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Since that night, Cyrus and I have been doing a lot better. We talk more, we’re more affectionate and we even joke around more. It feels like it used to when we were just dating. I mean, we did go from being engaged to expecting a baby to then getting married so we never got to have a honeymoon period because we had to prepare ourselves for parenthood. And then life and my career got in the way. Thankfully we’re over that rough patch. We’re still not 100 percent better but we’re working on it and that’s what counts.


“Now if you’re gonna continue to kiss me like that,” Cyrus said as he pulled away from our kiss, “then you should at least lock the door before one of the kids come in and catches us. I don’t know about you, but I’m not ready to give them the woohoo talk as yet.”

“Well, we’re gonna have to get ready for that talk because they’re gonna be asking questions soon enough.”


“Nah, we still have some time until Kaleb becomes a teenager and a long way to go before its Lyra’s turn. If I have it my way, she won’t be interested in boys until she’s a mature adult!”

“No, you don’t understand. They’re gonna start asking questions soon. Like really soon, as in some time over the course of the next three trimesters…”

“Wait…you mean…?”

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure they’re gonna wanna know where the new baby is gonna come from.”


“Seriously? You’re pregnant?!”

“Uh-huh!” I watched him literally jump up and down at the news. I knew how much he wanted to have another baby and even though we didn’t plan it I couldn’t be more thrilled. I was already having baby fever since Isabel had her twins and now I was going to have another baby of my own.

“You mean that night…?”


“Yeah I think so. Don’t you think it’s weird that all of our children were conceived after a big fight? We sure seem to hit the target with makeup woohoo!” I joked.

“Technically, Kaleb wasn’t conceived after a fight. He was conceived before one but I get what you mean. Fighting gives us babies. I guess if we decide to never have another big fight then we won’t have another baby after this one?”

“Well, if I have to give up the chance at having another baby to stay happy with you then that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.”

“Agreed. I love you so much.”


“I love you too.”

We decided not to wait to tell the children the good news. They were both excited to have a younger sibling and I think this new baby is bringing all of us closer already since Lyra and Kaleb want to be around me more just so they could be around the baby growing inside of me.

Lyra fully recovered from her illness within a couple of days. The doctor told us that the Starry Eyes virus usually remains in the system for at least six months which can make the patient feel weakness and fatigue for months after the initial symptoms disappear. But that wasn’t the case with Lyra. It was as if she wasn’t even sick at all as she was back to normal playing with her dolls and practising music.


Not only was she taking piano lessons but she just started taking violin lessons as well. Just like her father, she loves music and she even told me how she wants to become a big pop star when she grows up.

I keep thinking about that. About what I’ll do when she and Kaleb and even the new baby grow up. Kaleb’s birthday is right around the corner and I feel like I missed out on so much of their childhood already. Is it so wrong that I want them to remain children forever?


They’re just so innocent at this age. Everything new is so wonderful and amazing to them, even the smallest things that we adults take for granted.

Once I entered my second trimester my back started to hurt a lot. I guess it’s because I was younger during my last two pregnancies and I wasn’t exactly fit and flexible when I found out I was pregnant this time. Kaleb saw me in discomfort so he did the sweetest thing ever.


“Here Mom, this is for you. It’s a gift!”

“Your helicopter? Why are you giving me your helicopter?”

“Because it’s my favourite toy and I like playing with it.”

“I still don’t get why you want to give it away if it’s your favourite.”

“Because you’re not having fun carrying around the baby but if you play with the helicopter you’ll have a lot of fun. I always have fun playing with it. You give it a try.”


Best. Son. Ever!

If only he could remain this sweet and considerate forever. Soon he’ll be a teenager. A moody teenager who might end up telling me he hates me for some silly reason. Moody teenage years were bound to come and I wasn’t ready for it and it seemed like the anxiety over it just increased as my pregnancy progressed.

I guess I’m just being a hormonal head case.

Some days I would be fine and other days it was hard for me to lighten up. I would be so grumpy I couldn’t even laugh at the jokes I would generally find funny.


Thankfully everyone is being a good sport. Even Lyra and Kaleb have been on their best behaviour. I thank Cyrus for that. Once again, he’s holding down the fort for me. I feel a little bad that I’m not able to help out much after promising him I would but he always tells me I’m being silly for feeling that way because I’m pregnant and I shouldn’t be expected to do a lot of heavy lifting at this time.

He’s even recruited the kids to help tend to me when I get home from work. Kaleb likes to give me ‘tummy massages’ which always make me feel better.


And then finally, after what seemed like 3 years of pregnancy, I went into labour. The pain was terrible! I mean I know I’m older now but Isabel had Nathaniel and Aden while she was a mature adult too and her labour pains weren’t nearly as bad as mine.

I just couldn’t wait for it to be over, for the excruciating and exhausting pain to be replaced by an adorable bundle of joy.

I’m sure Cyrus was probably counting his lucky stars that this would be the last time either one of us would have to go through this. It must not have been easy for him to watch me go through that. I didn’t help matters by complaining the entire way to the hospital either.

Poor guy.


As soon as we walked through the hospital doors and the doctor took one look at me she rushed me to the delivery room for an emergency C-section.

She assured me that everything would be fine now that they were going to do the surgery to get the baby out safely but I was still nervous.

I didn’t want anything bad to happen to my baby.


The baby was under distress and even though the doctor assured me everything will be fine I was still a nervous wreck.

I didn’t care about myself.

Anything could happen to me so long as he or she was fine.


And she was!

My little baby girl was perfectly fine!


After the doctor gave us both a clean bill of health, Cyrus and I had to give a name for her birth certificate. We tossed up a lot of different baby names during the pregnancy but there was one girl name that we both loved and thought was perfect.


Maia in Roman mythology was the goddess of spring and growth. This was a name fitting for our new daughter as she was conceived following a dark time in our relationship where we both decided to start anew. She is the embodiment of our choice to stay together and to grow into better people for each other so that our family stays together. Our little Maia has brought us so much happiness already and just like her older sister, she’s already a Daddy’s girl.