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Maia is now a walking, talking child.

It was like I blinked and then there she was, no longer a baby.


She even developed a penchant for cleaning just like me. I thank goodness for that since her other two siblings can be messy at times just like their father so I’m grateful to have someone else around who understands my disdain for dirt, puddles and crumbs.

She’s been such a good little helper when it comes to that. I never have to make her do her chores because she willingly does them without a complaint. The only problem that I have is that she enjoys cleaning so much that she will take on Kaleb and Lyra’s chores as well. I can’t let them take advantage of her like that. The reason why they have chores is so they can learn responsibility just like my Dad did with us. But she’s so eager to please that she kinda reminds me of myself when I was her age.


Kaleb also celebrated his birthday and became a teenager. My little boy is all grown up now.


But even though he’s now a teenager, he still loves playing with his little sisters. The three of them are always out on that old gymnasium playing some kind of game where the girls are pirates and Kaleb is the big mean sea monster.

It’s really cute seeing all of them playing like that.


I love spending quality time with my family. My children are all so funny and smart and I can’t get enough of them.

We even started a tradition where we have family dinners every Friday. I’m not much of a cook and neither is Cyrus so we opt for going to a restaurant on those nights.

The kids love going to this retro themed diner downtown. The food is great and it’s not too fancy for their young palates although Maia is always the one brave enough to try the daily specials which would usually be some new dish the chef would try out. I think she might grow up to be quite the foodie one day since she looks forward to these family dinners the most simply because she gets to try a new dish.


And even though I’ve been making an effort to spend more time with my children, I know I can’t forget about my husband. I can’t allow those problems we had before creep up again. Making sure that we get quality time is one way to ensure that we stay happy as a couple which was why we decided to take a trip together, just the two of us.

Originally, Cyrus and I talked about going to San Myshuno and making it a family trip but when we learned that the GeekCon festival was coming up, we scratched that plan and decided to turn it into the honeymoon we never had.


It was a weekend long trip so we made the most of it. GeekCon was on the Sunday so we decided to fill the rest of our time there by checking out some of the sights, one of them being the opera. I had no interest in seeing an opera but Cyrus being the music lover that he is wanted to so we did it. I was so bored I could barely keep my eyes open and I can’t even begin to tell you what it was about but he loved every minute of it.

The following morning we went around town visiting some of the landmarks and museums and we even decided to try some food from the food stalls we had been hearing so much about. There was one in the Fashion district that sold Chinese dishes so I bought the eggrolls while Cyrus decided to try the sweet and sour pork with rice. My egg rolls were yummy and well-seasoned but I think Cyrus’ dish was too spicy and within a half hour of eating it he had to make a bee-line to the public restrooms.


Then we ended up in a karaoke bar and in spite of my initial reluctance, I joined him in a duet.

I sounded terrible! I really tried my best but I felt bad for the other people who were forced to listen to my wretched squalls. Even though Cyrus wasn’t a singer he still had more musical talent in his pinkie finger than I had in my entire body.


But in spite of how awful I was, Cyrus still wanted to sing another duet with me. He was so sweet. I could tell by the looks on the other patrons faces that they wanted me off the stage but Cyrus kept me close and made sure I didn’t go anywhere.


That night we went to a lounge and it was way better than anything Oasis Springs had to offer. The view from that place was stunning! The drinks weren’t much to talk about but at least the company was great.

“This has been a lot of fun.” He said as he took my hand in his.


“The fun’s not over yet. GeekCon tomorrow!” I squealed excitedly.

“That’s true.”

“But before that, I also have something else planned that would be icing on top of this great day.”

“What’s that?”

“When we get back to the hotel room I’ll show you.” I winked seductively knowing that was enough for him to get the point.


The next day was GeekCon. Cyrus and I got there early to avoid meeting a rush and as soon as we entered we ran into Llama-Woman! I had to stop myself from totally freaking out. I mean I knew it wasn’t the real Llama-Woman. The ‘real’ Llama woman is a fictional character in comic books and animated movies and this person was just another fan like me in cosplay, but still, I had a fan girl moment while my husband stood in the back laughing at me.


He was always a Night-Patch man anyway.

One of the best parts was being able to use the Motion Gaming Rig to play 3D Blicblock! Cyrus and I competed against each other and he was real close to beating my score this time, but of course, I still won.


I tried not to rub it in his face. I’ve learned over the years that the key to a happy marriage between two video-game-loving geeks is to keep the smack-talking and high-score-boasting to a minimum.

Once we were finished he took my hand and led me behind the observatory they had set up next to the gaming area.

“What are we doing behind here?” I asked. “Won’t we get in trouble?”

“Relax. I’ve been observing the ushers as they make their rounds and none of them come in the back here.”


He had a mischievous smirk on his face.

“What are you up to, Escamilla?”

“I just want some alone time with the wifey.” He winked.

“Alone time, huh? Didn’t get enough of me last night?”


“Isn’t this our honeymoon? Besides you should know by now that I never get enough of you girl!”

I giggled like a school girl. This man! How is it that he can still make me feel butterflies in my stomach even after all this time?

“Okay, but we have to be quiet and quick,” I said as I opened the door of the observatory. “I don’t want us to get caught.”

Cyrus chuckled. “You know I can’t be quick and you’re the loud one, not me!”


Thankfully the music was playing so loudly that no one could hear us. It felt so dangerous doing something like that even though there were so many people nearby. It was kinda exhilarating and honestly, the best we’d ever had.


We both had a lot of fun on this trip so we were a little sad when it was over but at the same time, we could not wait to be back with our kids. I missed them a lot even though we were only gone for a weekend.

At least one of the perks of having kids that were growing up so fast was that we were able to continue the honeymooning even after we returned home.