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Dad and Addie decided to get married the day after he proposed. They didn’t want to waste time planning a big wedding because they wanted to get it over with. I think Dad was concerned about his age as he kept saying how he didn’t want to wait too long because he didn’t know how much longer he would have. Addie was considerably younger than him so she had time but his days were numbered. It’s not something I like to think about but I can’t avoid the fact that one day he will no longer be with us so if wants to rush into getting married, I don’t have a problem with it. Besides, it seems like he and Addie have been dating for forever already so it’s not exactly a rush.

It’s not something I like to think about but I can’t avoid the fact that one day he will no longer be with us so if he wants to rush into getting married, I don’t have a problem with it. Besides, it seems like he and Addie have been dating for forever already so it’s not exactly a rush.

Izzy, Jo, Gabe and I stood at the bottom of the stairs dressed in our best formal outfits as we waited for Dad and Addie to finish getting ready when Gabe asked, “Is Addie going to be my Mommy now?”


“Uh…” I didn’t know how to even answer that question. “Well, she’ll be Dad’s wife and that will make her our step-mom.”

“Yeah, but do I still call her Addie or do I call her Mommy?”

“Maybe you should ask her what she’d want you to call her.”


“Um, okay.”

“Why are they taking so long?” Johanna complained. “It’s getting dark outside.”

“Relax, Jo.” Izzy said. “It’s they’re wedding day…or night…whatever. Let them take all the time they need. You know when it’s your turn you will take hours to get ready!”

“Yeah, but I have plans with Terrance tonight and I don’t want to be late.”


“Jo, it’s Dad’s wedding. Why did you make plans to go out with Terrance tonight?”

“I made my plans before I knew anything about a wedding. Not my fault Dad decided to tell us yesterday morning that he wanted to get married tonight. It’s too late to postpone my plans.”

“You stay with us, Jo.” Gabe added. “Terrance is a loser.”

“I totally agree with you there, kiddo.” I joked. Izzy laughed too but I could see Jo rolling her eyes and pouting. The general consensus was that no one liked Terrance anymore. I still don’t see why Jo was still wasting her time.


Finally, both the groom and the bride were ready to begin the ceremony. It was a family-only affair. Addie invited her siblings who lived in Willow Creek to attend but since it was so last minute, neither one of them was able to get time off from work. We decorated the backyard with an arch and some flowers to set a romantic scene and both Addie and Dad looked the best that I’ve ever seen them.



The smiles on their faces were priceless. Hearing them say the vows they wrote for each other was so romantic. I think we all had a moment where we wanted to cry like babies. None of us could stop grinning the entire time. I think we were all just so happy to see our beloved Dad marry the woman he loved so much. Even though Jo was initially anxious to leave, I knew she was glad she stayed to witness it.

We all thought Mum and Dad had a great love, but seeing him together with Addie over the years made us realise that what they had was nothing compared to what he has now with Addie.




After the ceremony and the cutting of the cake, Dad and Addie left right away to go on their honeymoon and it was also Gabriel’s bedtime so after I tucked him into bed I went back downstairs to help with the clean up when I found Izzy and Jo mixing cocktails.


They insisted I join in even though I was reluctant because of the major hangover I experienced the last time I had a cocktail.

Of course, when your stubborn sisters make up their mind to get you to drink with them, you kinda have no choice but to give in. Though I probably should have paced myself better.


“Didn’t you have somewhere to go?” Izzy asked Jo, and she responded with a loud sigh which I knew wasn’t a sign of something good.

“He sent me a text cancelling our date. He said something came up.”


“Yeah, and I’m sure it’s that leggy blonde chick I saw him with at the club last week.” Izzy responded bitterly.

“He’s really not that bad, guys. You just don’t understand him.”

“I don’t think there’s enough alcohol in this drink for me to believe that Terrance is just misunderstood.” Izzy groaned but the sarcasm in her voice was sharp.


“Agreed.” I joined in. “You think you’re playing games with him but he’s really playing a game with you, Jo. Stop letting him.”

“I know exactly what I’m doing. I even know what I’m going to do next as a punishment for him standing me up tonight. It’ll work like a charm.”

Izzy rolled her eyes and then turned to me, “I wanna say it’s the drink that has her talking such nonsense but nope, she really is that dumb, huh?”


I laughed in response but Jo just rolled her eyes. Izzy ended up leaving us after a while to go to bed because she had a meeting in the morning so Jo moved over to sit next to me. I could tell she wasn’t finished defending Terrance and needed someone to listen.

“Ivy…I love him, you know. I really do. I don’t want to give him up. Especially since he was my first and only. I know I’m not his only anymore but I don’t care. I don’t care if he hooks up with a dozen girls, as long as I get him in the end. If he wants to spend this time sowing his wild oats then that’s not a problem for me because I know that what we have is real and we will be together til the end.”


“Jo, what’s it like?”

“What’s what like?”

“Being in love? Making love? It must be amazing for you to be so latched onto Terrance.” In the back of my mind, I knew I had to be drunk already to even ask Johanna such a question. That time when Dad gave me and Izzy the woohoo talk was the most embarrassing moment of my life and I never wanted to have such a conversation again.


“Being in love is like…you think about him all the time even when you’re supposed to be concentrating on other things because you can’t help but have him pop up in your mind. And when you do think of him you smile because the thought of him puts you in a good mood. And when you’re around him, it’s like everything is right and normal in the world.”

Everything she was saying was reminding me of Cyrus. I always think about him and what he might be doing or if he’s okay. And he always puts me in a good mood even if I’m just reading a text message from him. Sometimes I just have to see him typing away at his desk and I feel so much better knowing that I at least got to see him that day. I’ve been fighting it for a while but I think I might really like Cyrus – like a lot!

“And the woohoo! I’ve never been with anyone other than Terrance but I would imagine hooking up with someone is not as great as when you’re in love with them. It’s like the icing on top of the cake! It makes it so much better!”

“Wow, I can’t wait to get to experience all of that.”


“We just need to get you a man first…or do you have one in mind already?”

I didn’t respond but I think she saw my cheeks flush and saw that as confirmation. “Ah, I see. Well, when you’re ready to pursue this for real, you know who to call for tips.” She laughed and I still didn’t say anything. Even though my inhibitions were lowered I still didn’t have the guts to admit how I felt about Cyrus to anyone.


“I like talking to you like this, Jo.”

“Yeah, we should do this more often. Sometimes you annoy me so much with your Pollyanna attitude but other times like this, you’re actually cool to talk to Vee.”

“I guess we need to mix some drinks next time as well huh?”


“Love you, sis.”

“Love you too!”


When I woke up the next morning I didn’t feel as bad as I thought I would. There was no feeling of nausea, just a slight headache that was cured with some aspirin. I guess the secret to not having a hangover following a night of drinking is to fill up on chicken saltimbocca and wedding cake before your first drink.

I even made it to the lab on time to catch Cyrus before his day became filled with whatever time-consuming and mundane tasks Sofia would assign to him.


“Hey Cyrus.”

“Oh hey Ivy, how was the wedding?”

“It was nice, intimate. We all had a good time.”

“That’s great. Hey, what are you doing later?”


“Nothing, why do you ask?”

“I was wondering if you’d like to go to that new arcade with me.”

“The one that just opened in Parched Prospect?”

“Yeah, that’s the one. I hear they have good reviews.”

“Just you and me?” I asked gingerly. I wasn’t sure if he was just asking me to hang out with him like buddies or if he was asking me out on a date. I’d never been asked out by a guy before so I had no clue how these conversations go.


“Yeah, you and me. None of my other friends are into gaming so you’re the only one I know that’d actually have a good time there.”

So it wasn’t a date. Just two buddies hanging out. Bummer!

He continued. “We’ll meet up after work, right?”


“Okay, see you later, then. Don’t forget to bring your A-game, Sloane!”

“Trust me, I won’t.” I giggled as I walked off.


I felt myself falling into a weird place where I liked my friend but I was unsure if the feeling was mutual. What if it wasn’t? What if he never thinks of me as anything other than some gamer-chick he likes to hang out with and talk to? Do I simply forget how I feel for the sake of our friendship?

So many questions and I have no answers to them except for one. The only way I would know if he likes me back is to tell him how I feel and brace myself for the consequences. Maybe I should really ask Jo for some tips.