Generation 2

Bree Sloane

Traits: Perfectionist, Genius, Mean, Quick Learner (Bonus Trait)

Lifetime Aspiration: Nerd Brain (Completed)

Career: Astronaut



Bree’s story begins here

Chapter 2.1 – Kind of Boring

Chapter 2.2 – First Date

Chapter 2.3 – Promises

Chapter 2.4 – Time’s Up

Chapter 2.5 – Moving Forward

Chapter 2.6 – Perfect Day

Chapter 2.7 – Honeymoon in a Cabin

Chapter 2.8 – Circle of Life

Chapter 2.9 – Backing Off

Chapter 2.10 – Big News

Chapter 2.11 – Not According to Plan

Chapter 2.12 – Coming and Going

Chapter 2.13 – Achievements

Chapter 2.14 – Family Fun

Job Vote

Chapter 2.15 – Major Milestones

Chapter 2.16 – Everything I Ever Wanted

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3 thoughts on “Generation 2”

  1. (Just letting you know… I love Bree! She is so cool.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks. I’m glad you like her. I really enjoyed playing with her thus far. I think I’ve become more attached to her than I was with Ariana probably because I spent so much time trying to increase Ariana’s fortune so she could have a more comfortable home and life since she had to start from scratch. Because I didn’t have to worry about those things with Bree I could focus more on her life experiences. I’ll be sad when it’s her time to die but it is inevitable in the life of a Sim.

      Liked by 1 person

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