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Doctor Bjorn asked for my help in updating our database with some of the hard copy research the lab had from years ago when manual filing systems were mostly used. I was hesitant to saddle myself with boring filing work but since he has been such a cool mentor to me I couldn’t say no to him. It was a good thing I decided to do it because I made a really cool discovery. I came across the schematics for a SimRay device! This is really awesome because the SimRay is based on the weapons used by Sixamian soldiers and it had the ability to bring objects to sub-zero temperatures. Basically, it could freeze people without killing them which made it an ideal, non-violent weapon that could be used by our very own military arms in the event of a war. Scientists here on Earth have been trying since the middle of the last century to replicate such device but none of them were successful.

With some further digging, I learned that Sofia Bjergsen herself attempted to create a SimRay device last year but was also unsuccessful. I then got it in my head that maybe I should attempt to create the device as well. The schematics were not sufficient by themselves so I knew I would to need to get a hold of research from the previous scientists who attempted making the device which was not hard since the other scientists’ notes were hand written and easily found within the filing cabinet I was currently working on but there was some more research in soft copy form that was in our database but I could not access it because it was password protected. It was Sofia’s research. After running my idea by Doctor Bjorn and receiving his blessing to go ahead with the project, I approached Sofia to ask her to release her research to me.

“You think YOU can make a SimRay device?” She responded with a condescending chuckle. “It’s more complicated than it looks, sweetie. Way more complicated than you can handle. You should just stick to momentum conservers and serums.”


If she were anyone else I would have told her off for insulting me but she was my superior and Doctor Bjorn’s daughter so I couldn’t be disrespectful and jeopardise my job so I decided to be patient and try to convince her. “I was going over the schematics and the some of the research from Doctor Foster and Doctor Spiegel and I think I can work around the issues they encountered.”

“A lot of the issues they encountered were due to the lack of technology available at the time for them to succeed in the experiment.”

“Exactly, the Invention Constructor can do half the work.”


“You are so naïve. You think I haven’t thought about all that stuff before? Sure, the Invention Constructor can do half the work IF you can figure out how to program the AI to create it.”

“That’s true…”

And you don’t have the crystals we need to create the device. You need rare crystals like Nitelite or Crandestine, which we no longer have in our supply. I used the last of them last year.”


“Oh.” I tried not to sound too defeated but Nitelite or Crandestine were two major materials for the invention and if we were all out of them then it seemed like there was no way for me to successfully create a SimRay.

“Listen, I tried my best at creating that SimRay but it’s just not possible right now. We’re just not technologically advanced enough for the invention. You’ll only be wasting your time.”

“Then there’s no harm in giving me access to your research since it’s just my time that will be wasted and not yours.”


“You think you’re this genius because you figured out the momentum conserver on your first day? Momentum conservers are child’s play. This is the big league. If you dedicate hours of lab work and money into something like this and it fails then you’ll not only waste time but you’ll set yourself up for embarrassment in the scientific community.”

“Why are you so convinced that I will fail?”

“One, you don’t have the basic materials. Two, you don’t have the experience.”


“And? There’s no harm in me researching it myself for when the materials do become available.”

She laughed heartily, “You know what, fine. Knock yourself out. I’ll release the research to you since you want it so badly.”

“Forget it.” If she was going to be so condescending then I refuse to accept any help from her. “I don’t need your research. You can keep it. I’ll do all the work on my own.” This whole conversation was a waste of time. I only wish I realised it before I let it go on for so long. For whatever reason, Sofia had it out for me. She was nothing but negative and discouraging, certainly not the best traits for someone who was supposed to be a mentor. Good thing she wasn’t mine but poor Cyrus had no other choice than to deal with her.


“I’m gonna do it without her,” I said to Cyrus after my conversation with Sofia.

“She didn’t agree to give you access?” he asked.

“She agreed after she insulted me but I don’t need it anymore. I have the old research and I’ll do my own. If this is a success there’s no way I want her name to be attached to it after everything she said to me.”


“Good. Forget her. You’re more brilliant than she is anyway.”

“You’re being sweet.”

“No, I mean it. Ivy, you are way better than the rest of us and I think that’s why Doctor Bjorn gives you so many opportunities. He sees a lot of potential in you so that’s why I’m confident you’ll succeed.”


“Thanks for believing in me.”

“It’s not exactly a hard task.” He smiled and I felt weak in the knees. Why was he looking at me like that? This is definitely not the way friends look at their other friends. What did it mean?

My heart raced when he pulled me in for a hug. Oh, he smelled so good!

“You need anything, I’m here.”


I spent the next few days conducting research on the SimRay. I felt a little bad about sticking Wolf to complete all of our daily tasks by himself but he didn’t seem to mind. Just like Cyrus and Doctor Bjorn he was very supportive of my new project and he even helped me with some of the calculations. Cyrus helped with some of the chemical analyses, when Sofia wasn’t looking, of course. The theory was coming together but there was still the issue of the missing key ingredients.


But then I had a major breakthrough! Crandestine is composed of two elements, Xenopetrium and Crytacoo, while Nitelite comprises Xenopetrium, Phozone and Volenton. Only one crystal is needed for a SimRay so it can be either Crandestine or Nitelite. Then I had the idea that maybe the reason why you can use either one is because of the Xenopetrium element that they both have in common. Blutonium is a metal that we have in a sufficient stock but it is not a crystal however it also contains Xenopetrium. What if I was to use Xenopetrium along with a crystal that contains Crytacoo and chemically combine them to create a substance that can substitute for Crandestine?

I have been collecting fossils, crystals and metals since I was a teenager so I knew the chemical makeup of all the ones I had collected. Fire Opal is a crystal that contains Crytacoo but it also contains Selium and Plathium and I was unsure of what reaction they might have with the Xenopetrium. The best option is Jonquilyst which comprises Crytacoo and Phozone and since I knew Phozone is one of the elements in Nitelite then I knew it would be the best fit.

The only problem with Jonquilyst is that it is rare but the good news was that I already knew where to find Jonquilyst and it was right in our backyard.


The desert surrounding the lab was a breeding ground for precious metals and crystals especially the ones that are supposed to be rare. One just had to be an experienced collector like myself to know where to look.


I had to dig through a couple of rocks and found a number of metals and crystals but none of them were Jonquilyst. The desert sun was hot and after a while, the heat made me dehydrated and sweaty. I felt so gross. I hate the feeling of getting dirt all over my clothes hence why I’m usually super careful in my digs but the breeze in this desert was not cooperating at all. I had so much sand in my lab coat I could make glass with it! I wanted to give up but I knew if I kept going, I would eventually find it.

And I did!

“Cyrus! I got it!” I squealed over the phone.


When I returned to the facility I overheard Sofia bad mouthing me to Mary, the receptionist. She was telling her how my theory was never going to work. She also said that the only reason why I got in was because of my family name. Pssht. Like she didn’t get this job because of her family connection! With her attitude, there was no way she would have gotten to where she is if her last name wasn’t Bjergsen!


I was angry but instead of doing something foolish like confronting her I decided to channel my rage into creating the SimRay. I had everything I needed, the Jonquilyst and the Blutonium. Let’s just hope it works!




“Did it work?” Wolf asked me as soon as I stepped out of the lab room. “Did you create the SimRay?”


“I don’t what do you think?” I grinned as I waved the device in my hand. I did it! I created the SimRay! I wanted to jump up and down and squeal but that would have been too juvenile so I contained my excitement.


“Whoa! Congrats Ivy! You realise what this means! When Doctor Bjergsen gets out of his meeting he’s surely gonna promote you!”

“Thanks. I couldn’t have done it without you and Cyrus helping me.”

“Don’t mention it. Hey, have you tested it out yet?”

“Not yet? You want to be my first test subject?”

He practically shuddered. “Uh, no, I’ll pass.”


“You sure?”

“Yes, Ivy, I’m sure.”

“I think it will be really cool of you to be the first human test subject.” I joked.


“Of course it will be cool because I will be cool if that thing works and I get frozen! Don’t point that thing at me, Ivy!” He yelled.

“Relax Wolf.” I assured him as I lowered the SimRay. “I’m not gonna use you….oh…uh-oh!”


I accidently pressed the discharge button which sent out a cool ray that soon engulfed Wolf and encased his whole body in ice!



“Ivy what the heck!”

“Sorry! I’m so sorry! I pressed the discharge button by mistake. I didn’t do it on purpose, I swear!”

“Just get me outta here!” He yelled. I tried not to laugh but he looked kinda funny all frozen like that.


As I looked around for an ice pick to get him out I saw Sofia coming over. Her jaw dropped when she took one look at Wolf. “Oh my Watcher! What happened to him?!”

“Don’t worry, he’ll be fine. I’ll get him out.” I assured her.

“So that means, you made the SimRay? A working SimRay?”


“Yes, I did.” I responded confidently.

“Congratulations.” She said bitterly before walking out of the room. I could have gloated some more. Thrown it in her face and bring up the fact that I succeeded where she failed but seeing that jealous and defeated look on her face was sufficient.

I eventually managed to chop off enough ice off of Wolf to where the rest of it just fell right off of him. Poor guy’s skin turned blue because of the coldness.


“I’m really very sorry Wolf!” I apologised again.

“Just make sure you don’t ever point that damn thing at me again, okay?”


“I promise. I’ll make you a cup of coffee or something to warm you up.”

Before I could head to the break room upstairs I saw Doctor Bjergsen rounding the corner. “Sloane!” He called out to me. “Is it true? Did you successfully create the SimRay?”

“I did.”

“And I see it works well.” He smiled as he watched Wolf.

“Works too well!” Wolf added.


“How did you do it?” Doctor Bjorn asked.

“I used Jonquilist and Blutonium as a substitute for Clandestine. I also fixed some of the equations with Wolfgang’s help and Cyrus helped with the chemical merger of the two materials and…”

“Sloane it’s good that you give others credit where it’s due and not just take all of the glory for yourself. This is quite the achievement. Anyone else would have been boasting about their skills and yet you don’t forget the others’ contributions. I’m glad you proved yourself worthy of the promotion I just recommended for you.”


 “What? A promotion?”

“Yes. That’s why I had that meeting with the President of Future Labs. When he hears about this I’m sure he’ll approve it by tomorrow!”

“Thanks, Doctor Bjersen!” I squealed. “Thank you, I really appreciate your faith in me!”


“Congrats Ivy!” I heard Wolf say from next to me. “You deserve it, but uh, don’t forget my hot coffee. I’m still freezing over here!”