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Now is the time to vote for the heiress that will carry on the Sloane legacy for Generation 5. The other characters won’t be forgotten but their stories will be told from the perspective of the heiress.

I use the random trait generator for Sims born into the household. After a baby is born I roll for all traits at once therefore I already know what their traits will be at each stage in their lives which is helpful in shaping their stories.

This is the first time I’ve had three potential heiresses to pick from so it will be interesting to see who gets the most votes.


Isabel Sloane

Isabel Sloane

Traits: Creative, Loves the Outdoors, Hilarious (Bonus Trait), Goofball (Adult trait)

Aspiration: Joke Star

Isabel has always been easy going and fun loving. A creative soul, Isabel loves expressing herself through various forms of art and loves to make other people happy. Even though she is technically the eldest, Isabel has always acted like the younger irresponsible sister constantly seeking a good time regardless of the consequences and often relies on her twin sister Ivy to be her voice of reason.

She will go on to become both a professional comedian and a DJ as both activities fit in with her desire to entertain and make others happy. Isabel tries not to take life too seriously which is a good thing and a bad thing because her cavalier attitude towards some things make her naive to those around her that may be up to no good.

Ivy Sloane

Ivy Sloane

Traits: Geek, Neat, Appraiser (Bonus Trait), Jealous (Adult Trait)

Aspiration: The Curator

Ivy has always felt like an outsider due to her love for geeky hobbies such as collecting and keeping up with the latest novel of the Game of Thorns series. Though she knows she will never be considered one of the cool kids, Ivy still enjoys her hobbies and chooses to focus more on school rather than becoming prom queen unlike her little sister Johanna or a party animal like her twin Isabel.

Ivy’s love for science and experimenting will see her become a scientist with dreams of inventing cool gadgets that will benefit humanity. In spite of her achievements, Ivy’s insecurities will hamper her both personally and professionally. Plagued by the feeling that she is not good enough and that other people have it better than her, it will be a hard road for her in gaining confidence to succeed in life and in her career.

Johanna Sloane

Johanna Sloane

Traits: Bookworm, Mean, Natural Leader (Bonus Trait), Snob (Adult Trait)

Aspiration: Leader Of The Pack

Even though Johanna is the youngest she’s always felt like the boss! If there’s one thing she loves more than reading a good book, it’s being in charge. Johanna has always been treated like a princess so she expects no less and anyone who dares to challenge her reign will be sorely defeated.

Johanna will grow up to embrace her family’s renowned status within their town by becoming a socialite. Climbing the social ladder will be her goal but will her desire for fame and power become her undoing or will she achieve everything she wants?