Now is the time to vote for the heiress that will carry on the Sloane legacy for Generation 7.

This time since the three sisters are so close, they’ll be heavily involved in each other’s lives so the storyline’s I’ve set up will still take place but will be told through the perspective of the heiress.

I use the random trait generator for Sims born into the household. After a baby is born I roll for all traits at once, therefore, I already know what their traits will be at each stage in their lives which is helpful in shaping their stories.


Nori Sloane

Traits: Art Lover, Loner, Muser (Aspiration Trait), Unflirty (YA Trait)

Aspiration: Musical Genius

Nori is the more introverted of the three sisters but that was because she always had to take a backseat to their temper tantrums and playful acts for attention. Being in the spotlight and the centre of attention is not where she’s most comfortable but when she sits on that stool and puts her fingers to the keys, she’s in total bliss. Music is her passion and it’s what she wants to do for the rest of her life. If only she can learn to get comfortable being on a stage. Social anxiety is something she also has to cope with. Though she prefers being a lone wolf, another part of her just wants to blend in. Often she feels like an outsider, frightened to be her true self because she’s afraid of what others might think or worse, afraid she’ll be a disappointment to those closest to her.

Olive Sloane

Traits: Vegetarian, Art Lover, Gregarious (Aspiration Trait), Ambitious (YA Trait)

Aspiration: Friend of the World

Olive has always been outspoken. A rebel by nature but not without a cause. She stands up for what she believes is right and fights for those who need fighting. An animal lover and a vegan, Olive aspires to do anything she can to reduce her carbon footprint and is very passionate about that cause. No one can tell her she is wrong once she makes up her mind but if you ever need someone in your corner she is there. Charismatic and witty, Olive easily makes friends and has a strong sense of loyalty to those she cares about especially her sisters. She has a hard time letting others in and showing how big her heart is so she plays it cool using sarcasm and a nonchalant attitude as a shield.

Poppy Sloane

Traits: Insider, Bro, High Metabolism (Aspiration Trait), Loves the Outdoors (YA Trait)

Aspiration: Bodybuilder

Sporty and sociable Poppy has her head in the game and nothing else is more important than that. She is driven to fulfill her dream of becoming a professional basketball player. She knows one day she’s going to win championship titles for her home team, the OS Rattlesnakes. Poppy loves being a part of a team and is good at motivating her teammates. Even in her group of friends she’s always the leader of their social gatherings. Her optimism, kind nature, and her knack for solving problems are what makes her a great leader. She’s always willing to help someone out but Poppy never does anything she doesn’t want to. She’s her own person and proud of it but that same confidence can sometimes prevent her from seeing things as they really are.


I will leave this poll open for one week so voting will end on December 18th, 2017. All of these girls are so interesting and complex in their own way. I can’t wait to see which one you guys pick. 😊