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So I guess I’m the heiress of my family’s legacy. It’s such a weird thing to say nowadays. Legacies were very popular back in the old days when my great-great-great grandmother started it but people don’t really do that stuff anymore. Aside from the tax write-offs and the financial security, most people find it to be old-fashioned or archaic so when they hear about it they think we do all sorts of weird thing like have arranged marriages with our second cousins and have a house full of servants catering to every whim and fancy which is so not true for us. We’re like a normal family. We clean our own toilets, take out our own trash and we cook our own meals. Well, I cook all the meals since I’m the only one who can cook but I don’t mind it at all.


Cooking is my favourite thing to do next to baking which is next to my other favourite hobby of watching cooking shows. I guess you can say I’m a little obsessed with it. Kaleb tells me I’m just greedy and that’s why I like to cook which is rich coming from him since he’s the one going for seconds every time I make a batch of pancakes or chocolate chip cookies.

I just like the way different flavours come together in a pot or pan and when you take a bite of it, it’s like you’re in heaven! While some artists like to paint colours on a white canvas, I like to place colourful sauces and veggies on a white plate and watch people devour it knowing that even if it’s just for a few minutes I helped put them in a better mood due to my excellent quality food!

Okay, so maybe I am a little weird!


And all of the women before me, including my Mom, were so cool and well-rounded and I’m just the girl who daydreams about what she’s gonna make for dinner. Lyra on the other hand can sing, play three instruments and is so confident I’m sure she could walk around in a raccoon costume and make it look fashionable. It makes me wonder why I was chosen instead of her.

When Mom said she picked me to be the heiress I was beyond shocked because I honestly didn’t think she’d pick me over Lyra. Now Mom has never played favourites between us but Lyra’s always been the centre of attention in our family whether she wants to be or not.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to take a backseat because of her.


Of course I love my big sister and I would go to the end of the world for her, but sometimes it’s annoying having everyone refer to you as Lyra’s little sister. It’s even worse when a guy at school says ‘hey, it’s Lyra’s cute baby sister’. I don’t want guys thinking I’m just cute and I don’t want to be referred to as Lyra’s sister all the time either.

I want to be known as Maia – Maia Sloane.

Hell, I even prefer it when the guys on the basketball team call me ‘cupcake girl’ instead of associating me with Lyra. Now there’s nothing wrong with her. I know the problem is mine and it’s not her fault.

It can’t be her fault that she shines so bright without even trying.


But one thing I don’t like about her is that even though she’s older than me sometimes she behaves like she’s younger so when she inevitably screws up and gets punished, her punishment is suddenly imposed on me due to ‘fairness’ even though I’m the responsible and obedient one. Like she goes and hooks up with the foreign exchange student in her room and now I’m not allowed to date.

Not that I really want to anyway.

There are a couple of guys at school trying to get my attention but the only guy who’s ever peaked my interest is now unavailable thanks to her.


Yeah, I know she had no idea that I liked Luca. We’re close but not so close that we tell each other every single detail of our love lives. I certainly had no idea that she and Luca were even an item until I caught them kissing in our study. And then like the dutiful sister I am, I covered for her when Dad came looking for her just because I didn’t want her to get caught.


A normal person would be pissed to end up in that situation. Mum and Dad don’t allow us to date because of her and now she’s sneaking around with the guy I just so happened to like but couldn’t date because of the same stupid rule that she’s responsible for!


But I’m not normal because I find myself weirdly unable to stay mad at her for too long. Sometimes, not even for a full minute. That’s probably why I cover for her, even when she’s doing something stupid that would wind up with her getting into trouble and me suffering the consequences.

She sneaks Luca in after Mum and Dad have gone to bed pretty often. They never go up to her room but instead hang out in the back yard mostly inside the hot tub. I rarely use that hot tub anymore now that I know what goes inside of it.


Sometimes they’re out there until early morning which is risky since Mum and Dad are early birds. They always get up at the crack of dawn. What if they went out onto their balcony to get some fresh morning air only to see their daughter humping her secret boyfriend in their hot tub? She doesn’t think about this stuff. She just throws caution out the window like she’s not afraid of getting caught at all nor does she think about how much trouble I’ll get into by helping her.

Since my bedroom is before Mum and Dad’s I always know when they leave their bedroom to go downstairs. They’re pretty heavy on their steps, especially Dad, which means it ends up being my responsibility to text her quickly and let her know when one of them is going downstairs. So while I’m up late studying I also have to be on the lookout for parental footsteps so she won’t get caught breaking the rules.

I didn’t mind it in the beginning because I would have to pull an all-nighter anyway when there was a big test the next day but now she’s doing something that really pisses me off. Something I don’t agree with at all. One night, when I thought she was sneaking in Luca as usual, it ended up being someone else.

It was his cousin, Jude.


I couldn’t believe she would do something like that. Luca was my friend!

I was so mad at her.

How could she think that was okay? It’s one thing to change boyfriends like underwear but it’s totally different when you start cheating on them. Luca is a nice guy. He’s so sweet and funny and he doesn’t deserve this. Now I feel awful every time I see them together knowing what I know.


I want to tell him but then I feel like if I tell him that would be like betraying my sister. At the end of the day she’s still my sister and my loyalty should be with her, that whole blood is thicker than water saying and all, but Luca has been my friend for so long and I can tell that he totally loves her so I feel like if I have to say something to him. What kind of friend would I be if I kept the truth from him? If I was dating a guy and he was cheating on me I think I would want someone to tell me.

I was conflicted so I went to the one person I knew I could turn to for help.

Kaleb is a wonderful big brother and since he moved to San Myshuno I haven’t been able to talk to him as often as I would like. When he came home for a visit I told him what was going on. Thankfully, he’s not one of those big brothers who fly off the handle at the mere mention of his sister having woohoo. That’s what I love about him. He’s so calm and rational and always gives the best advice.


He told me that the best thing to do would be to talk to Lyra and convince her to stop screwing around on Luca and tell him the truth. Well, he used more eloquent words than that but that was the point and he was right.


I had to talk to Lyra and get her to confess to Luca. Not only would that ease my conscience but it will also help both of them in the long run. I mean, she clearly doesn’t love him so why waste her time? And the longer she continues to string him along the worse he will feel when she inevitably breaks his heart.