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I couldn’t believe the day was already here. My wedding day! I’d been planning it ever since I was a little girl. I wanted a long white dress, tiered wedding cake, flowers everywhere! Who knew everything would come together so fast. Though not fast enough for me.

Michael spent the night at Patrick’s house next door in keeping with the tradition of the bride and groom not seeing each other from the night before the wedding. Another tradition I wanted to follow was to get married in the same chapel where my parents got married though I decorated it a lot differently from how it looked in their wedding photos. I wanted an all-white theme. Even Michael’s tux was white.

He seemed to like all my ideas. The only input he made was deciding what kind of food to serve at the reception but other than that he didn’t really care about the décor or the flowers or anything else, telling me to do whatever I wanted since this day was mostly for me. He would have been fine with us eloping before we even left San Myshuno.

Lyra and I waited outside the chapel for everyone else to arrive before the ceremony could start. She was my maid of honour. I asked her because Tatiana couldn’t come to my wedding because she and Darren were expecting their baby any second any day now and couldn’t risk traveling all the way to Oasis Springs. I couldn’t believe it when she gave me the good news. Apparently, she conceived before their wedding day. Lyra was honestly my first choice but because of our issues, I didn’t know if I could ask her to do that for me.

Michael assured me he was no longer angry with Lyra and that I should ask her if it’s what I really wanted. I did really want it. Tatiana was my best friend but Lyra was my sister, my only sister. In spite of our problems, in all those daydreams of my wedding day, she was always my maid of honour.

“You look so nervous Mai.”

“A little.”

“Don’t be. You look gorgeous and I’m sure there’ll be no hiccups. Unless Liam decides to go streaking during your ceremony.” She said with a laugh. “But I’ve put a belt on his pants and pinned it onto his diaper so there’s no way he’s getting that sucker off!”

I was a little relieved to know that because even though Kaleb and Penny’s guests had a good laugh at Liam running around naked during the speeches, I didn’t want that to happen at my wedding.

“You’re a good mother Lyra.” I said honestly. “I’m really proud of you. It must not be easy taking care of him on your own.”

“If I’m a good mother, I owe it to you Mai.” She said. “You called me out on my crap and as much as I didn’t like hearing it, you were right. I know things haven’t been the way it used to be but…I just wanna say I love you. I want us to be close again like we used to be…without the co-dependency.”

I laughed at her joke. “I want that too.” I really did want that more than anything. Everything in my life was already going so great and to have a close relationship with my sister again would be like icing.

When the ceremony started, my nerves went away. I stood at the end of the aisle and saw my husband-to-be with the brightest smile I’ve ever seen on his face. I loved him so much. Even when we went through hard times I kept on loving him with all my heart. My feelings for him were so intense that sometimes it was frightening. What would I ever do without him in my life?

I stood in front of him, admiring how handsome he looked in his tux and loose hair. “You look stunning!” He said.

He certainly made me feel stunning by the way he was looking at me. No matter how good I think I look, he always made me feel ten times better. “I love you.” He whispered.

“I love you too.”

We shared our first kiss as husband and wife and I think we were both so caught up in the moment that we forgot where we were until the crowd of our friends and family started hooting and whistling.

“Mmm…I think I’m ready to start the honeymoon now.” He groaned into my ear. “Let’s get out of here. I want you so bad right now!”

I wanted him too. “I want you too, but later.”

“I don’t think they’ll miss us.”

“I think they will. We’re the bride and groom.”

He bit his lip and then playfully suggested, “We can always run off to the bathroom. Your gown isn’t that long. We can hike it up…”

“You want our first time as husband and wife to be in a public bathroom?” I hoped he wasn’t serious. It’s one thing to have a little fun on date night but there was no way I was going to entertain consummating our marriage next to a toilet in a chapel of all places!

“When you put it that way…”

“Have a little patience. I’m going to be yours for the rest of my life.”

“True. Plus I am starving and I can’t wait to try the lobster tortellini!”

Of course, the food would be the thing to convince him to drop any thoughts of skipping out on our own reception. It was a pretty decent spread and it sure looked tasty. I knew I wouldn’t have the time to cook a whole feast for my own wedding so I hired the best caterers in town. Still, I had to put my own finishing touches on the dishes to enhance it a little. A pinch of salt here, some extra chives there, until the dishes looked and tasted acceptable to my standards.

I still made the cake of course. A white chocolate cake with an Italian meringue frosting that was so delicious even Michael loved it and he was more of a dark chocolate kind of guy. Everyone asked how I managed to get it so well balanced given how sweet white chocolate could be. My secret ingredient was a half cup of white wine to the melted white chocolate but I didn’t tell anyone that. I think I’ll take that recipe to my grave.

I don’t think anyone enjoyed the cake as much as my two heavily pregnant guests. Tatiana ended up coming. She came in her regular casual clothing because her pregnancy rendered her unable to wear any of the tight formal dresses she had in her closet. I didn’t mind because I was just happy she came, plus I knew she was miserable now that she was in her last trimester.

Justine was as well. The orgasmic look on their faces as they devoured their slices of cake was priceless. We didn’t have any leftovers of the cake, and I’m willing to bet that they were the reason why.

Speaking of babies, my nephew Liam was in a much better mood during my reception than he was during Kaleb and Penny’s. He didn’t strip off his clothes and he wasn’t pouting or throwing food on the floor either. He was on his best behaviour, bobbing his head and waving his arms to the music and smiling and chatting with everyone that came his way.

But that only lasted a little while before he started getting cranky and throwing a tantrum but I think he was just tired since it was evening time and I don’t think I saw him take a nap all day.

She was really patient with him and I admired that about her. I remember when I used to think Lyra wouldn’t be able to handle motherhood on her own but now I’m glad I was wrong.

“Hey Mai, can I ask for a favour?” She asked.

“Sure, what is it?”

“I know you and Michael are leaving for your honeymoon in the morning so I was wondering…could Liam and I stay at the house for a few days? You know, house sit for you?”

We didn’t need a house sitter since we had no pets and we had a gardener that would tend to our plants and crops while we were gone. “I thought you would be going back to Windenburg tomorrow?”

“See that’s the thing…my flight was canceled due to a snowstorm and I won’t be able to get another direct flight until next week since its peak season. I can’t do connecting flights with him. I’d rather do direct so I can put him down to sleep for most of it and avoid his crankiness.”

“Oh, well, it’s not a problem. You can stay as long as you’d like. It’s your home too.” I shrugged, not sure why she felt like she had to ask me to stay at our family home.

“I know but you’re married now so I just want to make sure Michael will be fine with it. He barely talks to me and I get it, but I just don’t want to cause any more problems between you two.”

“It’s fine Lyra,” I assured her, “Michael and I won’t be there anyway so it’s not a problem for you to spend a week at the house while we’re not there. You think Julian will be okay with you being gone for so long?”

She shrugged. “I think he’ll manage without me.”

Lyra told me Julian couldn’t come to my wedding because he had to work even though she RSVP’d for the both of them a few months ago. I wondered if they had a fight. She didn’t seem like anything was wrong and I knew her well. I could always tell when something was bothering her and this time I didn’t get that feeling.

After the second round of dessert was served, Michael and I took the opportunity to thank everyone who came before we got ready to leave. I was surprised my frisky husband managed to last that long before he started whispering all sorts of naughty things into my ear. I decided to put him out of his misery so we went back to the house.

When I went up to my bedroom I got a big surprise!

It was so romantic! There were pink rose petals on the floor and lots of vanilla scented candles everywhere! “When did you do all this?” I asked, taking a seat on the bed as he entered the room.

“Well, you were right about the whole bathroom thing. It’s not the right setting to consummate our marriage so I wanted to do something special for you. I asked Ashley and Patrick for a favour when they left early to relieve their babysitter. They did a good job huh?”

“I think this is more Ashley’s doing than Patrick’s. It’s so pretty and romantic.”

“I’m glad you like it.”

“Like it? It smells like cookies!” I couldn’t help but moan. I loved the scent of vanilla and not just because it reminded me of cookies and cake but because it brought me back to that time at Michael’s old house when we had our first heated make out session. It was our first really honest conversation and I remember feeling so close to him after that even though I remained conflicted about my feelings for him.

“What are you thinking about?” he asked.

“Just thinking about how far we’ve come and how excited I am to begin this new chapter in our lives.”

He scooted closer, looking into my eyes. “I can’t believe I got so lucky. I really love you Maia, with all my heart.”

“Really? Cause I feel like the lucky one.” I smiled at him.

He shook his head. “No, you’re…you’re perfect and I’m so…flawed.”

“Of course you’re flawed, so am I!”

“You don’t understand. I’m…my past…”

“…is in the past.” I assured him. “I’m not perfect either but we do our best and you make me so happy Michael Rios, flaws and all. I wouldn’t want you any other way.”

He chuckled. “I guess it goes without saying that you’re the love of my life. I don’t ever want to lose you, Maia.”

“You won’t.” I assured him.

“Promise?” His tone of voice was almost pleading.

“Nothing will ever change the way I feel about you, Michael. I love you.”

His kisses always had a fire to them but that night I felt something different. Something more than just lust. It was hard to explain but it was like there was a shift, like we knew our relationship had evolved to something deeper now that we pledged our lives to each other.

And it was beautiful!


Maia and Michael’s wedding was one of the most frustrating weddings I’ve had yet! Still, they both looked so gorgeous and I was happy with the screenshots I got. Here’s a look at their wedding album.