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I always like seeing my kids have breakfast together on a morning but I do wish they would have it at the dining table instead of spreading crumbs all over the living room couch. After Felix’s birthday they were all teenagers and all going to Buckingham High School. Danielle was at the top of her class and Ethan was close behind her but Felix on the other hand struggled to get good grades.


In spite of getting lots of help from Sebastian and me he still couldn’t get his grades up. I think his problem was that he was spending too much time tracking down those collectibles of his. Nonetheless I’m very proud of all of my children for being good kids. Danielle could be a bit mean to her brothers, but I know she loves them and will fiercely protect the both of them from any harm. Ethan, my geeky son, who loves all the things I used to love as a teen and then some such as video games and creating plug-ins and apps. He says he wants to be a game programmer when he finishes school and I’m more than confident he’ll be good at that considering the amount of time he spends playing Incredible Sports on his computer. Felix doesn’t know what he wants to be when he gets older and I’m trying not to push him too hard but I hope he figures it out soon. Selling collectibles does not make enough money to support a household and if he intends to have a wife and children one day he’s going to need a proper job.


I’m still travelling to Sixam as often as I can to make sure I get enough samples before it’s my time to retire. I don’t want there to be too much of a burden on Felix or whichever one of my kids decides to travel to Sixam on behalf of SASA. The aliens here are really nice to me and so far I’ve had no complaints. I wish one of them would agree to return to earth with me for scientific experimentation but so far no one seems interested in our planet.


Sebastian’s birthday came just a day after I returned from my last trip to Sixam. We had a small celebration with just the two of us one evening.


The only difference in Sebastian’s looks when he aged up was his hair colour other than that he looked just the same. His arms were still bulging, his abs still ripped and his bright smile and pine coloured eyes looked just as youthful as they were when I first met him as a teenager.


I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this man! I never thought I would be so lucky to find my true love at such a young age. I didn’t believe in true love to be honest. The logical side of me refused to believe in that happily ever after concept most women buy into until recently when I realised that I had found my prince charming and we were living happily ever after! I honestly thought my aggressiveness and perfectionism would have sent him running a long time ago but he remained loyal and stuck by me through hard times such as when Mum and Dad died, all my pregnancy complaints, my moments of frustration and angry outbursts over something that happened at work. He has always been there to rub my shoulders to keep my stress level down, to tickle me long enough until my mood is lifted and kiss me tender enough to make me feel safe and loved in his arms. I love him so much. So much that the thought of losing him is frightening and the fact that he is older than me means he will be the first of us to go. I refuse to think about death and I’ll only concern myself with spending as much time as I can with Sebastian.


It was Danielle’s birthday not too long after Sebastian so she and her brothers decided to have a little pool party in the evening after school to celebrate. She was so excited to blow out the candles on her cake as she couldn’t wait to be a young adult.


After she aged up and we all sat around the dining table eating her strawberry birthday cake I asked her about her career plans. “Have you given any thought to the offer to work at the University’s scientific research facility?” I asked her.


“I thought about it but I decided to go with the other offer I got.” She said.

“You accepted the intern position at the hospital?” I said excitedly. My daughter is going to be a doctor!

“No, the offer to join the police academy Mum. I already sent in my confirmation letter.”


Oh. “Well that’s good honey.” I was a little disappointed that she decided not to become a scientist or a doctor. I wished such opportunities were present for me when I was her age.

“I know you are disappointed that I’m not going to become a doctor of science or medicine but I think this career will be good for me. I get to fight crime and put criminals behind bars. It’s not all eating donuts and patrolling for hours on end. I get to analyse crime scenes and evidence. There’s a lot of science and psychology involved when interrogating suspects so I can still use my intellect for the greater good even though I won’t be a doctor or scientist.”

“Well I’m proud of you for making a well thought out decision. I’ll admit I didn’t think much of you becoming a cop but you’re so smart and talented I know you’ll become the best there is.” I said genuinely once I heard her explanations.


Next it was my turn to age up. Ethan and Felix were at school and Danielle was in training at the police academy so it was just Sebastian and I celebrating with a cake.


Oh my back! Ugh. I hate being old! Sebastian laughed at me. “I told you your back aches as soon as you become an elder. See, I wasn’t exaggerating!”

“You were right! I hope I can get used to it!”


Later that evening when the kids went to bed we lied down on the ground by the pool and gazed at the stars just like old times.


“There’s Venus… and over there is Saturn. Remember my first trip to space?”

“Oh you mean when you scared the living daylights out of me? I remember.” He said with a chuckle.

“I’m still sorry about that…”

“I’m over it. It feels so long ago. The kids were still…kids. Now they’re all grown up. Danielle’s doing so well in training that she gets to start at the rank of a Corporal instead of a Cadet this Wednesday.”

“Yes. I’m very proud. I’m glad we never had another daughter. I’d hate to have to pick which daughter gets to inherit the legacy Mum set up. I know it was an easy decision for Mum and Dad to make because Adrienne made it clear that she wanted to get her own place but what if I had two daughters and both of them wanted it? If Danielle ends up in that situation I hope she knows she’ll have to thread carefully.”

“Yeah you Sloane women can be very determined at times. Oh look Bree, a shooting star!”


“Yeah I see it.”

“Make a wish,” he suggested.

“Don’t need to. I already have everything I ever wanted.”


This is the last chapter for Bree’s story under Generation 2 as the next chapter will start Generation 3 with the story being told from Danielle’s perspective. A part of me wanted to keep going with Bree until she died but Danielle became a young adult before she became an elder and I didn’t want to miss too much of Danielle’s young adult life while waiting for Bree to die. She was a lot of fun to play with because of her mean trait so I know Danielle would be just as much fun as her because she also has that trait. She’s also a romantic like her aunt Adrienne so that should be fun too.