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Since all eligible females have entered into their teen years this is the time where I would hold an heiress vote for the readers to choose the Sim that will carry forth the legacy. But since Danielle is Bree’s only daughter and therefore the only eligible heiress there’s no point in having an heiress vote. Danielle will be the Generation 3 heiress!

I decided to make Phoebe, Adrienne’s daughter, the spare should Danielle die before having a daughter. I won’t make Phoebe eligible for voting because she is not Bree’s biological child but she can take over the legacy if Danielle got electrocuted or caught on fire and dies simply because I would want the legacy to continue as a matriarchy and because Phoebe’s mother Adrienne was once eligible to be the last generation’s heiress. This is a rule I will stick to in future if this similar set of circumstances occur.

However with Danielle approaching adulthood soon (In the blog she just became a teen but in my game play she’s just a few days away from becoming a young adult) I would need to decide what career she should have. Her lifetime aspiration is to be a bestselling author which means I can easily let her join the writer career but since I have the Get To Work expansion pack and Danielle has the Genius trait (A trait that helps boost performance in the new careers offered) I decided I would let her join one of those. She could always write bestselling novels in her spare time, right?

I haven’t been able to play any of the new careers – Doctor, Scientist or Detective – at full length so I see this as an opportunity to fully explore one of these careers in Danielle’s generation. I think seeing her navigate through one of these careers might provide interesting story material as well.

For those of you who don’t have Get To Work or want more information on each of these careers before you vote I find that Carl’s Sims 4 Guide has pretty informative descriptions of the Doctor, Scientist and Detective careers.

The career that gets the highest vote will be the one Danielle chooses to join as soon as she ages up to young adult.

Her traits are Genius and Mean and Romantic will be her young adult trait. Based on her trait combinations you can decide which career you think will best suit her during her adult life.

Danielle Vote

Check our girl posing by the swimming pool. Swear she just stood there for minutes like she was waiting for someone to take a picture!


Looking forward to seeing which one gets the most votes – EddieSims