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My career was progressing faster than I had anticipated and I was very proud of myself but the one area I was sure I wouldn’t have any trouble in turned out to be the one area that was not working out. My dating life was on the rocks!

A girl as good looking as I am would definitely get guys’ attention but not from the guys I wanted to notice me – like Clay.


I made an effort to try to get to know him whenever the opportunity presented itself. Sometimes I would dare to compliment his appearance or flirtatiously smile at him but he would abruptly change the topic to something work related. Was he not attracted to me as well? Was I not his type? A lot of the guys at the station were always looking to find ways to talk to me or ask me out but Clay was the only one I was interested in and he never showed any interest.

One night, I went out with some friends to the Solar Flare Lounge. I had a great time listening to the music, enjoying the cocktails and just kicking back with some of my old pals. I’d been working so hard that I really needed a night to relax and have fun.


I had I little too much fun though and ended drinking more than my limit. I wouldn’t say I was drunk…just slightly inebriated. I decided to call it a night to avoid losing all control and embarrass myself by dancing on top of the bar.


As I rounded the corner to hail a cab I saw Clay. It looked like he was also enjoying a night out and he looked so hot out of uniform. I didn’t think it was possible for him to look any better than he did that night. Even though I was dizzy and exhausted I was glad my makeup was still on point and I was wearing my best party outfit. I did not want to look frumpy the first time Clay saw me out of my bulky cop uniform.


“I didn’t think I’d find you here. Isn’t it past your bedtime Chief?” I joked remembering when he told me he would hit the sheets before the 10 o’clock news every night.


“I decided to try something new.” He smiled. “I just left a friend’s birthday party? Now coming from a girls’ night?”


“Yeah sort of. I’m just heading home now. Want to come with me?” I boldly ask.


“Uhhh… what?” he stuttered.

“Maybe your place would be better? I’ve liked you for a long time Clay and you know solving cases isn’t the only thing I’m good at…”

“Alright that’s enough. Look, Sloane, I’m not interested in crossing the line with one of my detectives.”


“So you don’t like me at all?”

“Sorry but… you’re really beautiful but…”

He turned me down, I can’t believe it! Why would he turn me down?! “Forget you Clay, you’re not even that attractive anyway. I don’t know what I saw in you, your face is all weird shaped and your stupid hair…!”


I somehow managed to stop myself from saying another word. I wanted to blame it on the alcohol but that’s a lame excuse. I felt hurt at being rejected by a guy I liked. It’s never happened to me before so I acted childishly and lashed out at him. I felt so angry and so humiliated at the same time that I walked away ignoring him as he called out to me. I totally blew it with Clay. I should’ve played it cool for a while longer to gauge how he felt about me before coming on too strong, scaring him off, and embarrassing myself. I shuddered to think of how awkward things would be at work the next day.


Luckily it wasn’t. When he called me into his office I was so nervous he would reprimand me or tell me he was going to transfer me to another unit but he acted as though nothing happened and just talked to me about a new case I was to work on. What a relief! It’s a good thing too because the more I thought about it the more I realised that if I started a relationship with my boss then people would think every promotion I received was because I was sleeping with Clay. As I said before, I liked my job more than I liked Clay.

I bounced back quickly and met a new guy named Jaxon. He was not as attractive as Clay but he had a great personality. He was so outgoing and a total goofball.


We met at the Rattlesnake bar and we hit it off in no time. It became our spot and we would go there almost every evening after work just to hang out and spend quality time together.


Jaxon said he was a scientist and as a result he would travel a lot to attend scientific conventions and exhibits. Because he was travelling a lot our relationship was mostly long distance. I didn’t have a problem with that as I was also busy with work.


Sometimes I enjoyed being the bad cop a little too much. It’s easy for me I guess because I’ve always had a tendency to be mean or rude to people. The Chief complains about it but I think this technique is the best way to get a confession out of these criminals. There’s really no need to be too nice to them anyway. Anyone who decides to steal, deceive or hurt others does not deserve any empathy from me.

511After weeks of not seeing each other, Jaxon and I finally got the chance to spend the entire day together. He was always so attentive and sweet to me. Rubbing my shoulders and waiting on me hand and foot – a girl could get used to that kind of treatment!


But unfortunately there was one thing about Jaxon that I didn’t know about. And when he told me the truth I didn’t handle it too well.

“So let me get this straight…you’re a what?!”

“I’m an alien Danielle. I’m from the planet Jupiter.” He said so calmly.


I was in shock. I mean, Mum had already revealed to me top secret information that aliens from other planets had decided to settle in Oasis Springs and Willow Creek in order to research human kind. Mum met some of them at work and actually helped them get housing and jobs. The only reason she broke confidentiality and gave me this information was because I’m a cop and she wanted me to know in case, while during an investigation, I discovered DNA that didn’t belong to a human. Jaxon was one of them, an alien!

For once I was speechless as I wondered how I didn’t see it before. Jaxon was a little weird to be honest. When I first met him he said he never had chips before. What human has never had potato chips in their life? There were times when I’d notice a red glow coming off of him. He told me after the reveal that it happened whenever he was experiencing extreme emotions. I thought I was imagining it, or maybe I would be too tipsy from the drinks we ordered at the Rattlesnake but as I looked at him now I saw it clearly. He was an alien! A real life ALIEN! No wonder Mum liked him so much, and she rarely liked anyone. A part of me wondered if she knew about his origins and didn’t say anything because she wanted an alien son-in-law to research on. Mum is weird like that but I didn’t think she was so mean that she would hide that from me.

“You should’ve told me! You should’ve said something when we started dating! Before I kissed you! Before I slept with you…!”


“There’s no need to overreact. You are a fine specimen Danielle Sloane and very capable in the act of coitus. My findings on you have been well received by my peers…”


I gasped at his audacity. “Get the hell out now you freak! We’re done!” I didn’t wait for him to leave. I just ran upstairs to take a bath and cool off. I can’t believe I was just an experiment to him. I probably could have accepted the alien thing but not after he was so rude to me and not after he lied for so long and told probably his entire race about our woohoo life!

I went into my bedroom after my bath to get ready for bed only to find Jaxon there in his underwear on my computer. “What the hell are you doing in my bedroom? I asked you to leave!”


He quickly stood up so I walked over to him. “Danielle I did not think your request for me to leave was serious in nature. You have gotten angry with me before.”

“I mean it this time I don’t want to see you anymore Jaxon!”

“But you are the ideal female Sim, Danielle. The Sloane household is regarded as royalty on our planet due to your mother’s reputation. If I form an alliance with your household and we procreate it will bring forth unity between Jupiter and Earth. I believe we should continue our coital relations in order to achieve this goal…”


“What the hell is your problem Jaxon! I don’t want to have relations with you let alone procreate so get the GNOMES out of here now!”


Thankfully he left after that and I never saw him again. I don’t know if the worst part of it was the fact that I got intimate with an alien or that the whole of Jupiter has a detailed report on what I’m like in bed. Jaxon was a huge mistake! But it served me right for rushing into things with a guy I hardly knew. I guess being a romantic at heart, I’m just quick to fall in love with someone without really getting to know them. The next time will be different.