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We were nearing the end of our trip to Windenburg. The twins’ grounding began with immediate effect so that meant they were confined to their hotel room. They lost their privileges which allowed them to go to cafes and stores on their own and they had to be left behind whenever Zachary and I went to parks and other places around the town with Johanna. They weren’t even allowed to partake in any of the hotel’s activities or the spa as we didn’t want them to have any kind of enjoyment while they were grounded at the hotel. They already had enough fun that night they sneaked out and went to a dance club.

Since it was one of our last nights here in Windenburg, Zachary and I decided we would let them join us for dinner at a nice rustic restaurant within walking distance of the hotel as a two-hour reprieve from their punishment.


The girls were grateful we allowed them to get some fresh air and I actually liked that we were able to have dinner as a family for the first time in a few days. We would be returning home in two days and I wanted to enjoy my last few days in Windenburg as much as I could. That was why I told Zachary that I wanted to have some alone time and he agreed that I needed time to myself since I barely had that since returning home from prison. He suggested I go shopping.

But I had something else in mind. Something else that would be more enjoyable for me.


Like getting revenge!

Oh, I was sure she thought I forgot about her but I hadn’t. There was no way I was going to let her get away with what she did to me! I sat in prison for nine years and missed a hell of a lot with my girls because of her!



I could see her through the window cradling her baby in her arms! I guess that mushroom poisoning didn’t leave her infertile like I thought it would. And wouldn’t you know, a baby girl no less! This baby girl would have been the one to inherit the legacy if I didn’t take care of things to prevent Leni from stealing away my daughters’ rights. She looked so happy too but she had no idea that I was about to destroy the happiness and comfort she enjoyed.

Right before our trip to Windenburg, I hired a private investigator to track Leni down. He finally got back to me in an email I received this morning. As fate had it, Leni was living in the town that I just so happened to be visiting. She and Ayden married in a private ceremony right after my sentencing and moved away from Oasis Springs. None of the people who would know where they were wanted to tell me, including my cousin Jackson and Ayden’s sister and my former best friend Anastasia so I had to resort to finding her on my own. They first lived in Sunset Valley, Bridgeport and Isla Paradiso before finally settling down here. They came to Windenburg seeking out a fertility specialist to help them conceive. After a few rounds of IVF, last year it all paid off when Leni became pregnant with their daughter. They named her Kirsten.

It would seem Leni finally had everything she wanted. She and Ayden were happily married, successful songwriters, living in a countryside European home, and were parents to a healthy child they were told they would never have.

How dare she? How can she have it all after what she did to me?!

I knocked on the door a few times before she finally answered. I figured she recognized me through the stained glass of the door because when she stepped outside she glared at me, not in surprise but in anger.

“I see they let you out early.” She growled. “You probably cheated your way into getting paroled.”


I remained silent as I felt myself getting angrier with each passing moment that she stood in front of me.

“What are you doing here, Gemma?” She asked in frustration. “What do you want? If you’re here because you want me to apologize then you can forget it because that’s not gonna happen so you can just get off my property before I call the police!”

“Apologize? No.” I growled at her. “I’m not here for that. I’m here for revenge Helena and I’m not leaving until I get it!”


I jumped her. It wasn’t part of my original plan but I couldn’t stop myself. I became so furious the moment I saw her and when she started talking all smug like she wanted to intimidate me I just lost it!




She fought back hard and even got a few swings in but in the end, I beat her. I could have finished her off right then and there but I wanted to make her suffer so while she was trying to pick herself up from off the floor I ran inside and went straight into the bedroom where little Kirsten laid in her bassinet. My niece was a cute baby. Ayden and Leni are an attractive pair so I expected no less. She cooed in my arms like she recognized me as a family member.


Leni came into the room and quickly snatched the baby out of my arms and placed her back in the bassinet. I stepped back watching her pathetic attempt at a protective mother. “Don’t you dare touch my child, you witch!” She screamed. “I mean it Gemma, get the plum out of here before I call the police and send your butt back in prison!”


 “You’re not going to send me anywhere. In fact, I’m going to be sending you somewhere from which you can’t return. Better say goodbye to your precious baby girl Leni because I’m not leaving this house until your body is lying cold on the ground!”

She reached into her pocket to take out her cell phone but I swiftly slapped it out of her hands making it smash into pieces when it hit the wall.

“Oh no, none of that!”

“Why are you so evil?!” She screamed.

“I guess I was just born this way. It didn’t have to come to this, Leni. You could have just left me alone and go live your life with Ayden but no, you wanted to ruin my life on top of it. You always got everything your way so you couldn’t stand that I had a better life than you.”


“I always got everything?! Yeah, right!” She yelled. “Mum spent more time with you than me because she always had to pacify you when things didn’t go your way! You always got the nicest clothes, the best of everything because you demanded it and I had to be the reasonable and understanding one. There were so many boys in school interested in you because you were so pretty and popular but you wanted none of them because you were only interested in the one boy who had the hots for me! You poisoned me to weaken my chances at Mum choosing me over you! You made me sick, I could have died! You are responsible for all of my mental health issues. You did those things! YOU wronged ME! Not the other way around! I only served you what you had coming!”

“Oh please, stop pretending to be self-righteous. You did all of this so you can take control of the legacy! Once I was in prison you got right to trying to steal my daughters’ rights!”

“I was never going to take it from them. I only wanted to take it from you! You’re a selfish, evil witch who was undeserving of the title of heiress in the first place but your daughters are different from you. I wanted to take control until one of them came of age and then she would have inherited it. You don’t even realise how this thing works, do you? My daughter could only be a spare since your daughters were already in existence when I would have claimed the title of heiress. God forbid they all die, that’s the only way any daughter of mine would inherit anything. I would never steal my nieces’ rights. Cheating others is your MO, not mine!”


“Well, you bring up a good point there. If all my daughters die… which means I still can’t let you live. For all I know that might be your next plan of action now that you actually have a daughter of your own. And what a cute little baby she is…”

“Gemma, NO!” Her voice became shaky and I could see the fear in her eyes.


“Relax, I won’t harm her. Just you, and then I’ll wait until Ayden comes home and finish him off as well. Poor little Kirsten will become an orphan and then whose custody will she end up in? Mine.”

“That’s not possible. Anastasia and her husband will be Kirsten’s guardians if something happens to the both of us. It’s in our will so you can’t get my daughter.”

“It seems you don’t know how the legacy works either, do you?” I began. “See, Kirsten is a spare. Which means if she became orphaned, she would become of ward of the Sloane estate which is controlled by me!” I lied. Technically the estate was controlled by my daughter with Zachary as the executor. “That means, she gets to live with me and you can bet your bottom dollar that I will make her pay for her mother’s sins for as long as I am alive!”


“No, no you can’t! Please Gemma, no! You can’t do this!” She begged. Oh how I loved hearing her grovel. It gave me this warm feeling similar to how someone would feel on a sunny day.

Suddenly, I heard a deep but oh so familiar voice from across the room. “I don’t believe this!” He said. It was Zachary! What the plum was he doing here? He then walked over to me and stood in between Leni and me almost like he was trying to protect her from me.


“Zachary, I….” I stammered. Even Leni looked confused.

“Cut the crap! I heard everything. Everything!”

“I can explain…” I began to defend myself but he cut me off.

“We’re leaving now Gemma! You will leave Leni and her family alone and come with me now or I swear to The Watcher that I will call the police on you myself!”


He was serious. I could tell by the look in his eyes so I quietly followed him out the door. Before I left the room, I looked back at my sister for the last time. She seemed relieved but still alarmed. At least, my message was still delivered even though I couldn’t complete my mission. She would now live in fear of me which meant she was no longer a threat to my daughter’s inheritance.


Zachary practically stomped off her property with me chasing after him as I attempted to explain myself. He finally stopped and faced me, the anger in his eyes burned holes into mine.

“What the plum is wrong with you!” He yelled. “You’re a complete psychopath! Everything they said about you was true! You’re sadistic, psychotic, evil…!”


“Hang on, you’re overreacting.”

“Overreacting! Really?! You would have killed Leni and Ayden if I didn’t show up! You wanted to take their daughter and torture her out of revenge! And you were so smug to think that I would let you do that to an innocent child!”


“Don’t! Don’t even try to defend yourself, Gemma! You can’t fool me anymore. I heard everything!”

“Yes, but it was not the truth. I only wanted to scare Leni, that’s all. I was threatening her so she wouldn’t get any more ideas about attempting to steal the legacy from our girls.”


“I don’t believe you.”

“It’s the truth!” It was true. I did want to kill her but I was unprepared for such a task. I only learned of her living here this morning so I did not have enough time to formulate a good enough plan to permanently rid the world of her without getting caught myself so I had to settle for scaring her.

“I know you’re lying! All these years I wanted to believe you were the same woman I fell in love with and your only crime was making some bad decisions but now I know that you are a sociopath with no consideration for others! You can’t change. And I’m…I’m done, Gemma!”


I couldn’t control myself from laughing. Those words coming out of his mouth was hilarious to me. I mean, why would he say such a thing during a fight? “You shouldn’t say things you don’t mean.”

“I mean it. I want a divorce.”

He kept a straight face and it only made me laugh harder.


“Is this a joke to you?”

“It’s obviously a joke to you because you can’t seriously say you want to divorce me after you said the vows for better or worse. I don’t believe in divorce and you said you didn’t either.”

“That was before I realized I was married to a monster!”

“Monster or not, you’re not leaving me! End of story! Now I told you the truth, that I wasn’t going to actually kill Leni, so you can either believe me or not but I will not hear you talk about leaving me again!”


“I thought this trip would help us get our relationship back. And it did for a while. The last few days reaffirmed my love for you. I thought our marriage would get stronger from here on out. But now I realise that this trip was not supposed to fix us. It was supposed to show me the real you. I had blinders on for so long that I couldn’t see it and now I do. Whether or not you were going to kill Leni today is irrelevant. I heard the venom in your voice and I saw the pleasure you took in watching her get frightened. You thrive off of other people’s pain. I can’t love somebody like that. I can’t.”


“You better stop this nonsense right now Zachary!”

“Just shut up and accept that it is over between us! I don’t want to be with you anymore! We’re done!”

“We’re not done regardless of what you say! You are my husband and I am your wife and because of a misunderstanding you want to leave me? Well, tough luck because it’s not happening! It’s not happening!”


“Are you trying to scare me now?” He said plainly. “You can’t threaten me into loving you again. You’re a stranger to me now.”

The silence between us was palpable. We just stared at each other for what seemed like hours before he finally said, “We’re going back to the hotel to start packing. Our flight leaves in the morning. You will stay in Johanna’s room tonight. I don’t want you near me. And if you make a scene in front of the girls I swear to Watcher Gemma you would not like to see me lose control. We’ll make the arrangements once we return home.”



He walked off on me. He was not serious, he couldn’t be! Maybe he needed time to calm down so I’ll give him some space. This was just a fight. A silly fight. A misunderstanding.

He’ll come around. He has to!