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Cyrus is just as in love with Kaleb as I am. Sometimes we fight over who gets to feed him or who gets to change his diaper as if we’re kids and he’s our new favourite toy. Cyrus is totally a big kid when it comes to his son. He’s always making silly faces to get him to laugh. It’s a very adorable sight.


He was disappointed that he couldn’t be there for his birth so I think he feels like he has to make up for it. He’s been especially affectionate towards me as well which I don’t mind at all. It’s nice to be pampered and doted on for once. Being home on maternity leave was like the honeymoon we never had. Pregnancy made travelling for a honeymoon difficult so we never got to go anywhere. I didn’t mind that too much. I liked relaxing at home with him and our baby.


Kaleb’s birth brought out a change in Abbie because she actually apologised to me for the way she had been behaving and for the things that she said. We’re still not best friends or anything but at least she’s being nice to me again. I honestly think she only tried to reconcile with me because she thought if she didn’t I wouldn’t allow her to see her grandson but I would never be so vindictive regardless of how mean she was to me. She was, after all, his only living grandparent and I would never try to keep Kaleb away from her.


She also offered to babysit him for us during the day after my maternity leave was over and I had to go back to work. Cyrus was still working late night gigs which meant he would come home late and we needed someone to look after Kaleb in the morning time while he was catching up on sleep. I wanted to hire a nanny but Abbie just volunteered for the job. I was hesitant at first but then I realised she was trying to make amends so I let her do it and so far it seems like it was a good decision.

I know Cyrus is more at ease knowing a relative is taking care of our son instead of some stranger.


It certainly made me feel better about going back out to work. I like being a mom but I don’t think I can be a stay at home mom like Abbie was. I like my career. I like having something else that I’m passionate about. Plus, now that I was the boss I couldn’t let all my hard work go to waste. After all, I had a rocket ship and a voyage to Sixam to complete.

Good thing I had Wolf helping me out.


We were finally making some progress on the rocket ship and I knew it would be completed very soon. Wolf worked hard on the project but I noticed a change in him. He was moodier than usual. More reserved. He hardly laughed at any of my jokes and he always had some excuse to skip lunch with me. I don’t know why he was behaving so strangely around me but I think I knew why.

He and Izzy haven’t been doing so well lately. They try to keep it down but I can hear them fighting from inside her room. I never asked either one of them because I wanted to leave them some privacy but I was curious as to what was going wrong in their relationship. They were so in love in the beginning that they couldn’t keep their hands off of each other and now they barely kiss when he comes over.


It’s probably just a rough patch. I hope they can work things out soon. They both deserve to be happy.

Speaking of being happy, Cyrus and I are doing really well even though we barely see each other due to our hectic schedules. I work during the day and he works at night. Sometimes I’ll get home early enough for us to talk and have dinner together before its time for him to go to one of his gigs. It’s a little frustrating to me because even though we live in the same house we see each other about as often as we did before marriage. It’s kinda like we’re still dating.

Still I’m happy for the weekends when we do get to spend more quality time with each other and with Kaleb. On a Friday night I would go to whichever gig he had that night. Even though partying really isn’t my thing I go to support him and also because I try to take advantage of what little time we have together even if he is working.


I mostly just stand in a corner and eat some chips or something until his set is over. I’m usually so tired from work that I lack the energy to get up and dance for every song. At least the rest of the crowd is enjoying themselves so I don’t think he even notices me.

He was winding down since I knew his routine by heart and he was on the second to last song. I decided to take a bathroom break before he finished so we can then have our uninterrupted alone time. The good thing about the Solar Flare Lounge was that they had a pretty good dinner menu. He and I could enjoy a late dinner and drinks before we head on home. When I returned from the ladies’ room I saw the other performer on the stage and looked around for Cyrus. When I found him, I wasn’t pleased.


He was sitting by a table chatting up some brunette in a slutty outfit. As I moved closer to get a better look I recognised her as that floozy from the night club in Willow Creek. The one that was flirting with him!

Why was he sitting with her? Did he just forget all about me? His wife!


They were sitting there and smiling and chatting like they were on a date or something. But this was our date! His gig was over and now he was supposed to be spending time with me so why the hell was he sitting there with her? Why was she even here? Is she some kind of groupie who follows him around to all of his gigs? Oh watcher! Does that mean she goes to all of his gigs even when I’m not there!

He still didn’t notice me. Five minutes passed and he still didn’t look around or bother to text me to find out where I was so I decided to go sit at the table behind them. Surely, he would see me since I would be in his line of sight.


He didn’t. Instead, he just carried on talking to her.

“You were really amazing tonight!” She practically purred! Of course, she has to have an accent on top of her exotic looks. She kinda sounds European, maybe Italian or Portuguese.

“Thanks, Jade. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have gotten this gig in the first place.”

She got him this gig! Why didn’t he tell me that?

“De nada. You know I am a big fan. I believe someone as talented as you should be given the oportunidade to show off that talent which is why I am going to recommend you to my partners in Windenburg. We are opening a new night club there and we need a house DJ and I think you would be perfeito!”


“Seriously? You would do that for me?”

“Sim! Mas é claro!”

“I don’t know what that means but thank you. It’s a really great opportunity! In fact this is quite a big deal! Windenburg has the world’s best club scene. If I got a job as a house DJ at one of their clubs, it would put me on the map!”

He was really considering this! She was offering him a job all the way in Windenburg and he was actually considering it! Like, he was excited and everything!


“You would be doing me a favour, Cyrus. Say yes, this is boa oportunidade!”

“It is! Definitely! Thank you so much, Jade. I really appreciate you doing this for me and all but…”

“Oh, so you’re just gonna say yes and forget that you have a wife and son to think about?! Really Cyrus!”

I was so mad! He was gonna say yes to her. It was bad enough that he was talking to this woman for so long and completely forgetting about me but now he was gonna move all the way to Windenburg and leave me and Kaleb behind so he can work for her!


He finally looked in my direction after my extremely loud outburst. Everyone nearby turned to stare at me including this Jade woman.

“Ivy…what the…listen to me….”

“Don’t even try, I heard everything!”

“Just calm down…”


I couldn’t calm down. In fact, I couldn’t stand to be there anymore. I walked away hoping to get out of there as fast as I could to get some fresh air but before I could reach the stairs Cyrus grabbed my arm and stopped me in my tracks.

“What the gnomes, Ivy?!” he yelled. He was upset?

“I can’t believe you, Cyrus. You would go all the way across the world for a job without even discussing it with me! How could you do this? Is there something going on between you and her?”

“Of course not! And I’m not going anywhere! That’s what I was gonna tell her before you rudely interrupted and embarrassed me!”



“Yeah that’s right. It was an amazing offer but I can’t possibly go to Windenburg and leave you and our son behind. Do you really think I would do something like that? Am I that selfish to you?!”

I was quiet. I couldn’t possibly say anything after realising how wrong I was. Once again, I jumped to the wrong conclusion. You’d think I’d learn by now.  “I…I’m sorry.”

He calmed down, taking a deep breath before gently pulling me to sit down with him. “Ivy, what’s going on in that head of yours girl?”

“I…I guess I just lost it a little when I saw you talking to that woman. It’s like she’s always hanging around you. I got a little jealous.”


“Jade is a club promoter and an entrepreneur. She owns this place, that’s how I got this gig. She’s a fan of my work and she’s only trying to help me out. It’s just business, nothing personal. Why do you always get so worked up when you see me talking to other women?”

“I don’t do that.”

“Yes, you do. Every time you come to one of my gigs you practically growl at me for talking to another woman. She could be asking me where the bathroom is and you behave like she’s asking me for my number.”


I sighed. “I don’t know. I guess I’m just a little insecure. You always go out at night and there’s always attractive women throwing themselves at you and you can pretty much have anyone you want…”

“So can you. You underestimate how beautiful you are. When I worked at the lab, all I’d hear from the other guys was how hot they thought you were.”

“No way!” I laughed. He couldn’t be serious. None of those guys ever showed any interest in me. Not that I had eyes for anyone other than Cyrus.

“It’s the truth.” He stood up pulling me with him and then caressed my cheek. “But I’m not worried every single time you go to work because I trust you and you need to trust me. I don’t want anyone other than you and I need you to believe that I will never do anything that will hurt our family.”


I almost melted in his arms in that moment. I have such an amazing man as my husband. Maybe that’s why I worry so much. A part of me is afraid of losing him to someone better than me. He keeps assuring me that that will never happen but it’s a fear I can’t shake, even though I try really hard.

“I trust you.”

He smiled and pulled me into a passionate kiss. I really do trust him. It’s them I don’t trust. I guess I really need to work on that.


The only bright side to having a fight with Cyrus was making up. When we make up, we make up real good!


Now as a result of the makeup woohoo that early morning, I became pregnant again!