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Stephan and I have been dating for a while and I have never been happier. We saw each other every day whether it was for a couple of hours after work or the entire day on a weekend. Stephan loved the outdoors so we would often go to the park after work but we hardly spent any of that time picnicking or enjoying the scenery. Usually we would find a secluded area to cuddle and make out because we couldn’t keep our hands off each other.


The time finally came for Stephan to meet my family. I was a bit nervous because even though Dad was usually very laid back and nice to the guys I brought home but Mum was very protective. Mum had a way of asking numerous back-to-back questions to the guys pursuing me that would cause them to feel tense or uncomfortable.

“I’m going to flat out ask you a question young man and I want an honest answer. What are your intentions with my daughter?” She asked.


“Well…um…” he stuttered and I hoped he wouldn’t give her the wrong answer. As difficult as my mother was to please she had good instincts. If she didn’t approve of him, it would be very difficult for me to want to take our relationship to the next level.

“I intend to treat your daughter with the care and respect she deserves. I’m not dating her just to date her. Danielle is special to me and I want something long-lasting with her. I know we haven’t known each other for very long but she’s exactly what I’ve been looking for and I’m not going to do anything to jeopardise having her in my life.”

My heart started beating ten times faster after hearing that. I was so happy to know that he and I were on the same page when it came to our feelings.

“That’s a pretty good answer.” Dad said with a laugh. “Looks like you might have passed my wife’s test.”


“Yes he did. But I’m still watching you. Danielle is my only daughter so I want only the best for her.” Mum warned him but I could tell from her expression that Stephan already won her over.

“Don’t worry Mrs Sloane. I only want the best for her too.” Stephan added.


“Dude you just set yourself up with that statement!” Ethan joined in. “Dani will hold you to that, trust me!”

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

“She’s so hard to please. She gets crabby at the drop of a hat! She’s demanding… you’re gonna have your work cut out for you Stephan!”


“Oh shut up!” I said playfully but deep down I wanted to punch Ethan in the face. How dare he say something like that in front of my boyfriend?! Why was he trying to make me look bad? I had to keep my cool and laugh it off so Stephan wouldn’t think Ethan was right about me. Aside from Ethan’s rude interjection, Stephan seemed to be having a good time and I was really happy that he received my parents and brothers’ approval.

I went upstairs to change out of my work clothes and shower. When I came back downstairs Stephan found his way into the study and was sitting at the chess table playing alone. This guy could not have gotten any better. He was charming, handsome, fit and he knew how to play chess! I joined him for a game and of course, I won, but he played really well for a novice.


Later that evening after everyone retreated to their bedrooms I took Stephan to mine.

“I’m glad I finally got you alone. Your family is great but I’ve been looking forward to being completely alone with you my darling…”


Before he could finish I pulled him in for a kiss. I was just as excited to be alone with him as well.


I loved the way he kissed and I loved the way he held me in his arms. “I love you…” I whispered out loud.

“I love you too.”

Our clothes came off after that as we both enthusiastically rushed to the bed.


It was the most amazing night of my life. We were both naturally in tune with each other bodies like we were made for each other. Our love made it even more spectacular than it could’ve been had we not expressed our feelings before.


I was so happy, I felt like I was walking on air. Everyone could see a difference in me. Even the repeat criminals who I interrogated once before could tell that I was no longer ‘all bad-cop’ but now I had a little ‘good-cop’ in me. Being in love with someone is indescribable. You feel more than just happy or more than just what people say love is. Stephan made me feel special, like I was the only woman in the world to him. And of course, the woohoo was incredible! Now I understood why Mum and Dad never got bored of each other in all the years they were together. How can someone get bored of that kind of feeling?

One evening I had just gotten home from an unusually slow day at work to find that everyone was busy with some task or the other. Dad was outside watering the plants, Ethan and Felix were in their respective bedrooms and Mum was working out on the treadmill. On any given evening I could always depend on someone being available for me to hang out with until it was time for dinner. Since everyone else was busy I decided to go to my room. I started writing a new book but long stressful days left me with no enthusiasm or inspiration to write. I decided I would put some work into it since I had nothing else better to do.

When I walked into my bedroom though, I was completely surprised to see Stephan there especially since he said he would be out of town. I was even more surprised to see the pink roses and candles that filled the room.


“What’s going on?” I asked.

“Do you like it?”

“Of course, it’s beautiful!”


He took my hands into his and kissed them softly. “I never thought I was capable of loving someone as much as I love you my darling. I want you to know how happy and complete you make me feel. All my life I felt like I was alone…until I met you. You…you changed me Dani.”


I gasped when he got down on one knee. I knew what was coming and I felt an immediate burst of happiness. “Oh my watcher! Stephan…!”


“Danielle Sloane will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?”


I was stunned for a moment wondering if it was really happening or if it was all a dream that I would soon wake up from. “Yes. Yes I will.” I said with tears in my eyes as I slipped the diamond ring on my finger.


Stephan was so happy that he grabbed me into his arms, dipping me low as if we were in a dance and then kissed me so passionately that I felt it all the way down to my toes.


After the kiss he swept me up into his arms. “I can’t wait to marry you!” he exclaimed. “Let’s get married as soon as possible! What if we eloped?”

“We can’t do that. My family, especially my Mum, will be crushed if we get married without them. Don’t worry I think we can rustle up a small but elegant ceremony in a couple of days.”


“Whatever you want my darling, I just can’t wait to make you mine.” He carried me to bed as we both couldn’t wait to celebrate our engagement in our own way.


Unfortunately Mum didn’t know about our plans and she rushed into the room when she heard me giggling. She knew I would say yes to Stephan’s proposal so she wanted to congratulate us. But as soon as she walked into the room and saw what we were doing, she laughed uncomfortably and walked back out. “Oops I’m sorry. You kids carry on.”


I was so humiliated! Stephan thought it was funny but I felt mortified that my mother walked in on us while we were woohooing. Stephan didn’t have to try hard to convince me to continue in spite of the interruption, but Mum’s laughing on the other side of the door was hard to ignore. This was definitely a proposal story to remember!