Hey everyone! I would like to thank all of you for your continued support and investment into the story of the Sloane family.

When I started this blog it was just for fun, a way for me to share my gameplay and the stories I made up to go with it. The fact that people actually enjoy and look forward to my work is amazing to me and I’m very grateful for every view, every comment and every like.

So with that said, I’m launching a new website called Eddie’s Sims World. It will be my own little corner to feature Sims related content. On this site I will be posting Sims Challenges that I’ll be pursuing such as The Rosebud Challenge which I’ve already started. In the future I’ll also do a Wonder Child Challenge, 100 Baby Challenge, Black Widow Challenge and any others I learn about (I’m open to suggestions). In the near future I will also post short stories featuring my own original Sims as well as my own versions of pre-existing Sims.

Don’t worry, I’m not giving up on the Sloanes. I will be continuing their story here until the challenge is complete at Generation 10. I promise to keep regularly posting new chapters as I always have.

So if you guys are interested then please click on the link above and follow to join me on this new adventure.