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The day of our wedding arrived two days after our engagement. Stephan really wanted to get married right away so we had to get everything organised in a short time. Just like my grandparents, my parents and Aunt Adrienne, I decided to get married in the backyard of our family home. My parents and grandparents had long lasting and love-filled marriages and I wanted the same for us so following tradition seemed to make sense.


We got an arch decorated with pink and yellow flowers, rented wooden chairs for the ceremony and Dad made a tiered vanilla wedding cake. Mum helped me plan it since I didn’t have a clue of where to begin so of course it looked just the way she imagined it. I like pink flowers but I think she went a little overboard with how much pink was used in the ceremony. I would’ve much preferred a clean and neutral theme using more whites and greens but the aesthetics didn’t matter so long as I got to marry the man I loved.

Before the ceremony Mum and Dad came to my room after I was finished getting dressed. I wanted to use Mum’s wedding dress since we had so little time to go shopping for a brand new one. Because I was a lot thinner than Mum was back then I had to get it taken in. Unfortunately the dumb stylist I hired to do the alteration dyed the dress silver because she personally believed white was ‘too retro’. I was so mad I wanted to smack her for ruining my mother’s wedding dress but luckily Stephan was able to calm me down and make me realise the dress was still usable.


“You look gorgeous, sweetheart.” Dad said while giving me a hug.

“You really do. The colour is not so bad after all.” Mum added. “I think it suits you much better.”

“Thanks but I’m still upset about it.” I said.

“Don’t fret big cousin you look amazing.” Christopher joined in. I couldn’t believe how handsome and grown up my youngest cousin looked in his suit. “I think that woman did you a favour.”


Since no one else seemed to have a problem with the dress I decided to let it go. Still I made up my mind to do some digging into that stylists’ background. I was sure she would have some outstanding parking tickets or something I could use to get back at her.

“You sure cleaned up nice.” Ethan said as he came up to me. “You look like a shiny quarter in all that silver!” He laughed but I wasn’t amused. Even on my wedding day I could count on my brother being a pest.

“Ethan, be nice to your sister.” Dad warned with a smile.


“I’m just messing with you Dani.” Ethan said as he pulled me into a hug. “You do look beautiful. I’m happy for you, truly I am.”

“That means a lot to me.” It really did though. Ethan and I were always butting heads but at the end of the day I knew he would have my back.


Mum and Dad left to check on the arrangements downstairs just as Phoebe came in. I didn’t expect her to come to my wedding because I thought she would still be grieving. Aunt Adrienne passed away the morning after my proposal which made this time bittersweet for my mother since she had to grieve the loss of her sister and best friend as well as prepare to get her daughter married. Being a perfectionist, my mother knew how to put her emotions in check in order to accomplish what she wanted but Phoebe was different. She took the news really hard and when Mum went over to comfort her, she said Phoebe cried in bed all day yesterday and barely ate since the Grim Reaper came for Aunt Adrienne.

“How are you holding up? Did you have breakfast this morning? What did you eat?”

“Relax, relax. I’m much better now and I had cereal and orange juice this morning.”


“Just make sure you eat plenty of cake and dinner today and then I’ll relax.” She still appeared sad but at least she came out of the house. I sometimes thought about how I would deal with the loss of my parents hoping that time would be far from now.

The only thing on my mind that day was becoming Stephan’s wife. I joined him downstairs by the wedding arch. He looked dashing in his suit as I knew he would. “You look handsome.” I said to him.

“I can’t hold a candle to you, my darling.” He said as kissed my hands. “Are you ready?”


“I’ve been waiting my whole life for you. Of course I’m ready.”

We went with traditional vows since we had little time to write our own. “I, Danielle Sloane take you, Stephan Lin, to be my lawful husband for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, until death, do us part.” I slipped the ring on his finger and waited for his turn.


“I, Stephan Lin take you, Danielle Sloane, to be my lawful wife for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer, until death, do us part.”

After we exchange rings it was now official. We were husband and wife!


After we had our first kiss as a married couple I noticed that everyone was standing around instead of sitting on the chairs. I didn’t understand until Dad explained they had the chairs repainted that morning but they were still wet so no one could sit on it unless they wanted to ruin their clothes. If I knew that was the case I wouldn’t have wasted the effort and money getting chairs in the first place.

The cake tasted great. Dad really outdid himself and I was really impressed by how professional it looked and tasted. I really ought to learn how to cook now that I’m married. But then, Mum never did learn so maybe it wasn’t necessary.


I finally got to meet Stephan’s older sister Alisa. I wished I got to meet her before but something always came up. She was a lot older than I had expected although she did seem familiar somehow. I thought I must have seen her while I was on patrol or something. Stephan told me she wasn’t going to come because she would be out of town so it was quite a surprise when she showed up. I did notice he didn’t seem very happy to see her as they barely talked during the reception.


Wanting to get to know my sister-in-law I pulled her aside to have a chat. “Are you enjoying the ceremony?”

“Yes it’s really nice. You have a lovely home. I’m sure Stephan will love it here. He’s always wanted to live in a nice, big house…I mean… he’s always wanted to have a big family since it was just the two of us growing up.”

“You’re welcomed here any time. I mean, you are family now and I’d like for us to become friends.”


“Thank you, you’re very sweet.” She said.

“Stephan said you were going to be out of town. I’m glad you were able to make it.”

“I cancelled my plans.” Her expression suddenly changed. “Stephan should know better. I always put family first. He should learn to do the same… I mean, he is a married man now and soon you two will want to have kids so… don’t worry, he’ll take good care of you.”


There was something odd about what she said and it gave me a weird feeling. I wondered if Alisa and Stephan had a fight or something. She appeared very tense when talking about him and he seemed to be avoiding her.

Perhaps it was just their way with each other since he volunteered to drop her home when the party was winding down as he didn’t want her to have to take a cab. I could understand that since I also share a unique relationship with my brothers but still, something was off. Maybe I was being paranoid for no reason.

Mum and Dad were having a great time and Mum even had her first cocktail in years. With all of the intense training sessions to become an astronaut, and the surplus of calories in cocktails, Mum gave those things up years ago.


She certainly enjoyed herself that night. I think she may have had one too many. I noticed her sitting by the bar all by herself and smiling. I had never seen that kind of look on her face before. She looked happy but she also looked… I don’t know how to explain. I wanted to talk to her but by the time I got the chance she already left and went to bed saying she was tired. I hoped she wasn’t sick.


When night came the party ended and I expected Stephan to return home shortly since Alisa lived about a half hour away. I went to my bedroom as I was feeling a little exhausted deciding to take a short nap before Stephan came back.


When he finally came through the door it was past midnight! I got off the bed intent on getting to the bottom of where he had been for so long but then he pulled me into an embrace and I felt my anger towards him subside.


“I’m sorry I’m so late. Alisa and I were talking. We had a fight over the phone before the wedding and I didn’t want to leave her without squashing it.”

“You could have called Stephan.”

“I know, I know. I didn’t realise it was so late.”

“What was the fight about?”

“Oh… just… petty stuff. She was complaining about the wedding being short notice and I got pissed by her attitude and it turned into a fight. We both overreacted but we are fine now.”

“It’s good you two settled your differences but if I didn’t oversleep just now I would’ve been up worried sick about you!”

He sighed. “Don’t be mad my darling. It’s our wedding night after all and it’s still very early.” He said flirtatiously, gently caressing my hands in his. I loved it when he did that. Who knew hands could be an erogenous zone?


As much as I wanted to be mad, I couldn’t be. He had an inexplicable hold on me that worried me but also comforted me at the same time. But I loved him and I believed I could trust him no matter what.


“I’m not mad but don’t let it happen again or next time I might have to put out an APB on you.”

“I promise you Detective Sloane, it won’t happen again.”

“It’s Mrs Sloane to you.”

We wasted no more time talking as we began kissing and removing our clothes piece by piece. Our wedding night was even more special and amazing than all the other times probably because now we were officially committed to each other in the eyes of the law and the Watcher. I loved Stephan more than anything and I was excited to begin our lives together.