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My husband and I are like two of the oldest kids you can find when it comes to video games. Now that we’re older and I’m working less hours than before we get to spend more time together and what else is better for two old geeks to do than to spend the day playing video games on the latest gaming console?

Back in my day we didn’t have those kinds of devices. We were limited to computer games and mobile gaming apps so we both felt like we had to make up for the lost time by enjoying it as much as possible until we broke it and then had to buy a new one – which happened about twice now! None of our kids like video games that much so it’s just the two of us mostly but it’s the one thing that only Cyrus and I do together which is nice.


He finally found a game he could beat me in with Party Frenzy. I keep trying to beat his score but I never get anywhere close to his. That’s probably why he always wants to play that game more than the others. Sometimes I wonder if he might be cheating. At least he doesn’t gloat about winning.

And while we were so busy playing video games our son’s birthday came up. Maia made him his favourite which was a delicious blue confetti cake.


My first born was now a grown man – a grown man who decided that he wanted to move away from home. I understood his need for independence and thought he was going to find a nice bungalow over in Skyward Palms or a lakeside condo near the commercial district but then I learned he wanted to move to a whole other town! He received an internship for the San Myshuno Daily which meant he would have to move there!

“San Myshuno? Kaleb, that’s so far away!” I squirmed inwardly at the thought of him being a 90 minute flight away from us.


“I know Mom but it’s a really great opportunity. I’ll be able to choose whatever topics I want to write on. I mean, I can’t get another internship that will allow me to do that.”

“I understand but…can’t you at least try working for the OS Tribune? You know, your grandfather used to work there as an investigative reporter and he was very influential. I’m sure I could contact someone there who wouldn’t mind giving a chance to the grandson of Zachary Chin.”

“Nah, the OS Tribune is stuck in the stone age. They don’t even have a social media page. They still think people read newspapers or something. I can’t settle for a non-progressive company just to stay close to home. Plus, I wanna make a name for myself. I don’t want people to think my success is due to the fact that I’m Zachary Chin’s grandson or a Sloane. That’s why I wanna move.”


I sighed. How could I even argue with that?  I of all people knew what it was like to be living in someone else’s shadow, wanting people to recognise you for your own merits. I fought really hard to make a good name for myself, to be so successful just because I didn’t want people to summarise me as simply Gemma Sloane’s daughter.

“Okay…but you do realise you’re gonna have to text me at least once a day, right? Just to let me know you’re alive, and you have to call every Sunday and be home for every holiday…”

He chuckled. “That’s a lot Mom. How about just the phone call once a week and that’s it?”

“How about you do as I say and I’ll fully furnish your new apartment and pay the deposit and the rent for a year?”


At least I got my way with that one since there was no way my smart son would turn down such an offer.

He and I then made some calls to find real estate agents in San Myshuno who could find him his ideal apartment.

We found an apartment in the Fashion District on Chic Street. Kaleb didn’t want the rent to be too high to where he couldn’t afford it after the first year was up and it was a steal of a deal for an apartment with such stunning views of the city from the kitchen/living area as well as the bedroom. I thought it was a bit small and cramped but Kaleb doesn’t mind that. He’s always been a bit of a loner so I doubt he’d do much entertaining to require a bigger space anyway.

2325Lyra’s already singing that ‘Will you buy me my own apartment too?’ song already. What’s so great about San Myshuno anyway? I love Oasis Springs. I never once considered moving away. I need to start getting used to this whole letting go thing.

Right after moving in Kaleb to his new apartment, I was sent on my final trip to Sixam. I was really looking forward to this trip not because it was my last but because it would be my last chance to meet with Gabriel. It had been such a long time since I had seen him. I was able to communicate with him through messages via the satellite relatively often but I was never able to see him face to face during any of my trips to Sixam because he and Reyna were always in some top secret mission somewhere that I didn’t have the clearance to know about.

It was frustrating not knowing about my brother’s whereabouts and I was beginning to wonder if Ptorzah, Zizark and the others were lying to me about Gabe in an attempt to keep me away from him. I was about to confront Ptorzah about my suspicions soon after my arrival on the planet when I was saw Gabe walking towards me and my heart leapt.


I practically bawled as I watched him approach me looking just as he used to only a little older. You never realise how much you’ve missed someone until you finally see them again face to face.


“Oh my Watcher Gabe! I missed you so much!” I squeezed him as tight as the spacesuit I was wearing would allow me. “How have you been? Where’s Reyna? What’s this mission you were always on about?” I asked all of my questions in rapid fire as I held onto him with a vice grip.


He just laughed. “I missed you too Vee!”

We chatted for a while and then he told me about the top secret mission. Jupiter and Sixam had been in a war with each other for decades but now they were at peace. The peace treaty was finalised and apparently Reyna was integral in this process serving as an advocate for their planet. This was why they were gone most of the time and why I couldn’t be told about it. I guess the Sixamians don’t have as much trust in Earthlings as they used to since my mother did what she did and hence why they have remained cautious around me. He also shared something else.

The Sixamians knew I was about to retire and would not be able to make another trip to Sixam. They did not want to risk having another Sloane that could not be trusted on their planet and informed Gabe about it so he came up with a compromise. He offered up himself and his descendants to fulfill the treaty that existed between Sixam and Earth since my great-grandmother’s time. Gabe’s line will maintain contact with the scientists at FutureSim Labs and they will personally collect the rare items from their planet and deliver it to Earth.

No longer would it be necessary for a member of the Sloane family to travel to space for this mission which was not a bad thing I suppose since we no longer had a rocket ship in our backyard for any future Sloane to make that trip. After my mother’s death we got rid of all the remains of great-grandmother Bree’s rocket by donating them to SASA because it was too painful to think about rebuilding it and using it after it claimed my mother’s life. Even though this duty would end with me and that was disappointing, I understood why the Sixamians wanted it this way so I conceded on behalf of my family.

Gabe and Reyna had already started their own family legacy so it wouldn’t be too long before Future Sim Labs would get their next round of supplies anyway.


The next order of business to take care of was announcing to the girls which one of them I picked to be the heiress.


“Okay so this decision wasn’t easy for me to make,” I began, “but I’ve thought long and hard about this. I just want to remind you two that this is not a competition for who I love more or anything like that. I love you both equally and…”

“We know that Mum,” Lyra interjected, “just spit it out. Who did you choose?”

“Well,” I cleared my throat and took a deep breath, “I choose…Maia.”

We all turned to look at Maia who was smiling in disbelief. “Really? Me?”


“Yes.” I said.

“But…why not Lyra? She’s older and…”

I looked at Lyra thinking she might be disappointed but she just seemed happy for her sister. “I chose you because Lyra keeps talking about wanting to be a singer-songwriter and in order for to be successful she’ll have to do a lot of travelling which means she won’t always be around enough to manage the estate but you will be because your dream is to open a restaurant here in Oasis Springs.”

“Mom is just trying to be nice. She made you the heiress ‘cause she’s afraid I’ll squander all of our family’s money on clothes and parties.” Lyra giggled.


I was so relieved that she wasn’t upset that I picked Maia over her. It was really hard for me to pick between them but at the end of it all, I picked Maia because she was just more responsible than Lyra. I love my daughter but sometimes I worry about her decision-making skills. She certainly has a habit of overspending. Just the other day she spent her entire allowance buying shoes even though she already has plenty of pairs she hasn’t even worn yet.

With Maia I know I wouldn’t have to worry about that stuff. I trust Maia the most out of all my kids, to be honest. I know she has the right personality to keep this family together and to also keep this legacy moving forward.


And with that settled, I can finally relax and enjoy the rest of my days happily knowing that the legacy is in good hands.


Congratulations to Maia Sloane for becoming the Generation 6 heiress to the Sloane Legacy!


The next post will be the start of Generation 6 and will be told from Maia’s perspective.