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The night before my first day at the station I decided to give myself a makeover. I hated the long hair with bangs I wore before. My face was hidden underneath all that hair. Chopping it all off for a more modern but feminine style, I finally started to feel like myself.


The next thing I changed was my outfit. That dress I wore before was cute but as an adult I wanted to look sexy. I was tempted to wear a crop top and shorts but I didn’t want Mum and Dad to have a heart attack so I settled for a simple tank top with flowy shorts. The next morning though I had to change into my Corporal uniform before leaving for the police station.


I was so excited to start my first day. When I walked through those doors I could smell brewing coffee, the sugary sweetness of store bought pastries and the scent of cheap cologne possibly from the suspects residing in the holding area. The place was loaded with other cops, all of them busy discussing their cases or filing paperwork. It was exactly what I thought it would be.


“Excuse me, I’m Officer Sloane. I’m supposed to report to Chief Clay Bouchard.” I said to the female officer at the reception desk. Before she could give me a response a man’s voice from behind me says, “Sloane. I’ve heard impressive things about you from your superiors at the academy.”


I turned around to find a man who was obviously the chief based on his cap and the huge silver medal on his jacket but looked so young that I was impressed he attained such a high rank at his age. “Thank you.” I said.

“They said you were at the top of the class because of your impeccable deduction skills. I hope you are prepared to handle actual on the field cases.”

“I am and I won’t let you down Chief Bouchard.”

“I’m sure you won’t.”

The chief was quite a handsome guy with his warm blue eyes and curly blond locks. I felt myself developing a little crush on him and I had to resist the urge to say something flirtatious so I wouldn’t look unprofessional. I wish certain people thought the same way I did.

After the chief left, a steroid-addicted looking man approached me, “The academy’s sending out some sweet looking rookies these days.”


“What’s your name hot stuff? I’m Detective Chance but you can call me Matthew and maybe you’ll get a chance to work up close and personal with me if you…”

“First of all…ew. Secondly, Detective Chance, I would like it if you would treat me with the same respect you would want yourself and address me as either Sloane or Officer Sloane instead of ‘hot stuff’ or any other term that could be regarded as sexual harassment from now on. Am I clear?”


“An attitude like that won’t get you promoted up the ranks. You should be honoured that a senior detective with a 90 percent closure rate is offering to mentor you. Fat chance of that happening now!”


What an idiot he must have thought I was to believe that he was actually offering to mentor me after calling me ‘hot stuff’ and saying ‘a chance to work up close and personal’ with him. He probably thought I was so naïve and dim-witted because of my looks but it was my intelligence and not my attractiveness that got me here and I made sure to let everyone know that they shouldn’t underestimate me.

Including my other co-worker Corporal Kristy Faulkner who wanted to trap me with the paperwork Chief Bouchard assigned to her. I had my own filing and research assigned by the Chief to do so I wasn’t going to do her work so she could sit around checking her makeup. I made sure to let her know she couldn’t push me around.

“Who do you think you are rookie? I’m superior to you so you have to do whatever I say.”

“Superior in age I’m sure.” I said spitefully.


She gasped in shock, “How dare you talk to me like that?!”

“How dare you try to palm your work off on me? Don’t make the mistake of assuming I’m an idiot Faulkner!”

“Sloane, I need to see you in my office.” I heard the Chief yell from his office. I couldn’t tell by his tone if he was angry but I guessed it had something to do with my argument with Faulkner or probably my earlier argument with Chance.

“You called for me Chief?” I ask confidently. If I was going to get into trouble on my first day, I wasn’t going to act like some guilt ridden school girl who was called to the principal’s office.


“The library was broken into and vandalised before sunrise this morning. The mayor’s up my tail about solving the case quickly because his wife is the chairman of the foundation that funds the library. We’re talking tens of thousands of simoleons in damages. There are other detectives on the scene but I think this is a good opportunity for you to get your feet wet. I need you to get down there and help them collect some evidence and take a few statements.”

I was so relieved that he called me into his office to put me on a case and not to scold me. I was also excited to finally be a part of a real investigation. “Yes sir. I’ll get down there right away.”

I got to work as soon as I arrived on the crime scene seeing graffiti on the ground outside of the library. The graffiti did not look like something a hardened gang member would paint. Most of it was flowers and llamas with the occasional gnome. I got the feeling that we were probably dealing with some teenagers looking for attention rather than a gang. Perhaps it could be a gang of teenagers looking for attention.


Inside the other detectives had already started taking statements from witnesses. I noticed the computers had electrical sparks coming from behind the monitors that displayed what Ethan and other computer nerds like him would call ‘the dreaded blue screen’.


Those vandals really made a mess of the place. On the way to the crime scene I went online using my phone to research the Good Merit Foundation, the organization that funds the library, museum and other historical landmarks around town. It’s a non-profit operating on money generated from charity fundraisers and donations from wealthy socialites. I could see why the mayor’s wife was so upset. According to Detective Stearns the computers’ motherboards were damaged beyond repair and all of the machines would need to be replaced.

I took a statement from the assistant librarian who came in early to finish some work when he saw the perps running off. “…I saw them bent down on the ground doing something. They ran off when I called out to them and when I got closer I saw the graffiti marks. I went in to call the cops and that’s when I saw what they did inside. It’s terrible though. A lot of kids come here after school to stay out of trouble but this mess is gonna take weeks to fix. Now where are they gonna go?”


“Can you tell me anything else about the suspects? What did they look like?”

“One of them had red hair and she wore a blouse and slacks. She looked young, early to mid-twenties. The other lady was older and she had grey hair…”

“They’re women?”


“Yeah I was shocked by that too. They looked pretty normal except for the old lady. She was dressed kind of young…like shorts and a tank top. It was kinda gross actually.”

That was an interesting bit of information. An elderly woman did not fit the profile of known gang members in this town. And the graffiti we found were not in the system as any known gang member’s tag. I started thinking perhaps these two female suspects wanted us to assume it was a gang that ransacked the library to throw us off from the real motive. I knew I would need to get a better look at the evidence so I rushed back to the station to test the fingerprint and DNA samples I found at the scene in the CSU lab.


I got a hit on one of the prints – it was from an unsolved robbery at the Spencer-Kim mansion in Willow Creek sixteen years ago. I would have been a child at that time which means that those set of fingerprints must belong to the elderly woman since the other accomplice would have been too young at the time to hack a security system and steal 26,500 simoleons worth in paintings and electronics. I would have stayed back to pursue it more but the Chief insisted I call it a day since my shift came to an end and I didn’t need to put in overtime on my first day.

When I got home I couldn’t wait to tell Mum everything that happened. “So I think I have enough information to put out an APB on one of the suspects. I ran it by the Chief and he said I should save it for tomorrow cause that’s when we’ll have a better chance at nabbing her when she least expects it.”


“Oh wow. Your first day sounds so exciting. And I thought it would be all paperwork and processing criminals for the while but it looks like you’ve just jumped right in. Danielle, honey, the more I think about your career the more worried I get for you.”

“Why Mum?”

“You’ll be dealing with criminals. Some of them might be very dangerous. What if…”

“Don’t you worry Mum. This is Oasis Springs we’re talking about, not Bridgeport or something. The most crimes that happen here are vandalism, robberies and the occasional domestic dispute. You don’t need to worry about me. Besides I’m too smart for them outsmart me. Criminals of Oasis Springs better watch out for soon to be Detective Danielle Sloane!”


Mum started laughing so hard she had tears in her eyes. “Yes honey. They better do watch out!”