when she was born.

And wouldn’t you know, just after midnight after Ethan was born Adrienne also went into labour.


She decided not to make a big fuss so she had her baby quietly in her bedroom. She said it barely hurt and the baby was out in no time. I was so jealous! Not only did she look fantastic and never once experienced crankiness and nausea but she had a relatively pain free delivery! I swear sometimes I think The Watcher hates me and loves her!

She gave birth to a baby girl she named Phoebe Goth. Christopher was passing by her bedroom when he heard a baby’s cry. He thought Adrienne had Ethan in her room for the night but it was only when he went inside that he saw she had her own baby.


The next morning Sebastian and I were also alerted by the sound of a baby crying that didn’t belong to our new-born. We were quite surprised to see our niece. She was beautiful and she appeared to favour her father’s side of the family. But boy did she know how to use those strong lungs of hers!


If anyone could handle a screaming baby it’s Adrienne. I can’t stand crying especially when I’m exhausted from a lack of sleep. Ethan was not as quiet as Danielle and it would get on my nerves! I swear I’m so grateful to Chloe for helping out as much as she did.


She helped me keep my sanity because I’m certain I would’ve gone insane if I had no choice but to listen to those babies’ cries all day every day. Chloe seemed to have the Midas touch when it came to babies. She could even calm Phoebe down better than Adrienne herself. Christopher hit the jackpot with her. I’m certain she’ll make a great mother someday.


Soon, the big day arrived. No, it wasn’t Christopher and Chloe’s big day but Adrienne and Alexander’s. I was surprised when she came home and announced that they were engaged. Since she already had a big ceremony with all of the trimmings and Alexander wasn’t much of a people-person, they decided to make the whole thing short and sweet with a simple backyard wedding.

I asked her about his issues with children but she told me not to worry about it. He assured her that he was ready to be a father to their daughter and the proposal was a gesture of his commitment to their family.


He looked so nervous whenever he held Phoebe but I could see the love there. He almost didn’t want to put her down when it was time to start the ceremony. When he did put her down and she started crying, he freaked out a little. It was a little funny, I must admit.


It was just family at the ceremony except for Chloe who volunteered to stay upstairs with the babies. None of us dressed up too much since Adrienne herself simply wore a black and silver cocktail dress. She said white didn’t work out too well for her the last time so perhaps a dark colour would do the trick.


Adrienne wanted the wedding arch to be positioned so that it would be in full view of Mum and Dad’s graves. To me it seemed a bit morbid but she said she wanted to feel like they were attending her wedding as well. She wanted to feel like she had their blessing now that she found the right one.


After they said their vows and exchanged rings it became official – Adrienne was now Mrs. Alexander Goth.


I was happy for her but I was sad at the same time because I knew that she and Phoebe had to leave the house that night to move in with him when the party was over. Adrienne would be living in Willow Creek now – away from all of us. I had to come to terms with it after all I knew I would still get to see her and she would always be just a phone call away. Plus I wanted her to be happy and she seemed to be that way.

It was late at night when they left. Danielle and Christopher had already changed out of their formal outfits and were getting ready for bed but we all went outside to bid Adrienne and Phoebe goodbye as they left with Alexander.


Adrienne called me early the next morning to tell me about the move. She said Alexander’s family home was a Queen Anne styled mansion and that all the rooms were beautifully decorated like in the old movies. Alexander’s sister, Cassandra, didn’t attend the wedding because she hated travelling and being around crowds of people she didn’t know but she stayed up past her bedtime patiently waiting to finally meet her niece. She insisted Phoebe stay in her room for the night to allow them to have a proper, disturbance-free wedding night.


She sounded very happy and more relaxed than ever. I knew her problem all this time was that she wanted to find her one true love but she was looking for him in all the wrong places. Her love life didn’t turn out according to her plans but she believes she has it right this time and I hope for her sake that Alexander proves her right.


I love how Phoebe looks like she’s waving in this pic! Aww


Now that I got one sibling out of the way it was time for me to focus on getting the other one married. Christopher and Chloe had been engaged for a long time so my focus now was planning their wedding. I had so many ideas for the ceremony and the reception. Christopher was never conventional with his style so I knew I had to come up with something unique that also includes the colour red since they both love it.

“I was thinking of a black and red theme. Chloe will wear a red dress and Chris, you can be in all black, and we’ll decorate the backyard with red roses. What do you guys think?” I asked the two of them as we were sitting around the living room.


“Actually sis,” Christopher said, “With Adrienne’s wedding and then moving out we decided to wait until you were in a better mood but… basically the truth is Chloe and I are already married.”


“What?!” I exclaimed thinking I heard the wrong thing.

“Yes we eloped yesterday.” Chloe said.

“That’s great you guys, congrat…” Sebastian started to say but I cut him off.

“I can’t believe you would do this to me! You didn’t think I’d want to be there to see you get married? How can you be so selfish?!”


“I’m just gonna ignore your self-entitled rant and just tell you that we decided to elope because Chloe’s pregnant and we didn’t want to waste time and money planning a wedding when we can spend it preparing for the baby’s arrival. Now if you’re still upset then that’s your problem but we are excited about our future.”

I didn’t say anything more because I understood why they did it now even though I couldn’t help but feel a little resentful that they got married without me.

“I’m glad that you didn’t lay into Christopher about eloping. I know you were looking forward to helping them plan the wedding and I’m proud of you for not overreacting.” Sebastian said later on at the dinner table.


“I am smart enough to know when to be rational you know.” I said.

“Sometimes I don’t think you do.”

“Whatever. I’m happy Chloe’s pregnant. I liked having a sort of partner-in-pregnancy the last time.” I said hoping he’d get the hint.

“Wait- are you pregnant Bree?”

“Yes I am.”

He responded by swooping me up into his arms for a big hug. “I love you.”