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I was nominated for the Memory Lane Challenge thanks to TinyPiglet

I like to look back on this blog a lot. Occasionally, I’ll find myself re-reading chapters from previous generations and getting a kick out of it. Geez! It’s been nearly three years since I started this blog! I honestly didn’t think I would keep it going for this long. I thought by now I would have finished it or at least given up on it out of boredom. I’m actually really proud of myself for sticking with this one. This isn’t the first legacy challenge I’ve attempted but it is the first one I’ve documented and I think this is why I’m so attached to these sims and why I’m motivated to keep this legacy going and keep it as interesting and drama filled as I can! 😀

Now, without further ado, let’s get into the Rules of the Memory Lane Challenge

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Share FIVE of your favourite moments from your legacy/story/challenge so far
  3. Nominate up to 5 blogs to do the same.

Five Favourite Moments from The Sloane Legacy (I’ll go in chronological order)

  • Bree’s trip to Sixam (Generation 2) – This was actually the first time I had been to Sixam in the game. During Generation 2 I got the Get to Work expansion pack which brought Sixam as a ‘hidden world’ accessed through the wormhole generator invention. You can also travel to Sixam if you upgrade your rocket ship with a wormhole generator so long as you have level 10 rocket science skill, which Bree had. She even did the upgrade during her last pregnancy. Bree was so badass!I was really impressed by Sixam. It was so beautiful! The landscape, the plant life, the way the stars twinkle in the light and that huge ass moon in the distance, it was amazing! It was during this trip to Sixam that the ‘alliance’ between Earth and Sixam was formed, thanks to our Gen 2 heiress. 
  • Danielle discovering the truth about Stephan (Generation 3) – Poor Dani finds out her husband is not just a thief but a murderer who originally got involved with her so he could get control of her legacy in an elaborate revenge plot. But then Stephan actually fell in love with Dani so he couldn’t go through with the whole killing her and family part after Gemma was born. His accomplice then showed up and ruined his attempt to settle down into family life. On top of that big reveal, Dani’s water broke and Baby Leni was coming. It was one drama filled evening at the Sloane house for sure!
  • Zachary getting abducted by aliens (Generation 4) – When this happened I was pissed because I know what happens most of the time when men get abducted by aliens. I didn’t know at the time I could have used the resetSim cheat to stop the abduction so I was frantically trying to cancel the action to no avail. Then when he came back and was showing signs of pregnancy I was even more pissed…but then I had an idea! Gemma was so dramatic and wicked enough to come up with a plot to get rid of Zachary because if she can’t have him, no one can! This here is a perfect example of turning lemons into lemonade. I didn’t plan on this alien abduction thing but I made it work and it gave me the perfect ending to Gemma’s story. Plus seeing Baby Gabe was an added bonus and the event itself set up the background to a big chunk of the Generation 5 storyline.
  •  Gemma’s death (Generation 4) – I’m always “The Watcher” in my game but this was the first time I played the role of “Death”. My play style involves fulfilling whims and aspirations so my storytelling is heavily influenced by gameplay. This was the first time I decided to intervene and cut a sim’s life short. I mean, Gemma really did have it coming, didn’t she? I couldn’t let her live out the rest of her days causing her daughters to suffer as a result. Grimmy even gave her a warning way back when her mother died. He knew what was up but of course, she didn’t listen.Even then, years later Danielle came to her in ghost form and tried to warn her about her ways but she chalked it up to a bad dream from having too much to drink.She should have heeded their warnings but nope she remained arrogant to the very end. To cause her death I made her sabotage the landing gear so the rocket would crash but when she survived that’s when I pulled out the super handy Death by Exhaustion cheat (sims.add_buff buff_Death_ElderExhaustion_Warning) and called it “blunt force trauma”. RIP Gemma!
  • Maia wins the Cooking Wars contest (Generation 6) – This right here took some planning. I built the kitchen inspired by the Food Network show Chopped complete with chef stations and everything. I knew I wanted Maia to participate in something like this but it took a lot of effort to stage.Then I had to figure out how I was going to get a bunch of Sims that aren’t in my household to cook at the same time. So that’s when I created a cooking club where the only activity was to cook. I got enough club perks to create a club uniform so they would all wear the same chef outfit. It took a lot of trial and error for this because one of the original activities was to be friendly with group members but because of that, they ended up spending too much time talking and not enough time cooking so I had to remove that. Then when I removed it, Chad Munch picked a fight with Maia just like that for no reason.Our girl won the fight of course but it was so weird. I was going to make Chad her love interest but after that, I decided he would be her rival. I made the actual in-game fight one of Maia’s daydreams instead. The competition also allowed her to meet her future BFF, Tatiana, who by the way is the daughter of pre-made Windenburg townies Morgan Fyres and Joaquin Le Chien. I don’t think I ever mentioned her lineage before now. One of the club restrictions allowed only teens and she just so happened to be one of the teenagers at the time.Of course, our girl won. The Watcher(Me) couldn’t allow anyone else to get it. I really loved this pose she did in front of the sign. She was feeling really confident for some reason and it worked perfectly!

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