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Gabriel made the decision all on his own.

I tried to talk him out of it. There had to be another way.

He didn’t listen to me.

He was going to go with them. He agreed to go to his native planet because he didn’t want to be responsible for a war. As much as it pained me to accept his decision I did because it was so mature of him to put his desires aside for the greater good of everyone. I gained so much respect for him. I don’t think I was half as mature as he is when I was his age.


I invented a wormhole generator at work using the schematics Ptorzah sent to me after giving my consent for Gabriel to leave. The wormhole generator can teleport anyone who enters across the galaxy to the planet of Sixam. When she handed me the plans for this device I knew that she wanted me to build it so it can be Gabriel’s discreet gateway to their planet. At least this way, we could say goodbye to him first before he left to go be with them.

“I’m really gonna miss you. Gabe, I…” I choked up. I promised myself I wouldn’t cry but knowing that he was leaving me for good was more difficult than I imagined it would be.

“Don’t worry about me Vee. I’ll be fine.”


That wasn’t my concern. Of course I knew he would be fine. He was going to his home planet. It was a dream of his since he was little. But what about the rest of us? Izzy and Jo left after his birthday dinner that night because they couldn’t bear to watch him leave. Cyrus and I had to lie to Kaleb and Lyra by telling him that Gabe was only going on a trip and even that made them cry and beg him not to go.

Gabe was so important to us all. I think I managed to keep it together even though in that moment I was falling apart.

I slipped on a space suit before I began probing the wormhole generator. I was going to accompany Gabriel to Sixam to be there when the members of the High Council came to welcome him on the other side. They wanted him to come alone but I was not about to let him travel there by himself so whether they liked it or not, I was going.


I started calibrating the device as he and Cyrus said their goodbyes. They became so close over the years that they were like best friends. Cyrus was supportive of Gabriel’s decision but I knew he was upset that he was leaving us and was trying hard not to show it.

According to the reading on the calibrator, the portals were linked which meant the device was ready to transport us to the other side. I took a deep breath as I fought back the urge to cry again.

This was it.

But before I could say anything I got another reading from the calibrator. There was a transmission taking place which meant someone was coming through from the other side.


It was only a few seconds before the person stepped through.

It was Ptorzah.


“Greetings Ivy Sloane,” She said.

“Ptorzah? What are you doing here?” I asked. “We were now about to enter to come to your planet.”

“I am aware of that but the council has reconsidered that decision.” She then turned to Gabriel and smiled warmly. “You must be Gabriel. I am Ptorzah, a member of the High Council of Sixam, your home planet.”

“Nice to meet you,” Gabe said, “But…you said the council reconsidered the decision. What do you mean by that? Does that mean I get to stay?”


“No. We do expect you to return to your planet of origin but we have decided not to let you return at this time. We will give you one Earth week to spend with your Earth family.”

“Really?” Gabe beamed. “Thank you…uh…this is really awesome to get to finally meet someone like me.”

“If that is the case then you should remove your human disguise. It is unnecessary to wear it around fellow Sixamians.”


“You’re right.” Gabe promptly changed from his human disguise to his natural form.

I’d never seen my brother happier than he was at that moment. To finally get to meet another Sixamian was a big deal for him. No wonder he made this decision. He didn’t mind moving to another planet if he could have a sense of belonging there.


“You are very handsome, Gabriel Chin.” Ptorzah complimented him. “You will indeed have attractive offspring with Reyna.”

“Reyna, she…she is the one I am to marry?” He asked.


“I don’t understand.” I finally said. “Not that I don’t appreciate you allowing us to have more time together but you made it seem urgent that he travels to Sixam as soon as he becomes a young adult.”

“The reason why we have reconsidered is because Reyna wishes to meet her future life mate and his human family. Zizark’s daughter is as strong-willed as her mother. She managed to convince the council to allow her to come to Earth. She shall be here shortly.”


When I learned Gabriel would be marrying Zizark’s daughter, I was a little concerned. Zizark wasn’t friendly towards me at all when we first met and that hadn’t changed since then. I hoped her daughter wasn’t as grumpy as her. I only wanted my brother to be happy. If he was gonna be forced to marry someone, I’d want her to be the best possible candidate for a life partner. I honestly pitied the man who was forced to marry Zizark!

Suddenly there was a humming sound and then finally a young, slender woman walked through the portal.


She took a deep breath, probably adjusting herself to our environment before finally speaking. “Greetings! I am Reyna.” She then looked Gabriel and said, “You must be Gabriel Chin.”

“I am.” He blushed. “Uh…it’s just Gabriel or Gabe. You don’t have to say my whole name. Um, you are….wow!”

I’d never seen my brother act shy before. He was always so outgoing, so confident when meeting new people. Based on their stares and smiles it was apparent that they already liked each other. Talk about love at first sight!



Reyna would be spending a week with us before she and Gabriel were expected to return to Sixam together. I was grateful to not only have more time with Gabriel but to have the opportunity to get to know my future sister-in-law.


They didn’t have anything in common due to the fact that they were raised on different planets and yet they seemed to fit so well together. I still didn’t like the idea of an arranged marriage. You would think a planet as scientifically advanced as Sixam would not practice something so outdated. Well, I guess it’s just outdated here on earth. These days, people date and fall in love before they decide to get married. As I learned from Reyna, marriages on Sixam are customarily arranged and it’s rarely a problem for the parties involved. An individual’s partner is chosen by their parents and if the couple did not have ‘grizumpt’ which I think translates to romantic chemistry in our world, then the alliance will be called off and then another alliance will be formed.


I see now why she insisted on meeting Gabriel. The alliance would have been called off had they not hit it off so well and then he would have to be living on the planet while they found him another potential bride. I wanted him to stay with us but since he had to go, I wouldn’t want him to go there and be alone so thank the Watcher he and Reyna already make such a good pair.