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My idea was to develop a satellite powerful enough to send a signal all the way to Sixam. No such satellite currently existed so this would be my own invention from scratch which meant I definitely had my work cut out for me. I planned to use the satellite to open a line of communication with the Sixamians in an attempt to resolve whatever dispute they had with our family. I spent so many nights working late at the lab researching as this was a huge project and a lot of work had to go into it. The downside was that I ended up returning home so late that I barely had the chance to tuck my kids into bed on most nights.

Cyrus started complaining about how I was not spending enough time with our family. He did have a point but I had to figure out this device out fast. I managed to convince the board members to allow me some time to resolve the issue with the Sixams myself after months of begging and brown-nosing which was no easy task for me. They made it clear that if I didn’t convince the Sixamians to allow me to travel to their planet that I would be fired. My career was on the line but so was my family life. My kids needed to see me and spend time with me. I didn’t want to be missing from their childhood the way my mother was absent from mine and I was not about to let my mother-in-law be right. I had to find a balance.


We had an unfinished basement that was put in during one of the last times our house was renovated. I think my mother was the one who put it in though I’m not sure why she would have wanted a basement. My mother was never sentimental so she didn’t believe in extra storage. If we had something we weren’t using or didn’t need any more she would simply toss it out. Perhaps she wanted to have extra space just in case we needed more room for an extra bedroom or another study. Whatever the reason, this was perfect! With some paint and tiling, I could so turn this basement into my lab. I wouldn’t be able to fit an invention constructor in here but I have so many other things that I could use in my research. That way, I wouldn’t have to work overtime at the lab on this project. I could come home early enough to spend time with the kids and once they go to bed then I could finish my work.


It was a genius idea! It’s true when they say necessity is the mother of invention. I don’t usually think too much about the fact that my family is wealthy or that I have control over all of the wealth but this was one time I was glad that I had access to so much dough. Building a lab at home costs a lot but thankfully I could easily afford it, one of the perks of being an heiress to a legacy.

Speaking of the  heiress to the legacy, my little one was all grown up now.


Lyra is such a beautiful and creative child much like her brother. She takes after Cyrus in her love for music as she begged us to let her take piano and violin lessons as soon as she enrolled in elementary school.

Now that she was a child, she went to the same school as Kaleb and her cousin Patrick. It’s nice seeing the three of them together. I always wanted to have children close in age to my sisters’ kids so they could grow up together the way we did.


Jo and I jokingly tell Isabel that she better get a start on the baby making process so there won’t be too big of an age gap between her children and ours. She would always respond with a ‘wait till I get a ring first’. Well, she got the ring!


She and Tanner got engaged shortly after Lyra’s birthday. It was about time she decided to take the plunge. She and Wolf were together for so long and I don’t think marriage was something she even considered doing when she was with him. That’s how I know she really loves Tanner. I see how happy he makes her, I see how well he treats her, I see that nurturing and tender part of her that comes out when she’s around him and all of that makes me confident that they were made for each other.


Still, it’s difficult giving my sister away. I guess I wanted her to find happiness in a relationship so badly that I never considered how the dynamics of our relationship would change…or the geography. Now that she’s a married woman, she’ll be moving in with her husband. She will be leaving our home.

Leaving me.


From the very start in our mother’s uterus, we’ve always lived together our entire lives and now we’ll be living apart and I don’t like that at all. I held it together during the wedding. I couldn’t let her know how I was feeling. This was a happy day for her and Tanner and I didn’t want to ruin it for them with selfish concerns.

But she figured me out. She always did.

“I’m only going to be in the next neighbourhood. It’ll only be a two-minute drive away.”


“I know that.” I said sheepishly.

She sighed. “Come here, Vee. I’ll miss you too. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

She was right. She was only going to be living just two minutes away. We would still see each other often. We would still be in each other’s lives. She will never stop being my twin sister so that means we will always be connected whether or not we live in the same house, the same town, or the same planet.


A few days after Isabel and Tanner’s wedding, the construction on my basement lab was finally complete.


I decided to move a lot of my stuff like my posters and collectibles down there since my bedroom was beginning to get a little too crowded. Now I had more space to display them properly. I really liked this lab a lot. It became sort of like my own little space to get away from everyone when I needed to concentrate. Like my very own woman-cave.


Working on this satellite was hard at times and I spent many sleepless nights down in the lab working on it. I survived off of short naps and lots of coffee and then dragged myself to work every day to try to put my research into a prototype.

I hit many roadblocks. Eventually, I would figure out where I was going wrong but it was frustrating once I realised how much time I spent heading down the wrong path and then having to start over again.

I wanted to give up so many times. There were times when I seriously considered quitting. But I couldn’t do that to Gabe. I couldn’t let him down so I had to stick with it. I was determined to invent this satellite and get it working even if it killed me.


Thankfully I didn’t have to die.