Now is the time to vote for the heiress that will carry on the Sloane legacy. The other characters won’t be forgotten but their stories will be told from the perspective of the heiress (unless the heiress dies a premature death or something unfortunate like that).

I use the random trait generator for Sims born into the household. After a baby is born I roll for all traits at once therefore I already know what their traits will be at each stage in their lives which is helpful in shaping their stories.

Gemma Sloane

Vote Gemma

Traits: Evil, Snob, Quick Learner (Bonus Trait), Neat (Young Adult Trait)

Aspiration: Renaissance Sim

Gemma has a taste for the finer things in life but she is willing to work hard for it. Her beloved grandfather and father were the only two people who truly loved her as far as she is concerned and now she feels like she has to look out for her own interests. One of her goals is to be skilled and well-rounded. The other goal is to be feared respected by all around her. She has always felt that life has been unfair to her and learned from an early age that nice girls never get what they want. She knows she must use her intellect, grace and cunning to achieve her goals. So what if she makes a few enemies along the way? That will only make the adventure more fun.

Helena “Leni” Sloane

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Traits: Creative, Romantic, Muser (Bonus Trait), Insane (Young Adult Trait)

Aspiration: Musical Genius

Helena’s innate creativity has always pushed her into the world of arts. Music is her passion and her dream is to become the best musician-songwriter of her time. Her other passion is finding her one true love and spending the rest of her life with him. She thinks she already found him in her high school sweetheart but will their love last? Then there’s the threat of a mental illness that looms over her promising future. In spite of her determination to take control of her life, she is concerned that her issues may become too overwhelming for her to handle.

I must say that I love both of these girls and I’m so glad I’m leaving the decision up to you guys because I don’t think I can choose. They’re both so interesting and complex and I can’t wait to tell either one of their stories!