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Lyra and I haven’t spoken since our fight and it honestly doesn’t bother me at all.

If she wants to continue to be mad just because I called her out on her nonsense then that’s her problem, not mine. I refuse to call her or text her or even Simbook message her for any reason. I decided that the only way I would talk to her was when she apologised for her behaviour during my visit. Until then, I carried on with my life as normal.

My cousin Patrick was getting married to his girlfriend Ashley and they wanted to have the wedding at our house since we have a bigger backyard than Aunt Jo’s. Mum agreed and I offered to cater the wedding which I think they were hoping for when they asked us to use our house as their venue. I woke up at the crack of dawn the morning of the big day since I had a lot of people to cater for.


It was very exciting for me actually. I never cooked for more than five people before so I had to do some homework in order to figure out how to adjust the measurements in the recipes I planned to use. The first thing I decided to make was the wedding cake.

I started baking a two-tiered vanilla sponge cake which was the flavour they decided on since it was Ashley’s favourite. Then I would decorate it with a simple buttercream as the crumb coat before adding the white layer of fondant to give it a smooth finish. It was simple to do since I already had a ton of experience baking and decorating cakes so making a wedding cake like this was a no-brainer.

As I was pouring the batter into the pans I was reminded of the time I baked Lyra’s birthday cake and how excited she was to see that I made her favourite cake for her. Who was I kidding? I missed her!


I wished she was there in the kitchen with me. She would probably be yapping about some new song that she heard on the radio while dipping her fingers into the bowl of freshly made buttercream. I would scold her for contaminating the whole batch and then she’d defend herself by saying she just scrapped the edges and then I’d shake my head at her and then snatch the bowl away and…

It’s so strange baking something in this kitchen without her company. Even when she moved to San Myshuno I would still talk to her on the phone while I cooked but now….

NO! I’m not going to call her! I don’t need her around to make an excellent meal. I can do this all by myself like I usually do.


Once I got out of my funk I was able to focus on the other dishes I had to prepare. Next up on the menu was a caprese salad that would pair well with the butternut squash soup and the herb crusted salmon that would be served for dinner.

The secret to a great salad was fresh vegetables which we had in abundance because of our garden. We had a lot of perfect quality crops thanks to my relatives before me that maintained the garden that my great-great-great-grandfather started all those years ago.

Even Mom added a few other-worldly crops to the garden after planting some of her findings from one of her trips to Sixam. Just don’t let the SASA know that she brought some of them home with her!


The time almost got away from me. The guests started arriving just as the salmon came out of the oven. I placed everything out on the banquet table taking care to make sure the presentation was on point. Then to top it off, I made some fruit punch with citrus notes to complement the rustic tone of the dinner items.



The wedding started about an hour later than planned because Ashley’s spa appointment went longer than she expected so instead of a sunset wedding, they had a twilight wedding. Good thing we had sufficient outdoor lighting prepped around the arch just in case. My whole family was there including Kaleb but Lyra didn’t show. In fact, no one knew if she was even going to come. Supposedly she had a gig or something but I knew Kaleb was just making up that excuse for Mom’s sake. The real reason why she won’t come is because she’s been too busy partying to care about anyone else. Kaleb said he barely saw her anymore except for running into her in their hallway when she’s either heading out to or coming home from a party. She was going to miss Patrick’s wedding just because she wanting to continue partying. Typical!

Anyway, I tried not to think about her and instead think about Patrick and Ashley because it was their big day and I needed to enjoy it for them.


Ashley looked lovely in her silver dress and Patrick’s eyes widened in admiration when he first saw her in it. They do make a lovely couple. I remembered hearing the story of when they first met. Patrick and Kaleb went out to a bar shortly after their birthdays and he met her there. She was the bartender. Kaleb said Patrick sat by the bar the entire night and spent over a hundred simoleons on drinks just so he could continue to talk to her. They exchanged numbers when her shift was over and the rest was history. I thought it was so romantic the way he met his soul mate on the one night he and my brother decided to try somewhere new for a change. If they didn’t go to the Rattlesnake that night he probably would have never met Ashley and none of us would be watching them profess their love for each other under the stars.

Just as Patrick was reciting his vows to Ashley I heard the sound of heels clicking, heading towards us.


She came! She actually came! I was genuinely surprised and honestly, a little relieved. But not for me…no…Mom really wanted to see her. Mom was looking forward to having her come home after such a long time. Plus…Patrick really wanted her to come to his wedding as well!

I was happy for everyone else.

I personally could care less.


“See, I told you.” My cousin Aden whispered to me.

“What are you talking about?” I asked.

Then he gestured towards Lyra who by then had taken a seat next to Aunt Jo.

“I told you she would make it.”


“Doesn’t matter to me.” I said, rolling my eyes.

“Sure it doesn’t…” He shook his head and grinned. Why does he think I would be happy to see Lyra? He knew the story of what happened in San Myshuno so he knows how pissed off I am with her. Her showing up to Patrick’s wedding does not affect me at all. I know for sure it matters to everyone else but not me. The smile on my face had nothing to do with seeing her. I was happy for my cousin and his bride.


The food and the wedding cake got rave reviews. Everyone loved it especially the bride and the groom and I was happy for that since bad food can ruin a wedding day worse than bad weather.

Mom sat at Patrick and Ashley’s table giving them marital advice while all the other guests danced and ate cake. She was laughing, cracking jokes, even swinging back a few cocktails and I knew her joy wasn’t all for Patrick and Ashley but partly because Lyra and Kaleb were home with us for the first time since after Dad died.


I never told Mom about the fight Lyra and I had in San Myshuno because I didn’t want her to be upset with Lyra. I guess even after all that happened I was still protecting my big sister. I started to think I was being too stubborn and that I should make the first move and talk to her but then she came and sat down next to me.

“The food tastes great Mai. You really outdid yourself.” She smiled.

“Thanks.” I said curtly. Just because I was willing to make the first move didn’t mean I wasn’t still upset with her.


“You look great.” She added.

“You look good too.” She was trying so hard to have a normal conversation but I wanted more from her than just polite chit-chat.

“Mai…I’m…I’m sorry…” She finally said. “…about what happened in San Myshuno. I screwed up bad. Can you forgive me?”

I was about to respond when Kaleb came to our table and sat down. “Finally, you two are talking! Now we can be a happy family again.” He joked.


“Wasn’t Penny supposed to come with you?” Lyra asked him.

“Yeah but then she had a last minute meeting to attend with some promoter. She’s gonna be here tomorrow in time for Maia’s birthday party.”

“You’re having a birthday party?” Lyra asked.

I forgot I didn’t invite her because we weren’t speaking. “Uh…yeah. Will you be able to stay for it?”

“Of course, I’m not gonna miss your party, Mai. I didn’t get to have mine remember so I’m going to have to live vicariously through yours!”

And just like that, we made up. We didn’t get to have the conversation I had planned to have with her when she did apologise. An apology alone couldn’t be the end of it. Lyra was too reckless these days, actually, she’s always been a little too reckless and I wanted to explain to her that her actions had consequences and warn her that if she wasn’t careful she could wind up in trouble.

But then I realised it wasn’t really the time or the place anyway. Everyone was having such a good time and I even noticed the way Mom looked at the three of us as we sat together at the table joking around. She looked so happy, so at ease now that we were all home again. So I kept quiet and I forgave Lyra. Our talk will have to come at another time.