Generation 3

Danielle Sloane

Traits: Mean, Genius, Romantic, Creatively Gifted (Bonus Trait from completing childhood aspiration), Muser (Bonus Trait from aspiration)

Lifetime Aspiration: Bestselling Author

Career: Detective

1 Danielle

Danielle’s story begins here

Chapter 3.1 – First Case

Chapter 3.2 – Case Closed

Chapter 3.3 – Dating Woes

Chapter 3.4 – Taking It Slow

 Chapter 3.5 – Certainly Impressed

Chapter 3.6 – Getting Serious

Chapter 3.7 – The Wedding

Chapter 3.8 – A Twist of Fate

Chapter 3.9 – Honeymoon Over?

Chapter 3.10 – A Clean Slate

Chapter 3.11 – Doubts

Chapter 3.12 – Over

Chapter 3.13 – Troublemaker

Chapter 3.14 – Finding Happiness

Chapter 3.15 – Renovations

Chapter 3.16 – Growing Pains

Chapter 3.17 – Loss

Chapter 3.18 – Father Figure

Chapter 3.19 – Teenage Girls

Chapter 3.20 – Lasting Effects

Heiress Vote

Chapter 3.21 – Bad Timing

Chapter 3.22 – Decisions, Part I

Chapter 3.23 – Decisions, Part II

Chapter 3.24 – Everything In Its Own Time


4 thoughts on “Generation 3”

  1. Richard said:

    I love your work thus far with the first two generations and only three chapters in and Danielle’s story exceeds theirs. I like that with each generation it’s different but still a great read. Keep up the good work EddieSims. Always looking forward to a new chapter.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This one was an absolute roller coaster to read! I think Dani might be my favorite heiress so far. All the cop stuff was just so, so interesting!

    Liked by 1 person

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