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As our wedding day was approaching I realised that there was something big that I needed to do before Cyrus and I married. I never thought about telling him this before but I think I need to. He needed to hear the truth from us before he inevitably finds out on his own.

I needed to tell him about Gabriel.

Cyrus and Gabriel always got along well. There were times when Cyrus would come over to the house early just so he could hang out with Gabriel for a while before I came home from work. I liked that they were so close. Gabriel is a huge part of my life. I’ve always looked after him which is why I had to tell Cyrus the truth about his origins before we got married. As much as I love Cyrus, I couldn’t possibly be with someone who couldn’t accept my baby brother for who he is.


However, I knew I couldn’t just tell Cyrus without Gabe’s consent. This might be our family secret but it was a matter of Gabe’s life and identity which meant it was his right to decide who knew and who didn’t.

“Are you sure we need to tell him anything at all?” He asked me. He was apprehensive about the idea and I couldn’t blame him. The only person outside of our immediate family to know about his alien status was Addie.

“Yes, we have to tell him.”

“But…we never had to tell Terrance when Jo married him. He still doesn’t even know.”


“Terrance was never going to live with us. He and Jo live in their own house and they never stop by unannounced but Cyrus is going to be living here which means if we don’t tell him then the chances of him finding out on his own will be big and it won’t be right to shock him like that. Plus if we don’t tell him you won’t be able to walk around without your disguise on anymore and I know that will make you uncomfortable.”

“But what if he freaks out or something? What if he can’t accept me?”

“Then you can use that memory erase ability of yours.”


“Ivy, that means I’ll have to wipe his entire memory of me which means it’ll wipe his memory of you too.”

That was a very real possibility. I could very well lose Cyrus over this. I prayed with all of my heart that it wouldn’t come down to that. “Let me worry about that.”

After some more pushing, he finally agreed to allow me to tell Cyrus.

I was so nervous. As much as I prepared myself for any outcome I still felt sick with worry.

“Are you okay?” He asked after nearly ten minutes of silence passed from when I told him we needed to talk. “Are you having cold feet?”


“What? No! Not at all.”

“I didn’t really think so but you have me a little worried. Bad news?”

“I guess it depends on your perspective once you find out.”

“Then spit it out. Whatever it is, I’m sure it’s not a big deal.”

I inhaled deeply before beginning. “My family and I have a secret. It’s not something we tell people because, well, we might end up in a lot of trouble if it came out.”

He sat up straighter, obviously sensing the seriousness of what I was about to tell him.


“Remember when I told you Gabriel was adopted? Well, that’s not true. My Dad had him. We just said he was adopted so we could cover up the truth.”

“Ok so…your Dad had an affair or something?”

“No. He had him, as in gave birth to him.”

“What? Wait a minute….you mean he was…”

“Yeah, my Dad was abducted and impregnated by aliens and that’s how Gabe was born.”

“But that’s illegal Ivy. No one gets randomly abducted anymore because of the treaty that happened years ago between Earth and Sixam. Why would the aliens do something like that?”


“I don’t know. But Dad never reported the abduction because he wanted Gabriel to have a normal upbringing just like the rest of us. If the government found out, they might have taken Gabriel away or sent him back and none of us wanted that. Well, my Mum did at first but eventually she changed her mind, I think.”

“Wow, that’s incredible. So you mean Gabe is…an alien? He looks so…I don’t know…normal. I wouldn’t have even suspected it.”

“He had a disguise that’s why he appears to look human. It’s one of his powers. So…you’re not freaked out or anything?”

“Not at all, I just wish you told me sooner but I can understand why you didn’t. Did you guys think I would freak out?”


“We weren’t sure how you’d react. We never really told anyone before. Dad told Addie and she never acted like it bothered her. Terrance doesn’t even know. Basically, the less people that know the truth about Gabriel the better, because we can’t risk this coming out.”

“I get it. Your family secret is safe with me.”


“Of course. I mean I still have more questions but your family will be my family soon so I guess now it’s also my secret too and I’m okay with it.”

“You’re amazing!” I leaned in and kissed him with such love and also such relief. He just reaffirmed all the more why he was the love of my life.


“Knock, knock,” Gabe said as he peeked his head into the room. The look on his face alone told me that he was eavesdropping the whole time. I guess he wanted to hear Cyrus’ initial reaction himself.

“Hey man, come on in.” Cyrus said to him.

There was an awkward silence for a few minutes until Cyrus finally said, “So, you mind showing me what you really look like? No pressure or anything. I just never saw an alien before. You don’t…you don’t mind me calling you that, do you?”


“Nah it’s okay. I’m not offended by the term ‘alien’.” Gabe responded and then within the blink of an eye he changed from his human disguise to his true one.

I saw Cyrus’ eyes light up in fascination as he took the sight in.

“Whoa dude, you are…very purple!” Cyrus grinned. “I guess I thought you’d be blue or green.”

“Apparently I’m from a rare breed of Sixamians who are purple. So…this doesn’t bother you at all?”


“Not at all buddy. You’re still the same kid to me.”

I know it meant a lot to Gabriel and it also meant a lot to me to hear Cyrus say those words. It felt so good to have  the truth all out in the open. I was worried that I might have to choose between Cyrus and Gabe and now I’m glad that because Cyrus is such a good man I don’t have to.


Later that evening Cyrus and I were hanging out in my bedroom when I saw him getting his stuff together so he could go home. Today was so wonderful! I felt like we had gotten closer since telling him our secret. I also felt something else.

“Don’t go. Stay with me tonight.”

“I wish I could but you know I can’t stay.”


“Why not?”

“Because…Mom is expecting me back home in an hour.”

“Then call her and tell her you’re spending the night.”

“That won’t go over well with her and you know it.”

I groaned in frustration. “What I know is that I love you and you love me and we’re going to be married soon, Cyrus. So what if your mother is upset about you sleeping away from home for one night? She’s gonna have to get used to it when we get married and you move in here.”


“I get what you’re saying Ivy but it’s not just about her. I don’t…if I stay with you tonight…I might end up crossing the line.”

“Then cross it!” I said firmly.

He laughed. “You’re cute when you’re bossy!”

“I mean it, Cy!” I was serious now, so serious in fact that I started taking my clothes off.

“What are you doing?” He said though I could tell he wasn’t against what I was doing.


“What do you think?”

“You look amazing!”

“You really think so?”

“Girl, have you seen yourself? You’re making me want to do things that I shouldn’t!”


“Why shouldn’t you do them? Cy, I love you and I want you. I don’t want to wait anymore and I know that’s not what you want anymore either. I can tell by the way you kiss me that kissing is not enough like it used to be.”

“Ivy…I…It’s difficult, yes, but we’re getting married soon…”

“Exactly! So why are waiting anymore? Aren’t you tired of waiting? Don’t you want me?”


He studied me for a minute before pulling me into a hot kiss, giving me his answer.