Now is the time to vote for the heiress that will carry on the Sloane legacy for Generation 6. The other characters won’t be forgotten but their stories will be told from the perspective of the heiress.

I use the random trait generator for Sims born into the household. After a baby is born I roll for all traits at once therefore I already know what their traits will be at each stage in their lives which is helpful in shaping their stories.


Lyra Sloane


Traits: Music Lover, Self-Assured, Alluring (Aspiration Trait), Materialistic (YA trait)

Aspiration: Serial Romantic

Lyra is a passionate person who wears her heart on her sleeve and is not afraid to go after the things she wants. Good thing she is such a naturally gifted musician because she certainly marches to the beat of her own drum, not caring at all about what other people think of her strides.

Though she’s well on her way to developing a reputation of being a heart-breaker, Lyra is not callous or cold. She simply wants to live life to the fullest and accomplish all of her goals without being tied down too soon. After all, she knows she has to kiss a few frogs before she can find her prince charming so why not enjoy the ride while she’s at it?

Maia Sloane


Traits: Neat, Creative, Essence of Flavour (Bonus Trait), Outgoing (YA trait)

Aspiration: Master Chef

Nothing gets Maia going more than the smell of clean kitchen containing organic fruits and vegetables aside some freshly sliced gourmet cheeses. Just give her a few ingredients and she will get those creative juices flowing to produce a spectacular meal worthy of five stars.

Cooking gives Maia a sense of control as she knows what ingredients will produce a particular flavour that she wants to achieve. Other things, such as dating and boys, are more complicated which is why she chooses to focus on the thing she’s great at. Perhaps one day Maia will be able to find a balance between maintaining an active social life and her dedication to achieving her dream of being an executive chef and restaurateur.