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Sebastian baked his own cake when it was time to celebrate his birthday. Since Mum passed away he took over all of the cooking duties and became quite good at it.


Also celebrating a birthday on the same day as Sebastian was our son Ethan. Time flew by so quickly that I was shocked when he grew up so fast. It seemed like just a day ago he was little baby.


After they celebrated their birthdays, Danielle and I joined them at the dining table to enjoy some of that delicious looking chocolate layer cake. It was excellent – by far the best cake he made at that point! The kids agreed with me as well, especially Ethan.


He went for seconds, and thirds. He sure loves to eat and messily as well. I remembered when I was his age and all I wanted was chocolate cake which resulted in me becoming overweight and it really affected my self-esteem while I was in my teens. I don’t want Ethan to have to go through that but he doesn’t seem to care when I talk to him about overeating.


At least Sebastian tries to make healthy dishes for the family so even when Ethan overindulges it won’t always be on hot dogs, pizza and microwave dinners. Sebastian even started a small kitchen garden because he wants us to only eat organically grown vegetables. He said he always wanted to take up gardening as a hobby since he loved the outdoors so much. Now that the kids were older and he had more time off from work he was finally able to spare some time on starting a garden. And it paid off in the form of some incredible tasting meals.


It also paid off in his physique. My husband is an Adonis! He choose to go down the body building track of his fitness career since it coincides with his aspiration to be in the best shape possible.


I on the other hand kept getting bigger and bigger due to my pregnancy. But I have grown accustomed to the unwelcome expansion of my body during this time. After all, this was my third pregnancy and definitely going to be the last. I don’t think I have the time and energy to handle another child. Not that Danielle and Ethan are troublesome but I’m almost a mature adult. I don’t want to be middle aged and pregnant. Mum was a mature adult when she got pregnant with Christopher and she had extreme symptoms as well as complications after his birth. So nope, not me and this again! Hopefully this one will be a girl because Danielle’s been nagging me for a little sister.

Adrienne came to visit when she heard the news of my pregnancy even though I was well into my second trimester by the time she arrived.


I was thrilled to see her face to face after what seemed like such a long time but I was also surprised to see my niece Phoebe all grown up. For some reason I thought she would still be a baby but then I remembered her birthday is just a day after Ethan’s.


Phoebe was excited to meet her cousins. Ethan went out for a walk and was on his way back to the house when she spotted him and ran up to hug him. Some lady on the street stood watching them like she had never seen two children show affection. But I thought it was adorable.


Soon after she went upstairs and started bonding with Danielle. I could only imagine what they were talking about or what game they were playing for so long because when she went into Danielle’s bedroom she didn’t come out until hours later.


Adrienne and I went to my room for a game of chess for old time’s sake. We hadn’t played with each other in years and I missed that. She was the only one who would play with me because she didn’t mind losing.

“How did you celebrate your birthday?” I asked her.

“Wonderful. Alexander took me on a shopping spree in Magnolia Promenade. It was nice having some alone time together.”


“I wish you were here with us to celebrate your birthday.”

“I know. That would’ve been nice too but things are different now.”

I knew she was right. Things are different now.

“So when are you two going to have baby number two?” I asked.

“Alexander loves Phoebe, he adores her, but his stance on children hasn’t changed. He doesn’t want anymore and honestly I don’t mind. Phoebe is already a handful. To get that girl to clean up after herself is a full time job. I think one is all I need. Besides I have a niece and nephew and two more on the way so Phoebe has plenty of cousins to play with.”

She was right about that. Phoebe will definitely have lots of cousins with Danielle, Ethan, my baby and Christopher and Chloe’s baby. Mum always wanted to have a big family with lots of kids. I just wish she was still around so she could see all of her grand-kids.

Chloe and I were due around the same time even though she was as thin as a whip in spite of being in her second trimester. She looked like she just stuffed a balloon up her dress not carrying around another Sim.


Christopher was very excited about his baby and he talks to him and sings him songs almost every day. I told him he needs to lose that hairstyle of his before the baby arrived so he wouldn’t scare it but he insists his son or daughter will like it because he or she will be a rocker just like him. It would be really funny if the kid turned out to be a boring nerd like me especially since his parents are so artistic.


I was promoted to a Low-Orbit Specialist within no time after getting my promotion to Command Centre Lead but I became frustrated in my job because travelling space and learning the mysteries of the planets and galaxies was something I always wanted to do and I was yet to have the chance. I realised that if I followed the rules and waited until I got promoted up the ranks to eventually become a certified SASA Astronaut then it would take years before I would even get to leave the atmosphere! I might even be super old by then!

Being a certified Astronaut looks great on my resume but I don’t need to be one in order to space travel so long as I have a rocket ship. I’m already quite handy and my logic and rocket skills are pretty good so I don’t need to fly one of SASA’s rocket ships when I can make my very own!


Everyone thought I was crazy for spending so much money on the supplies and then deciding to build a rocket ship all by myself in my pregnant state but I could have cared less. I couldn’t believe I didn’t think about this before!

I made so much progress on this rocket ship in such a short time. I wanted to make sure I got it done before I gave birth so as soon as I had the baby and got enough rest I could go on my first space travel adventure. Sometimes I would overexert myself. I knew I should be taking it easy and resting but I was so determined to complete this rocket ship that I couldn’t stop until I made more progress than the day before.


I finally got to fifty percent completion on the ship and decided I needed to take a break for a while. My body was insisting I needed some rest so I decided to listen to it. I felt so proud of myself when I looked at what I accomplished in just a few short days.


The time finally came around for me to deliver the baby and this time it didn’t take me by surprise like the other times. I was lying in bed comfortably when I felt the contractions as opposed to travelling home from work and panicking as I wondered if I would get home in time to deliver.


It was not as painful as the other times though. Perhaps my body was getting used to giving birth having done it twice before. Within a short amount of time the baby was here… a bouncing baby boy!


A part of me was slightly disappointed as I wanted another girl. Mum and Dad put our family home and wealth into a trust as part of a legacy which means that each generation of Sloanes must have a female heir. A “spare,” as it was termed in the decree, would be a female sibling to the heir that would be eligible to inherit the legacy should the selected heiress die without daughters or be otherwise ineligible to be the heiress. That was the reason why I wanted to have another girl so badly but I’m confident in Danielle’s capability to be the heiress to the legacy so I don’t have to be concerned about not having another daughter. Besides my baby boy is so adorable that I wouldn’t want him to be any different.

Sebastian is over the moon to have another boy and he expressed his desire for this one to be outdoorsy just like him since Ethan appears to only like the kitchen more than anything else. Sebastian named him Felix after his childhood best friend.


There was so much excitement during the day over the new baby in the house until that evening when Chloe went into labour and all the excitement shifted to her giving birth.


Her labour didn’t take long but it was extremely painful for her based on the screams I heard coming from their bedroom and she too gave birth to a bouncing baby boy they named Bentley. They decided on that name for either a boy or a girl. I didn’t think that Bentley was a unisex name but I wouldn’t be surprised by Christopher naming his daughter Bentley. Thank Watcher they got a boy instead.


Christopher was a natural, probably because he already had so much experience with his nieces and nephews. And like any good father he volunteered to stay up with Bentley to allow Chloe to get some much needed rest.


The next morning he was up bright and early to have breakfast with me.

“How come you’re not sleeping? You were up all night.” I asked.

“Bentley fell asleep around three so I got a couple of hours rest before he woke up again.”


We chatted for a while and it was nice talking to my brother like old times. Since becoming adults we were no longer as close as we used to be and I had to admit that it bothered me. I guess it’s because we’re so different now. I hated fighting with him those few times especially since he revealed that he and Chloe were going to move into her elderly aunt’s house to help take care of her.

I don’t mind change but I hate when people leave. I understand that they need more room for their family and Chloe’s aunt has a large four bedroom house in Willow Creek that would give them a lot of space but I’m sad that they will be going away from us. At least he and Adrienne will get to live in the same town because Adrienne will definitely need some family nearby now that Alexander has become an elder and his health started failing.

My birthday came around and luckily for me Christopher was still around to celebrate it with me. In spite of our disagreements and bouts of silent treatments over the years I will really miss him.


I felt no different aging up this time. I have wrinkles now – it’s the only difference in my appearance I can see. Sebastian tells me I still look as beautiful as I did in my teens. He always knows what to say to make me blush.


Christopher, Chloe and baby Bentley moved out the next day. I’m really proud of my little brother for putting his family first but I will miss having two sets of extra hands around to help me with the household and my children. I’m certain though that I can manage.