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Not too long after my promotion Jo revealed some great news. She was pregnant! I didn’t know she and Terrance were even trying to have a baby. I remember her telling me how they weren’t planning on having kids until they were much older as they both wanted to travel and enjoy their youth. Time’s up for that, I guess. Still, she didn’t seem upset about it at all. Knowing Jo, she’s probably excited to have someone else around that she can dress up.


Speaking of dressing up, everyone from my sisters to Cyrus’ mother and sister was bugging us to set a date for the wedding. I was anxious to marry Cyrus but I had been so busy with work now that I was in charge of the lab that I didn’t think I’d have time to plan a big wedding. I always imagined I’d have something small like the one Dad and Addie had in our backyard. Everyone just dressed up, they said their vows and then we had a family dinner. The idea sounded great to me. I also suggested Cyrus and I could go somewhere romantic, like Windenburg, and elope. None of those ideas went over well with the family so we caved and set a date and began planning for the big party. We still needed to figure out the logistics of whether to have the wedding in Oasis Springs or in Willow Creek where his family is from but first I needed to make a decision on the so-called most important detail.

I had to pick out a wedding dress.

Since shopping was never an activity I enjoyed, I asked Johanna and Isabel to come with me. By the time we got around to it, Johanna was already in her second trimester. It was hard not to laugh at her. She looked like she swallowed a beach ball! But she had this glow about her and she never looked happier. It was a good look on my generally grumpy baby sister.


We went inside and while Jo and Izzy got comfortable I began trying on a few dresses. Though none of the options the sales clerk suggested was my style, I felt really pretty strutting around in those puffy gowns. Seeing my reflection in the mirror wearing a white dress made me picture what it would be like to walk down the aisle and see Cyrus waiting for me at the end. My excitement level went through the roof but I tried not to freak out and look like a complete dork.


“What do you think? Jo asked.

“I can see why you liked it,” I laughed. “It looks just like your wedding dress only white.”

“It looks pretty on you, though,” Izzy said.

“Yeah it does. You know, I wasn’t planning on wearing a white dress. I was thinking of something yellow since it’s my favourite colour. A light yellow.”

“Yellow? Please Ivy. If anyone deserves to wear white on her wedding day, it’s you!” Izzy chuckled.


“Oh, definitely!” Johanna joined in. “My dress was lavender not only because it’s my favourite colour. I didn’t want to wear white and pretend to be this virginal bride when I was far from it.”

“Oh, I get what you mean now.” And I was a little embarrassed. Could she say that any louder? I don’t think the people on the other side of the store heard her say I was still a virgin.

“Relax, we’re just joking with you,” Izzy said. “People don’t believe in those traditions anymore. These days you can wear whatever colour you want to your wedding and no one will care.”

“Well, I think I’ll go with white anyway. I like how it looks. But I have to say no to this dress. It doesn’t feel like me.”


There was something else I wanted to ask them, something I wanted to ask a while now but I was too shy to bring it up before. “Um…I have a question…well, my wedding night will be my first time with Cyrus and…I’m a little nervous about it. Any tips?”

“The only tip I can give you is to brace yourself for the pain,” Izzy said with a stern look on her face.


“Yeah, a lot of it and it feels like someone is sawing you in half and ripping you apart! It takes a few tries before you get used to it and start to enjoy it but you never get over all the blood!”


Oh. My. Watcher!

“Blood? Seriously?”

Isabel was hysterical when she realised I believed her. I hate my twin!

“No, she’s being an ass!” Jo laughed. “Stop being mean to her, Izzy. She’s looking for some sisterly advice. Don’t make it a big deal Vee. If you relax and let nature take its course, it’ll be great.”

Isabel just kept laughing at me so I rolled my eyes at her. I was surprised by Jo though. Usually, she’d be the one teasing me while Izzy would be supportive and helpful. I guess pregnancy has temporarily changed Jo’s personality.

She was even more helpful in helping me pick out more dresses while Izzy ran off to take a call from Wolf. And honestly, I liked it a lot. Being twins, Izzy and I have always done things together but this time, it was nice to do something with my other sister for once.


Later that night I went to one of Cyrus’ gigs with his mother. He was performing at the Blue Velvet Lounge in Willow Creek which was not too far from their house and since he was scheduled to perform before midnight for once she decided to come to see him. She did not approve of his sudden career change and up until recently she was still trying to convince him to get a ‘real’ job so for her to come out to watch him perform at his gig was a big deal.


Cyrus had never sounded better and I’m not just saying that because he’s my fiancé. The party goers were rocking out to his mixes – all three of them! It was 8 o’clock on a Tuesday night so we had to expect a small crowd. Pretty soon he would build such a good reputation that he’d start getting gigs at peak hours on peak nights.


“He sounds really good, I think,” Abbie finally said to me. “I’m not fond of this kind of music but everyone seems to be enjoying it.”

“He really is.” I said. “You should be proud of him. Not many people go after the things that they really want.”

“I suppose.” She sighed. “I should be glad it’s not something dangerous, right? How much trouble can he get into as a club DJ?”

“The worst that can happen is having a rotten tomato thrown at him because he sucks and as we can see, he doesn’t.” I joked. She didn’t laugh but I could tell she found it amusing. Abbie and I generally get along well but since Cyrus quit his job I could sense a difference in the way she interacted with me. She was still nice but I think she was a little upset with me because I was the one encouraging him to be a DJ all along.


“Ivy, there’s something I want to talk to you about.”

“Sure, what’s up?”

“Even though I don’t want you two to live together before marriage I think you should start moving in your stuff as soon as possible. That way, after you and Cyrus get married you can just move right into our house without a hassle. I’ve already convinced Blair to give up her room so you and Cyrus can take hers since it’s bigger.”

Me moving into their house? I guess Cyrus didn’t talk to her about the living arrangements.

“Actually Abbie, Cyrus is going to be moving in with me. You probably don’t know but my family is a part of a legacy and I’m the heiress. Legally, if I’m to retain the title as heiress I have to live on the property which means I can’t move into your house, Cyrus will have to move into mine.”


“Oh, I see.”

She looked disappointed and I felt really bad. Ugh, why didn’t Cyrus tell her anything? I hate being the bearer of bad news especially when I got no warning beforehand.

“I was looking forward to welcoming you as my daughter-in-law into our home since it’s been a tradition in our family for generations that the eldest son lives in our house with his wife and children. But I suppose your family traditions take precedence over ours.”

Ouch. I could easily feel the bite in her tone. “I’m sorry Abbie…”

“No, don’t be. Our traditions aren’t legally binding like yours. We never registered as a legacy. We just had a desire to keep the family together but I guess there comes a time for all things to end. Cyrus is my only son and if he moves out then our tradition is over but at least I get a new daughter-in-law from a legacy family!”


Oh boy! She sounded pissed. “Abbie…”

“Hey!” Some girl interrupted. “This guy is awesome, isn’t he?”

“Yeah, he is.” I smiled.

“And he’s so hot too! I wonder if he has a girl.”


“He does. I’m his girlfriend.”

She pouted. “Bummer! You’re lucky girl.”

“Thanks,” I responded. Externally I was normal but internally her comments got on my nerves.


Abbie and I never got to finish that conversation because she had to leave right after. Maybe Cyrus could placate her for the both of us. I can understand where she was coming from. She was close to both of her kids so obviously she would not be happy to see them move away from her. I know I wasn’t too thrilled when Jo moved out after she married Terrance.

After Cyrus’ set was finished he had to talk to the owner of the bar so I went ahead to the bar to order drinks. When I thought Cyrus was taking too long to join me I went to look for him. I figured he was still talking to the manager but when I found him he was not talking to the manager. He was talking to some random girl!


I didn’t know who she was and I didn’t care. Why the hell was he talking to her when he knew I was waiting for him?!

The worst part was that they were sitting by the table he had reserved for me and his Mom. The table that was supposed to be ours now that his Mom went home but instead he was sharing it with her!

He didn’t even notice when I came back because he was so busy chatting her up about Watcher knows what! I mean, sure she’s prettier than me but still. I’m his fiancée! No other woman should occupy his attention so much that he doesn’t even notice me!


Eventually, what’s her name went back to the dance floor and then I saw him looking around for me. The smile on his face when he found me was enough to make me calm down and realise how stupid I was for thinking he’d have eyes for anyone other than me.

Cyrus loved me with all of his heart. We were getting married soon. There’s no way he’d ever put some girl before me. He was just chatting with a fan, that’s all. I was just paranoid for no reason.

Still, I had to send a message to little miss what’s her face.